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Snog by the Sea Blog Hop! Snogging in Lyme Regis


It’s time for the Snog by the Sea blog hop! Leave it to Team Blisse to start the fun early. Clearly we’re not the only ones who can hardly wait for Smut by the Sea next Saturday. And what better way to prepare for the big event than some seriously sizzling snogging! And of course, what’s a blog hop without great prizes!

Welcome to our Snogfest which runs from the 6th-9th June.

Please check out all the links below and comment to win our fab prizes!

If you live in the UK you can win 2 All-Day Tickets for Smut by the Sea – Scarborough’s only smutty get together for Erotica Authors and Readers. Taking Place at Scarborough Library on the 14th June 2014.

If you are not in the UK you can win a mystery ebook bundle with ebooks from some of the top names in erotica.

Want more Snogs by the Sea? Join us for Smut by the Sea!

On the 14th of June 2014 at the Scarborough Library, we’ll be hosting Smut by the Sea. It’ll be a fab day full of smutty fun with writing workshops, reading slams, a buffet lunch, mini marketplace and erotic Tombola and a whole host of erotic authors to meet. You don’t want to miss it!

Find out more and get your tickets at Smut by the Sea.Snob by sea imagesfg-fits-mascot

Use the promo code “snogbythesea” to save 20% on tickets

I’d sweetening the snogalicious pot with a free copy of my sexy road trip novella, Migrations. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment.

In the meantime, here is a sexy seaside summer snog from my short story, Skin, which is in the fabulous Smut By the Sea Anthology, Volume 1. Enjoy!



When the mysterious Celia follows Tess home in a rain storm, the sexy encounter that follows is totally unexpected, and yet somehow, Celia is strangely familiar.

Excerpt SKIN:

(Caution: This Excerpt is VERY Adult Only)

‘Women smell of the sea as men never can,’ she breathed against my face. ‘I love that about women. With women I’m always close to the sea.’ Then she kissed me with just a touch of tongue, just as she wriggled a finger in between my labia and we both moaned into each other’s mouths. ‘You’re so creamy wet.’ She pressed her pussy against my hip. ‘Do I make you that way?’

‘Oh God yes,’ I breathed, pulling her closer, taking her mouth as though I would eat her up.

‘Then let me taste you. I want to taste you, please.’

smut by the sea-vol1-coverIn a wave of water that splashed out over the top of the tub, I pushed my way out until I was seated on the edge with my back pressed hard against the tiles of the wall. She sat between my open thighs. There was no preamble, no teasing. She just began with the point of her tongue pressed up against my perineum, then licked and nibbled and sucked her way upward until her lips pursed tightly around my clit. By that time I could no longer hold still. I curled my fingers into her wet hair and bore down, feeling like all of my weight was now concentrated at the apex of my pussy where she licked and suckled, none too neatly. My juices glistened on her face and ran down her chin mixed with her saliva. ‘You’re almost there, aren’t you?’ She whispered against my clit. ‘I can feel your orgasm gathering, pressing, waiting to happen all right here.’ Then she nipped my distended clit and shoved two fingers up hard into my gape and I exploded, jerking and spasming. I would have slipped back into the tub, but she held me fast with her strong arms, held me open wide and watched me come.

‘There’s nothing quite as beautiful as watching a woman’s cunt when she’s coming,’ she said. I could feel her hot breath against my trembling pout as she spoke. ‘The skin around it is dark and glistening bright and stretched so tight from desire, and it ripples and flows like the sea is just beneath the surface.’ She gave the swell of me a gentle stroke. ‘Have you ever watched a woman come?’

‘I’ve never looked,’ I said when I could finally get enough breath to speak.

‘What? And you, an artist? Come on. You have to see what happens.’ She hopped from the tub and grabbed the towel drying herself as she headed into the lounge, grabbing her wine glass as an afterthought. ‘Where do you draw?’ She called over her shoulder.

As quickly as I could, I wrapped myself in one of the big towels drying as I went, following her wet footprints across the wood floor into the lounge which I had turned into a make-shift studio.

When I caught up with her, she had shed her towel and thrown a clean cotton drop cloth across the leather sofa. ‘This is perfect. This is a wonderful place to be creative.’ She nodded out the large picture window to the panorama of sea and cloud and storm. ‘And it’s a great place to masturbate. I bet you masturbate here, don’t you?’ She asked.

I blushed hard and nodded. ‘Sometimes I do.’

‘Masturbation and creativity go hand in hand,’ she said. Then she nodded to my pad and charcoal tossed carelessly across the coffee table and she settled onto the sofa in a reclining position. ‘How do you want me?’

Wrapped tightly in the towel, I awkwardly took up the pad and charcoal and moved a chair to sit near the sofa waiting expectantly.
She giggled. ‘You’re not a secretary waiting to take dictation. You’re an artist here to do a study on womanly pleasure. I’m your subject. You have to tell me what to do.’ She giggled again, and the sound was almost playful, childlike. ‘Are you blushing, Tess? You are, aren’t you? Oh darling, you have to relax IMG00403-20120929-1751and enjoy your pussy, enjoy all of your lovely skin. Look at you, all wrapped up in a towel like you’re trying to hide something, something you should never hide.’

