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Grand Finale of DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Lakeland Witches Story

Wow! Time for a double-barrelled happy ending! Today is the last day of I Things that Go Hump on the Night and the grand finale, final instalment of Demon Interrupted.  What a fabulous month it’s been, with fabulous authors, fantastic giveaways and lots of sizzling paranormal fun!

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Not ready to stop the paranormal partying? Be sure to catch my blog tour for the Lakeland Witches Trilogy. I’m over at the ARE Cafe today talking ghosts, druids and haunted pubs. 

Now grab another cuppa and settle back for the final instalment of Demon Interrupted.

If you’ve missed the previous episodes of Demon Interrupted, find the links at the bottom of this instalment.

Enjoy Chapter sixteen, and thanks for joining the fun with this Work in Progress.  If you want to read more about the Elemental Coven’s sexy adventures, check out the Lakeland Witches Trilogy: Body Temperature and RisingRiding the Ether and Elemental Fire. Happy, reading! 

Chapter 17

The Remaking

Demon Interrupted final instalment!Tim Meriwether and Lucia sat at the kitchen table looking out into the rose garden where Ferris sat next to Cassandra in companionable silence. ‘At least Cassandra can get him out into the fresh air and sunshine. I thought Anderson and I were going to have to drag him out kicking and screaming.’

‘He mourns his Elaine deeply,’ Lucia said. ‘I would not have thought such suffering possible in a soul rider.’

They watched the two in silence for a long moment, then Tim spoke around a mouthful of Fiori’s homemade shortbread. ‘Lucia, let me get this straight, demons can travel in time, and you went back to get Ferris?’

‘Some demons can travel in time, but not all,’ Lucia said. ‘Riders can, I can, but usually don’t. Frankly there’s little in the past that interests me. Time is much less relevant to us than it is to mortals. We simply are, wherever and whenever we are. But Ferris was summoned by a mortal, and her magic was strong enough to call him to her. It could have simply pissed him off, in which case he would have considered her fair game and ridden her soul until she was insane. But she intrigued him, and then he fell in love with her.’ She shook her head. ‘Honestly, whoever heard of a demon falling in love?’

Tim held gaze over his cup of tea. ‘Whoever heard of a demon having a daughter?’ He nodded out the window to where Cassandra and Ferris sat side by side on a stone bench.

‘Indeed,’ the demon replied.

‘And whoever heard of a demon showing compassion for another demon? Tara asked from where she stood at the counter pouring steaming water from the kettle over a cup of Fiori’s famous hot chocolate mix. She had just come in from the garden with a trug of baby carrots and ripe tomatoes along with a bunch of coriander for the aubergine curry Fiori was planning for dinner.

Lucia’s robe flamed as though it were offended ‘I was simply being practical. Not being tied to time, and letting strong emotions, in fact the strongest emotion of all control him meant that Ferris could wreak havoc in any time during history he wanted. Few beings are more dangerous than an enraged soul rider. There are consequences to such actions, and mortals – no matter how weak they are – are not to be trifled with when it comes to their survival.

Tim nodded. ‘They hung Elaine, after all.’

Lucia glared at him. ‘And you think justice was served?’

‘I didn’t say that. Farringdon sounded like he deserved what he got, but still …’

‘Any crime that was committed has surely been paid for long ago,’ Tara said, leaning against the counter with the cup steaming between her hands. ‘Elaine hung for a murder she didn’t commit and Ferris has paid a very high price for his part in Farringdon’s death.’

DI_teaserI’m not saying he hasn’t,’ Tim said. ‘I’m just agreeing with what Lucia said about only being able to push mortals so far before they push back.’

Lucia offered him a look that she might have reserved for a very stupid child, then waved a dismissing hand. ‘Be that as it may, Ferris is not exactly subject to justice as you know it, Mr. Meriwether. That being the case, I could not allow Ferris to rain down his grief and rage on untold thousands. And I needed a protector for Cassandra. I needed someone to keep her safe from Deacon. I believe it’s what you mortals call a win-win situation.’

‘And you trusted a rampaging soul rider to take care of your daughter?’ Tim raised a sceptical eyebrow.

‘The pact we made, the magic it entailed ensured that Ferris would not remember his past until that pact was fulfilled. In fact he asked to live in the moment with only the memories he needed to care for and protect Cassandra and to oversee Storm Croft and her inheritance for her. I gave him the magic he needed as he needed it. I made his life peaceful and very bland so that he would also not attract Cassandra’s attention as a succubus. But I could not keep his past from him forever. I never imagined that he would refuse his memories, that he would mentally block them when our pact was finished. But he is a soul rider, those powers are his. He simply used them on himself.’

‘He’s still waiting for Elaine,’ Tim said, ‘He’s convinced she’ll come to him.’

‘There’s no doubt she guided him safely through his ordeal when no one else could,’ Lucia said. ‘Whether she was real or only a memory that he dreamed, I cannot say.’

‘Poor bastard,’ Tim said. ‘I nearly lost my mind when I thought I’d lose Marie to Deacon.’

‘The heart is a powerful thing,’ Lucia replied. ‘And if anything it’s even more powerful for demons, who must live without that organ. I cannot say whether or not he’ll heal. I can say that he would have died, and most likely everyone at Elemental Cottage as well if he had not faced his past.’

‘Are we expecting company?’ Alice came into the kitchen and stripped off her walking boots, face flushed from tromping the high fells.

‘Not that I know of,’ Tara said. ‘Why?’

‘Well, there’s a strange woman standing out in the front garden. She’s just … standing there looking sort of lost.’ Alice slipped into a pair of trainers with ragged laces. ‘I’ll go see what she wants.’


BTR_teaserFerris had always appreciated Cassandra’s ability to be comfortable with silence. She never had been much for unnecessary conversation, and he had never quite known how to make small talk. Besides all the words had been said. The memories of his past were so much sharper than he wanted them to be, and the serrated edge of them constantly cut into him like it all happened only yesterday. And really, it might as well have.

‘Lucia warned me it would be like this if I let her bring me into the future as she did,’ he said, gently squeezing Cassandra’s hand, feeling the effervescing comfort of her magic. ‘She said it was best I dealt with the grief and the pain in a normal timeline, but even she knew how I would have dealt with it after the destruction at High Moor.’ He turned to face her. ‘And I fear I would have been so much worse than Deacon ever thought of being.’

If Cassandra were shocked by his words, she didn’t show it. ‘When Anderson was lost in the Ether, and I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again, I had a focus for my rage. Goddess only knows what I would have done if I hadn’t.’

‘A focus, yes. That’s what Lucia brought when she gave you into my care. You were my soul reason for existence, caring for you and your inheritance, easing your suffering as best I could. She would have never given back my memories had she believed you hadn’t healed me’ He shook his head. ‘Oh the pain is still there as though I held Elaine’s lifeless body in my arms only yesterday, but the rage is gone. The rage couldn’t heal me, the rage could only dishonour the memory of what Elaine was to me. But caring for you, seeing how you suffered and knowing that I could do little but be there when you needed me, that was so much more important than my revenge on ignorant people who didn’t understand and had nothing to do with what happened. And now, my dear Cassandra, you’ve returned the favour.’ He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.’

There was a soft clearing of a throat. ‘Demon, have you forgotten me already after only three hundred years?’

Ferris was certain his heart stopped. His breath stopped. Time stopped. He feared to turn, he feared that he might discover he was only dreaming or worse, that Lucia had been wrong and he was hallucinating. But the way Cassandra squeezed his hand and the catch of her breath could only mean that … Dear Goddess, let it mean … Slowly, holding his emotions in check just in case this was but a dream, he turned, and surely a vision from the Mother herself could not have been more lovely.

There she stood, between Tara and Lucia. Elaine. And still he feared he only dreamed her. ‘Ferris, you have a guest.’ Tara’s voice was laced with empathy. ‘She’s come a long way and waited a long time to be with you.’ She laid her hand gently on Elaine’s shoulder and nodded toward the bench. Still he didn’t move.

Cassandra released a sigh, then stood, kissed him on the cheek and moved to Tara’s side. And still he did not move. ‘If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me.’ His voice cracked and he struggled to gain control, to take in the reality of the woman who stood before him.

RTE_teaser‘No dream, Ferris,’ Tara said.

‘And no hallucination,’ Lucia added. ‘Elaine is here. She’s real, just as you said she was, just as you always knew she was.’

Elaine offered a smile bright enough to shame the sun. ‘Well, technically I’m dead, but you are a demon, my dear Ferris, and you live among ghost riders. You know that death is just an inconvenience, that there are ways of overcoming it.’ She moved forward, slowly, carefully, almost as though she feared he would bolt. She was dressed simply in a summer skirt of flowered cotton and a blue t-shirt. Her silken dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She sat down next to him on the bench, not taking her eyes off him, but not touching him either. ‘I summoned you once, my dear rider, and we made a bargain. You fulfilled your end of that bargain. Surely you didn’t think that I would not uphold mine.’ The sparkle in her eyes went from mischief to misty, and she swallowed emotion. ‘I have waited a very long time to fulfil my promise to you.’

In his peripheral vision, Ferris could see Tara quietly motioning the others to the house.

He reached out a hand to stroke Elaine’s cheek, and then drew it back, shyly. ‘I am sorry, my dear little witch, but I can not now easily part with Farringdon’s vessel.’