She took a large sip of wine then motioned me to her.

Cautiously I put down the pad and came closer.

With one hand she shoved the towel off my breasts and onto the floor. As I yelped my protest, she pulled me down on top of her, took my face in her hands and with an open mouth kiss drizzled the body temperature red wine into my mouth. I startled, but she held me and trickled a little more, pushing it forward with thrusts of her tongue almost like she was fucking my mouth with it, drizzling wine cum between pursed lips. My pussy gushed with empathy as I suckled the rest from her, one hand cupped behind her head, the other splayed over one of her perfect breasts, stroking an impossibly erect nipple.

At last she pulled away and smiled up at me. ‘Now, I’m going to play with my pussy and make myself come.’ She held my gaze. ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to from any position you’d like to draw. All you have to do is say.’

I dropped onto the floor next to the sofa, and she draped one leg so that her foot rested on the coffee table and I was settled in between her thighs at eye level with her cunt. I fumbled for the pad and charcoal, nearly ripping the paper as I shuffled for a blank page.

‘Okay,’ I breathed, nearly dropping the charcoal. ‘I want to see.’

Her slender hand lay cupped protectively over her vulva, hiding everything from her clit all the way down

to where her bottom settled onto the couch. It took me a breathless second to realize that she was gently, carefully palming herself, pressing the flat of her hand against her slit, then shifting and rubbing her sex against it. Her eyelids fluttered and she moaned softly pressing upward into her hand.

I couldn’t help myself. Even as I drew furiously and quickly trying to capture every nuance of her pleasure, I dropped a kiss high onto her thigh, smelling the sea on her, smelling the tide pool rising beneath her palm.

‘I want to see,’ I whispered. ‘I want to see your pussy. I want to watch you touch yourself.’ My face burned like fire as I said it, but, oh God, it was so true. I’d never wanted anything so badly in my whole life.

She slipped her hand up slowly, parting the engorged butterfly wings of her labia. Then she dipped her middle finger, at first, and then her index finger next to it, into the milky thick moisture of her arousal, which seeped down over her perineum and onto the drop cloth beneath. She raised herself on one elbow and looked down the flat of her belly at her fingers splaying and shoving into her vulva. ‘I’m already almost there.’ Her words were breathless and her abdomen rose and fell with her growing need for oxygen. ‘I could have almost come just eating your pussy, touching your beautiful pillowy breasts.’ She raked her thumb against the hard knot of her clit, and she jerked beneath her touch and bit her lip with a sob of pleasure. ‘Oh so close. So very close. But I like to make it last, don’t you?’

IMG00405-20120930-1303I nodded dumbly, the sight of her touching herself in such an intimate way had shut down the speech centre of my brain.

‘My nipples ache,’ she said. ‘My tits always feel so heavy and swollen when I’m about to come.’ With the hand not busy fingering her cunt, she tugged at her nipples and kneaded her breasts until I feared she would hurt them. Beneath me, I sat on the uncomfortable heap of the towel I had shed, which was just as well because I would have made a wet spot on the floor from my own flood. I managed to wriggle and move until it was wadded so that it rubbed and stroked up between my own folds and raked at my clit as I shifted, closer to the push and thrust of pleasuring going on between Celia’s legs.

Celia missed nothing. ‘God it makes me hot to think of you rubbing your wet cunt against that towel. Your clit must be the size of a great pearl in a succulent oyster, and you must be so slippery.’

I didn’t respond. I kept drawing like a crazy woman, all the while my hips were rocking back and forth against the towel and Celia’s fingers were dancing and thrusting up inside her pussy, first two then three, deep into the grip and squelch of her creamy wet spot. And I drew and watched and held my breath, anticipating her orgasm, anticipating my own orgasm that I didn’t figure could be too far behind.

She writhed and arched and ground against the drop cloth offering me flashes of her back hole and the rounded clench of her buttocks, offering me the bounce and sway of her cupcake breasts, offering me grunts and whimpers and little animal sounds that I couldn’t capture on paper, but wished I could. At some point I realized not all of those sounds were coming from Celia. And the smell. It was as though I had opened the windows and the scent of the sea had washed in over us, but it was a female sea awash with the earthy wet smell of ripe, needy womanhood.

She looked like she might shatter into pieces as she drew nearer and nearer her orgasm. Her movements and thrusts became tight and stiff, and every muscle in her body was tensed. My own body was more than empathetic. I had found a rhythm on the towel, a rhythm that matched Celia’s. My gaze was so tightly focused on her cunt that my eyes burned like fire from not blinking, and yet I watched.

And then it happened. ‘Oh my god,’ she gasped. ‘I have to come, Tess. I have to come now.’