She grabbed his fingers, kissed them and pulled them back to her cheek. ‘I no longer see Patrick Farringdon, when I look at that vessel, my dear Ferris. I see the one who wore it in a heroic effort to save me, the one who wore it in a tragic effort to avenge me, the one who gave up vengeance to serve love.’ She glanced over her shoulder just as Cassandra disappeared into the house. ‘The succubus is worthy of that love, and so are you, my darling rider.’ She leaned in and brushed his lips with hers, and he pulled her to him with a sigh that was near a sob, and the heart of him was near exploding at the feel of her solid and whole and warm in his embrace again.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke softly against his ear. ‘The Fire Demon has told me your plight. I came to you as soon as you were able to receive me.’

‘When you came to me at Storm Croft, you didn’t know me, nor I you.’

‘That was but a hallucination, my darling, your unconscious trying to help free you, to bring you back to me. It broke my heart to see you so.’

He had so many questions for her, so much he wanted to talk about, and yet he found himself at a loss for words. For a long time they sat silently just holding one another, then he pulled her onto his lap. ‘I can’t get close enough to you, my little witch.’

EF_teaserShe offered a mischievous laugh and wriggled playfully against him. ‘There are ways of getting still closer, my dear rider, ways I seem to recall, in which you are quite well versed.’ She quirked her head toward Elemental Cottage. ‘And I’m sure you’ve learned many more methods of getting closer living among practitioners of sex magic, as you do.’ With her eyes locked on his, she began to slowly shift and grind her luscious bottom against him. ‘I have been waiting for the pleasure of your flesh for three hundred years, demon.’ She moved just enough that she could slide her hands down to fumble with his fly.

‘Even in this flesh?’ He caught his breath as she worried her fingers inside his boxers and stroked his erection.

‘Any flesh you wear, my demon, will service me very well. Of this I’m certain.’ With that she guided his hand up under her shirt and laid it between her breasts. ‘I am yours, demon, body and soul, just as I promised – all of my flesh, all of my heart, all that I am is yours to use as you will.

He wound a fingers in her ponytail and pulled her into a deep kiss, speaking against her lips, between hungry darts and probings of his tongue, ‘And use you, I will, my little witch. Just as I promised. Oh yes, how I shall use you.’

She shifted until she straddled him, the thin crotch of her panties unable to hold back the humid heat of her raking and sliding against his partially covered cock. ‘Don’t keep me waiting, rider, I’ve waited long enough.’ She shoved and tugged at his trousers and boxers, and he lifted his arse and nearly unseated her onto the grass, as he pushed them down until his bare butt settled onto stone. When he was free, his cock pressed at full attention between them, she stood, her eyes locked on his, and slipped out of her panties. Then she lifted her skirt, giving him an exquisite view of her tight dark curls just before her hand slid down to splay herself open for him. Then she climbed back onto his lap and sheathed him.

He sucked a harsh breath that sounded as though she had gut punched him. ‘Dear Goddess, Elaine, I can hardly contain myself in your impatience. Please, I want to make it last.’
She bit his lower lip and cupped his face in her hands so that he couldn’t look away from her. ‘I belong to you, demon. That was our bargain. And I know that it’s in your power to make it last lifetimes, but right now, I starve for you. I need you to fill me.’

In truth, he could no more refuse her now than he could all those years ago when she summoned him into the overgrown garden. His need for her castlerigg9was as great as hers for him, and there was no denying how that fact delighted him. Her grip on him was fierce as he clutched at her hips to push deeper into her. With a move that was like water flowing, she lifted the t-shirt off over her head so that he could see her breasts, ruby-crowned, dancing and swaying in the tight space between them. She wore no bra. Frantically she clawed open his shirt, ripping buttons off in her desperation to him, the get flesh against flesh. Then as he shrugged it off his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around his neck and tightened her grip on his cock still further. The press of her full breasts against his sharpened nipples, nearly sent him over the edge as they battled for breathing space, pressed tightly to each other, grinding and shifting until the world contracted around them. Ferris didn’t know when his demon had overwhelmed Farringdon’s vessel, but as he lowered Elaine onto the ground, it was his demon hands that cupped the rounded pillows of her bottom, and it was his demon flesh that rode her deep into the soft summer grass, thrusting his need into her with a lust that he wasn’t sure even the demon could contain.

She gasped her surprise as the rider overwhelmed the human vessel, then the gasp became a sob, her eyes wide and bright and deep enough to swallow him whole. ‘You are my demon,’ she grunted in a desperate breath. ‘You are so much larger than the vessel you wear, and I love all of you.’

‘And I love you, my little witch. You have held my essence safe in your heart for three hundred years, a burden I would have never wished upon you, and now you’ve come home to me. I am undone. I am truly undone.’

‘No my love.’ She wrapped her legs around his hips in a grip that told him she was near her release. ‘You are not undone. You are remade. And so am I.’ Then she clutched him in her orgasm with a grip so tight that he believed with all of his heart she would never let him go and, as he convulsed deep inside her, he felt as though he had come home at last and he had brought her home with him to a place where there was magic and laughter and family. His family, and now hers.

 The End

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

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Chapter 16 The Undoing



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The Meat Hall by Lily Harlem (@lily_harlem)

thingsthatgohump300x200Thank you Kd for inviting me to Things That Go Bump In The Night it’s great to be here at this spooky time of year. I’ve brought with me vampires and shifters from my new novels Bite Mark and Claw Mark to get today’s party started. They’re pretty hard to handle, certainly temperamental and I’ve also found them to be unpredictable and demanding, but hey ho, that’s just what happens when you’re a writer and you dream up these super-human beings to play with!

Aimery is the first vampire to be introduced in Bite Mark (read this one first!). He’s a vampire lawyer and our heroine, Beatrice initially sees him walking in Smithfield Meat Market with his nose high as though enjoying the smell of the blood lingering in the air. I liked the idea of that, when I started writing, a vampire who hangs out where there is the scent of blood the way we’d hang out in a flowery summer garden enjoy the aromas.

old smithfield marketSmithfield Market is a real place in London, UK that’s been trading meat and meat products for over 800 years. I’ve been here on several occasions as I used to work nearby. It’s not a place for ladies though, it’s rough and tough and the guys here start work at 3 a.m. and shut up their stalls by lunchtime. There is bartering and arguing and money is referred to in an unusual way – £20 is a Score, £25 is a Pony, £100 is a Ton, £500 is a Monkey, and £1000 is a Grand. All good fun! I haven’t been inside for several years now, though the sounds and the smells and the images of huge hunks of meat being sold to restaurants and shops has stayed with me, even though it was only somewhere I passed through. Some places are like that, don’t you think, they stay with you.

It was walking past the market one morning a few years ago that I got the idea for these novels. It was early December, the cold was nipping my cheeks and fingers and the air was thick with fog – pea soup Londoner’s call it. There weren’t many people around but those that were appeared to be eerie shadows in the distance, every footstep intensified by the dampness all around. I was glad to duck into a nearby pub that opens early to cater for the market workers and get a nice pot of tea. But still, me being me, my imagination set to working and Bite Mark was born as I stared out of the window at the misty world.

Bite Mark ends on a cliff hanger which is where the sexy shifters come in. I hadn’t planned this but because of the introduction of The Carlton Pack (a group of mysterious wolves the London based vampires are fearful of) there was more story to tell and I had to tell it.

butchers hook and cleaverI hope you’ll check out Bite Mark and Claw Mark and meet Aimery, Ryle, Isaac and Caleb. They’re not afraid to take what they want and will fight for what they need and Bea is the lucky lady caught up in all of that. And if you ever get to Smithfield Market, do pop into The Butcher’s Hook and Cleaver for a little tipple and listen to the raucous chatter. You too might be inspired!

Lily x


shivers and tinglesOh, and if you’re around on Halloween then check out the Brit Babes Shivers and Tingles Facebook Party! It’s going to be great fun with contests, gossip and sexy pictures and steamy excerpts from all The Brit Babes.


bite markBite Mark

Life in London as a butcher girl is hard enough, but when my best friend Denny went missing it became miserable. So stumbling into the Worshipful Company of the Ancient Order while searching for him was like a breath of fresh air. Especially because sexy, sophisticated Aimery promised to help me.

But Aimery’s friend Ryle wanted in on the action. My head was spinning, my body reacting to theirs whenever they were around. But I had questions: What was their obsession with my rare blood type? How did they always appear when I needed them? And how old were they?

Learning the truth about my lovers brought new fears and delights. They could take me higher than I’d ever gone before, show me pleasures I’d never imagined and were prepared to kill to protect me. Being mortal had never been so much erotic fun—or so deliciously dangerous.


ClawMarkClaw Mark

This book is a sequel to Bite Mark; to ensure full enjoyment of this book, please read Bite Mark first.

Being married to two sexy vampires is as exciting as it is dangerous. One minute I’m on top of the world, the next I’m running for my life. But it’s okay with Aimery and Ryle at my side—they’ve sworn to love and protect me and keep me satisfied until I’m old and tray.

But when everything crashes down, literally, I can see no way out of the darkness—death my best option. Until two unusual men come bounding to my aid.

Gentle Caleb and prickly Isaac have secrets. They’re full of passion, desire, love and lust and their isolated lives are weaved with mystery. But I know what they are. I’m also craving some serious satisfying, a distraction from my dilemma, and it seems these guys are up for the job.

Will my life always be turbulent, terrifying and tempting beyond belief? Nothing is certain in a world of vampires and shifters.


Buy Links

Bite Mark

Ellora’s Cave | Amazon | Amazon UK | Goodreads


Claw Mark

Amazon | Amazon UK | Goodreads


lily-harlemLily Bio

Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning, best-selling author of contemporary erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including Ellora’s Cave, HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Xcite and Sweetmeats Press. Her Hot Ice series regularly receives high praise and industry nominations.

Before turning her hand to writing Lily Harlem worked as a trauma nurse and her latest HarperCollins release, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse, draws on her many experiences while nursing in London. Lily also self-publishes and The Glass Knot and Scored have been blessed with many 5* reviews since their release in 2012.

Her novel, Breathe You In, a super-sexy romance with a twist that will not only heat you up but stay with you for years to come, was named a USA Today Reviewer’s Recommended Read of 2013.

Lily also co-authors with Natalie Dae and publishes under the name Harlem Dae – check out the Sexy as Hell Box Set available exclusively on Amazon – The Novice, The Player and The Vixen – and That Filthy Book which has been hailed as a novel ‘every woman should read’.

One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy. Enjoy!


Lily Links
Website http://www.lilyharlem.com/
Blog http://www.lilyharlem.blogspot.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/lily_harlem
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lily.harlem
Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/LilyHarlemAuthor
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Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4070110.Lily_Harlem



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Life After Death with Ellen March

thingsthatgohump300x200First my thanks to lovely KD for the invite to celebrate her wonderful Lakeland Witches, you’re a truly amazing lady. And spooky good wishes for your launch, Hump in the Night is absolutely fantastic.

Grace wasn’t fussy, but she did insist on a pulse in a man says Ellen March


I have always had a keen interest in the supernatural and firmly believe in life after death. The fact that the spirit goes on, it’s continuous and death is the beginning of a long journey completing the circle of life. And one day soon, we’ll all understand the concept of death and the crossing over.

It was due to an experience I had in my bedroom that an idea came to me. I’d taken a photograph and was shocked at what it revealed. How could a clear day show a hazy picture with a startling flash of light illuminating from the wall along with a smattering of orbs? Since moving into our old cottage I’d experienced loud sighs and the weight of a person sitting on the bed. Something was happening. A lot of strange things went on, still do, the touches I feel on my arm. Gentle strokes finger light, I wake up and search, scared at first it’s a spider, but relieved to know that somewhere in my room I have a tentative lover who’s making himself known. And so Ghost was born.

I decided to write A Ghost of an Affair because of my love of romance and obviously the afterlife. What would a person feel like to discover they were no longer mortal, are there a set of rules that should be followed? And then I wondered would a ghost still have sexual urges, and how would he react if he discovered himself drawn to a mortal. Find out in the excerpt below.

A Ghost of an Affair will be available after October 1st, in eBook and 5×8 trade paperback editions on BN.com, the European Amazons and Amazon Japan. Bookstores can order through Ingram, Baker & Taylor or by contacting info@fannypress.com.

Amazon US | Amazon UK



Grace McGillis is over the moon to have won the love, or at least the favour, of Dr. Sage Gerret, the resident heartthrob at the hospital where she is a receptionist. Sage hopes to “improve” her: to inspire her to eat and drink less and educate herself about fine art and music. Everyone sees Sage as a great catch. Why else would Grace put up with his barbs about her appearance and his uninspired lovemaking?

Enter Breece, an adoring alpha male who is out-of-this-world in bed. That is not surprising, for he is, after all, a ghost. Though Sage may not be anyone’s dream date, he is alive. Grace is falling in love with Breece, but is love enough? Even if fate allows her ghost lover to continue his delightful haunting, how will this couple find love everlasting?



Breece strolled in, glad she’d left the door open. He wasn’t sure about going through obstacles yet but assumed he could. Hell, he still couldn’t wrap his head around being dead.

Then he stopped.

Breece stared at the woman before him, who was busy examining herself in the mirror, stark naked. He felt his cock harden, relieved that the weird stranger hadn’t lied about that. Yet the fact that she aroused him even though she was so different from what he usually liked in his women bothered him.

Another thought soon followed: how did he know that? Finally he went with his instincts. He tried to work out what it was about her, and decided it had to be the naturalness—nothing fake, no silicone tits, no hair extensions, and no plastic surgery. She stood before him as nature intended.

It sent a shiver of excitement over him. It also left him with a question: how he knew so much about fake women?

He watched her weave to the wardrobe. She bent over, and he couldn’t resist crossing to her. His hand caressed her backside. Christ, it was a peach of a bum, one he’d like to bite.

Grace rummaged in the box, searching for her vibrator. A whisper of a tickle touched the cheek of her ass, and she scratched at it. At last gripping her toy, she rose and turned to the bed. Falling backwards, she flicked it on, but then realized she’d left the light blazing. But Grace couldn’t move. She lay there in a drunken haze—the need to come her only focus.

Hell, she couldn’t live with nothing but a weekly sex session!

Breece raised a brow and watched her open her legs for the large vibrator. A low groan rumbled as she slid it in. He rubbed his hand over his cock, which was hard and hungry. He wasn’t sure how many years he’d been dead, but he was as horny as fuck.

Grace thrust the vibrator in deep, but she needed more, a lot more, and arched into it deeper still. Even drunk she knew she wasn’t going to have an orgasmic explosion. A small circle of heat flared and fluttered in her belly, and she gave a little whimper. It wasn’t happening. She flung the gadget onto the floor in irritation.

Rolling onto her stomach, she closed her eyes and passed out. One hand was flung to the side and dangled off the bed; her legs were spread-eagled.

Breece swallowed, hard. He wanted to fuck her. But hell, she was unconscious. He glanced down at his dick, which ridged his joggers and strained hard beneath the material. His decision made, he tugged his clothes off and carefully slid in beside her.

Unsure what to expect, Breece worried that he’d dissolve into her. Also, would he be able to feel her skin? Relief washed over him; it was exactly as he’d remembered. He couldn’t think of anyone he’d actually had sex with, but sensed what he liked and let his libido be driven by instinct.

And she wouldn’t remember a thing. At least for now. In time she would, if she’d really called him, was the cause of him being here. The least she could do was to let him use her body.

And fuck her whenever he wanted.

He dropped a kiss to her shoulder, and her skin shivered beneath his lips. The reaction was slight, but he felt it. He slipped his cock between her legs, rubbing it across her fanny, and her ass gave a small push back. A faint groan fluttered from her open mouth.

Her lips whispered his name. It gusted out on a small breath of air: ‘Breeeeece ….’ That was enough to seal her fate.

She’d called him forth, and she wanted him.

Slowly he pushed home, sunk his cock into her and filled her till he was balls deep. He didn’t care if she was almost comatose. What he wanted was release.


Ellen March lives on top of a mountain in Wales, which is ideal in the summer but not so much in the winter months or when it rains. She has three grown children, one suicidal cat—it really does have nine lives—and three Alaskan Malamutes. One of her hobbies is working them.

Her first love, however, is reading and creating worlds with wicked characters. Ellen’s works have been published by Ravenous Romance – Escorting Sydney, Shadow Play & One Night in Heaven, whilst Fanny Press have released Promises, His Girl Friday and recently A Ghost of an Affair with several more to follow in 2015. She also writes for Passion in Print under her fantasy pseudonym H D March, which is of course still erotic romance. The first of her Wolfsong Trilogy, Wolfsong Lullaby released in June, following that A Song of a Dragon, with some more sexy vampires Rune & Wolfe coming soon. Literally.

You can discover more about Ellen or HD March on the links below.

https://twitter.com/Ms_ellen_march twitter page

https://www.facebook.com/ellenmarchauthor facebook

http://ellenmarch.jimdo.com/  website



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Split by Kristina Lloyd (@kristina_lloyd)

thingsthatgohump300x200Three and a half of my five novels have happy endings. Spoiler alert: Split is not one of them. It’s not even the half.

Published in 2007, Split veers wildly off the trad romance track and instead borrows from the traditions of horror, incorporating the ghostly, the gothic, the eerie and the uncanny. There are no werewolves, vampires, monsters or zombies; no guts and gore or scares to make you scream. It’s quietly unsettling and oppressive. Or as one Amazon reviewer puts it, a “freaky little story with a ritualistic vibe.”

Wuthering Heights was one of the inspirations behind Split, and the action is set in an isolated village deep in the Yorkshire Moors. The people who live in Heddlestone, my imagined village, have different ways, different values. My protagonist, Kate Carter, abandons her boyfriend in London and moves to the village, unable to defy a inexplicable compulsion to return after briefly visiting on holiday.

split_kristina_lloyd“I longed for Heddlestone. I longed for its clean air, the space, the sight of those stark, blasted moors with their folds and secrets, and a sense of something lingering. I still feel it now I’m living here. I go out walking, climbing up and down, the wind roaring in my ears, and it feels as if something’s out there in the enormity, waiting for me.”

Kate takes a job in Heddlestone’s local puppet museum and soon falls for Jake, puppeteer and museum owner. Split is told from Kate’s POV, and written as a confessional journal she’s intending to send to the man she left behind, an attempt to explain her bizarre, hurtful actions. The book begins:

“My story starts last autumn. I want to set it down because I understand now that I’ll never be able to leave this place. And I want you to remember me as a good person.”

With its narrative format, Split shares similarities with my latest book, Undone, although the journal style is less overt here. There’s a twist in the tail too and plenty of kink, especially bondage and powerplay. Jake is a gentle, quiet, commanding dominant, and the sexual theme finds echoes in his profession. He creates puppets and marionettes, and he controls them, pulling their strings. Kate describes him as having “a sure, sensitive presence permeating my every day” and says,

“His hands are big enough to trap mine in a fist; light enough to sculpt, carve and paint, to shrink the living, breathing world down to a tiny focused stasis. His is such a delicate mastery.”

The trouble is, despite herself, Kate is also attracted to Jake’s brother, Eddie, a boorish, teasing bruiser and landlord of The Griffin, the village’s sole pub.

“There’s a cold intimacy to this place and the brothers have drawn me closer to its dark, disturbed heart, They had me from the start, Jake with his beauty and that clever, careful mind, Eddie with his arrogance that gets me right in the groin. Even now, I don’t know who I prefer.  I’m split between them, relishing both but trusting neither. Lust has taken me to some strange places but none stranger than this.”

If you’re someone who likes to cosy up with a book full of bad weather, creepy dealings and hot, kinky sex, you might enjoy Split. If escapist sunny beaches, sunny dispositions and happy ever afters are your thing, then I recommend you stay well away.

Happy Halloween, folks!

Split on Amazon UK :: Split on Amazon US


Kristina Lloyd writes erotic fiction about sexually submissive women who like it on the dark, dirty and dangerous side. Her novels are published by Black Lace and her short stories have appeared in dozens of anthologies, including several ‘best of’ collection, in both the UK and US. She lives in Brighton, England.

Website               Twitter                 Facebook            Goodreads



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What Scares Me by Teresa Noelle Roberts (@TeresNoeRoberts)

thingsthatgohump300x200Witches’ Waves, Book 4 of my paranormal romance series Duals and Donovans: The Different (this is actually the fifth book set in this world, but one, Fox’s Folly, is a prequel to the rest), is all about witches and shapeshifters, or as I call them in my world, duals. The most terrifying thing in the series, though, is a creation of ordinary humans: the Agency, put in place to combat dangerous paranormal (“Different”) activity, but now a force for repressing all non-humans and humans with paranormal abilities.

I suppose this says a lot about what frightens me in real life. OK, I admit I won’t watch The Walking Dead because zombies freak me out. But for the most part, the stuff of horror movies doesn’t make me bat an eyelash. Ghosts? I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered a few. Two seemed sweet, melancholy and lonely, more touching than frightening. The other was a dead friend, still much as he had been in life. Creepy entities such as vampires or demons? I’ve read (and written) enough fantasy and paranormal romance books that I fancy I’d know how to manage such beasties. (Probably by running like a scared rabbit, since I don’t have a mighty magical sword or any sorcerous abilities.) Besides, they might be sexy, like in my favorite books. Magic? I’d love to experience it for real, after writing about it for so long. People being evil and dangerous to their neighbors out of bigotry, on the other hand? It’s all around us, it sometimes starts from lofty motives, as with the Agency, and it scares the hell out of me. The terrifying elements of horror novels always have a solution in the pages of the book. It takes people working together, willing to risk it all, to hold real-life, mundane evil, the kind of evil that thinks it’s doing good, at bay.

And ultimately, that kind of courage and ability to work together against evil is what Witches’ Waves is all about. Well, that, true love, hot ménage sex, the power of the ocean, beautiful bisexual men who love an ass-kicking blind heroine, and an adorable, potentially lethal infant.

You know, the usual stuff.


witches wavesWitches’ Waves (Duals and Donovans: The Different, book 4)

Out 11/18/14 from Samhain Publishing. Pre-order now!


The ocean is on their side. But the fight is on land—and it’s about to get dirty.

Duals and Donovans: The Different, Book 4

Long held captive as the Agency’s secret weapon—a blind witch with visions—Meaghan has come to a line she refuses to cross. Rather than betray the infant “child of five bloods” to the Agency’s scientists, she chooses death. Except when she throws herself into the ocean, she doesn’t die. Her repressed water magic comes to life.

When the sodden, delirious witch drifts into Kyle’s arms, his otter dual instincts tell him to get her to the Donovans as fast as possible. Even though one particular surfer-dude Donovan broke his heart.

Declan Donovan continually kicks himself for pushing Kyle away, but his touchy combination of water, earth and lightning magic is too volatile, and Kyle wanted more than Deck was ready to give.

When they come together to help Meaghan control her new magic, it leads the Agency straight to the child of five bloods. They’ll have to dive head-first into total trust—in their magics, in themselves and in each other—to save the child and stop the Agency once and for all.

Warning: Contains an oceanful of sex between an ethereal blind heroine who swears like a pissed-off Marine, an overly serious otter shifter, a would-be beach bum who may be descended from a Norse god, in permutations as fluid as the sea – and themes of abuse and recovery.


Here’s a taste:

Anger flared in Kyle’s dark eyes. “Trickster’s tits, Deck, she’s been in an Agency compound since she was little. I’m the first guy she’s ever met who wasn’t using her as a fucking lab experiment. Yeah, I’m intrigued, but I’m not going to go there. How the hell would she know if she’s really interested or if I just gain by comparison to sadistic Agency freaks?” He snorted. “She can’t even see my manly charms. She’s blind.”

But, demons and devas, Declan could see his manly charms. The short, dark-brown hair, as sleek and lush as his otterside’s pelt, dark eyes a man could drown in, cutting cheekbones, strong, lean body that quivered with erotic tension. He couldn’t see the well-muscled chest and back, the near-perfect abs, the angular lines on the sides of Kyle’s hips or the big uncut cock. But he knew those “manly charms” too. Knew them and had remembered them in explicit detail every moment he’d been alone, ever since he was fool enough to tell Kyle he needed time.

Kyle was one beautiful man. But that serious, thoughtful tone behind the flippancy so natural to an otter dual took him from beautiful to damn well irresistible.

With each step forward, Declan told himself no. But he kept walking. It didn’t help that Kyle met him halfway.

Declan froze at the last second. He’d rejected Kyle once, run like a rabbit from something he realized too late he wanted. Just because Kyle was still attracted didn’t mean he’d want to take the chance of being hurt again, especially not with the lovely, mysterious Meaghan depending on him.

But when he opened his arms in invitation, Kyle was in them, pressing his slender, sinuous body against Declan’s more solid one, drawing him down into a kiss.

Almost as soon as they touched—certainly as soon as their lips met—Declan’s cock snapped to awkward attention.

He needed. Lord and Lady, he needed. Something about Kyle made everything feel all right, made him feel like whatever challenges they faced, whatever the Agency might do, they’d be able to handle it.

He was pretty sure it wasn’t anything deep and metaphysical. He was on such a hormonal high that everything seemed like it was fine.

Kyle was in his arms, Kyle was kissing him, Kyle’s energy was caressing him everywhere and Kyle’s hands were doing their best to do the same. Declan slid his own hands down to cup the other man’s firm ass. With a muffled groan, Deck ground their crotches together. Arousal, sharp and hot and almost painful, shot through him.

Deck’s red magic was as squirrelly as his other powers, sometimes as erratic as a teenage virgin’s, sometimes nearly as strong as Elissa’s, though a lot more chaotic. Right now it was running so high the world turned red and crackled with energy, and they both had all their clothes on. Instinctively, he shunted the power the two of them were raising to strengthen Meaghan’s shields. The poor girl was almost as naked as a normy and more psychically open than his cousin Portia. At least Portia didn’t have seizures when she telepathically tapped into someone else’s thoughts.

Then Kyle’s hand snaked into his pants and Deck was glad that the red magic could do its thing without his brain involved now that he’d directed it, because his brain and his body both wanted to focus on Kyle.


Buy Links:

Amazon US /Amazon UK /B&N Nook / Kobo


glamour cropped 2Bio:

Teresa Noelle Roberts started writing stories in kindergarten and she hasn’t stopped yet. A prolific author of short erotica, she’s also a published poet and fantasy writer—but hot paranormals and BDSM-spiced contemporaries are her favorites. Or they were until she discovered that SF romance offers new possibilities for wild sex and imaginative adventure, so she’s added that sub-genre to her repertoire. Oh, and she’s also half of the writing team known as Sophie Mouette, writing mostly light-hearted spicy romances (with forays into erotica).

Teresa is a crunchy granola girl who enjoys belly dance, yoga, medieval re-creation, playing in the ocean, cooking, and growing more vegetables than she and her husband can possibly eat.  She’d enjoy sleeping, too. She thinks. But it takes so much time!

She shares her home in southern Massachusetts with her husband, a Leo in law enforcement, and two overstuffed cats. She and her husband often plan vacations around food, history, and/or proximity to water.

Find Teresa at www.teresanoelleroberts.com, like her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTeresaNoelleRoberts or follow on Twitter, where she’s @TeresNoeRoberts.

And check out her alter ego Sophie at www.sophiemouette.com.



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