She arched up off the sofa and roared like a lioness. Her pussy drenched her hand and her buttocks clenched and released around her tight back-hole then she collapsed onto the sofa. ‘Look,’ she gasped. ‘Look now, watch my orgasm.’

And sure enough it was as though an earth quake were happening just below the surface of her vulva. All the tiny muscles trembled and quaked and gripped. Her cunt hole spasmed and relaxed and spasmed again and again, pushing out its little rivulet of girly juices.

I tossed aside the drawing pad and pulled her to me, hands cupped beneath her bottom. I pulled her to me until I could lick and slurp and relish the taste of her. I used the advantage of my extra weight to hold her as she squirmed against me, making incoherent sounds as I nibbled at her clit and tugged at her labia with my lips. Then she spasmed again so violently that she tumbled onto the floor and I engulfed her. I slid up her body, kissing her beautiful breasts, nursing on her nipples, nipping the tender nape of her neck. I longed to explore every centimetre of her delicate strength. I ached to lick and touch and taste every inch of her translucent soft skin. I longed to drown myself in her female sea. As I slid up her body, her hand found its way between my legs and tweaked my clit and I came, rubbing my body against hers, wrapping myself around her kissing, tasting, fondling, caressing.

I don’t know what time it was when I threw together a fry-up between kisses and gropes and giggles in the kitchen. I’d never cooked naked before. I would have been embarrassed to do anything beyond bathe naked up until now, but Celia made me feel at home in my own skin. She touched me everywhere. No part of me was too embarrassing or too secret for her to love. We fed each other bacon and egg and chocolate éclairs I’d bought from one of the bakeries on Broad Street. We bathed again and made love again, this time in my bed.

It was long toward morning when I woke to find her missing. I grabbed for the robe, then changed my
mind and went looking for her naked. I found her in the lounge sitting on the floor looking through my sketch pads. ‘You know the sea,’ she said when I settled next to her, dropping a kiss onto her shoulder. ‘You feel it inside you like I do. I can tell.’ When she looked up at me there were tears in her eyes. ‘That’s
what drew me to you. That’s what I love about you. Most people don’t feel it that
way, and even if they did, they could never make anyone else feel it that way.’ She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. ‘You move me, Tess. You move me deeply.’ She kissed me and when she pulled 271away I looked down at the charcoal she had been admiring. It was the last drawing I’d done of the little harbor seal before the storm broke and we went our separate ways.             ‘I draw a lot of seals,’ I said. ‘They fascinate me, and they seem to be comfortable around me. I don’t know why. Sadly there aren’t a lot around here anymore, so it was a special treat to find this one, who let me draw her for two days.’

‘It’s lonely for them here now,’ she whispered. ‘This one surly appreciated your company.’ Then she lay the open pad aside and came into my arms, feeling tiny and delicate in my embrace.



Smut in the City: Sapphic Special Call for Submissions

It’s my pleasure to welcome the fabulous, multi-talented Kevin Mitnik to A Hopeful Romantic to talk about submissions for the SAPPHIC SPECIAL anthology he’s editing with Lucy Felthouse and to share with us a taste of smut, Mitnik style. Welcome, Kevin!

After editing my first Erotic Anthology “Smut for Chocoholics” I promised myself no more, it was such a draining experience reading al the KEvin Mitnik sapphic coversmutinthecity-ss-coversubmissions, having to say No to some, Yes to others, being the bearer of good and bad news and then the hard work of putting those stories into a final book and releasing it upon the world.. It wasn’t an experience I was looking to repeat anytime soon.

So why am I doing it all again? It’s a bloody good question and if you figure out the answer do let me know, all I can say is  this time I’m not alone. I’m working with the wonderful Lucy Felthouse, and that in itself is a dream come true. Lucy is full of such energy and experience it’s hard not to get enthused by her drive and desire and so when the chance to do a Sapphic Special came about I had to jump at it.

I’ve been the Tech guru behind the scenes on a lot of these Felthouse/Blisse projects and it’s in the background where I am at my most comfortable, but you cannot read erotica without the passion overtaking you and making you want to write your own, so I’ve written bits for lovers and friends but was always afraid to take it any further, but when your favourite Pornstar announces she is hosting a short story competition, you want to rise to the challenge 😉 So when Katie K announced the “Get Off Three Pornstars” competition I pushed aside my inhibitions to enter.

I couldn’t believe it when I was then informed that I’d won, the story “Extra Lessons” was inspired by one of Katie K’s videos and all three ladies said they loved my story and it was a huge boost to my confidence, I’ve since written some more stories, with this One for the aforementioned anthology I’ll be co-editing my first submission and I just hope my co-editor accepts it for the finished anthology.

So get your submissions ready and join in the smutty fun.


Excerpt from Escaping Mundanity by Kevin Mitnik:

…and time froze. For a second, maybe two. Bliss, Nirvana, Paradise found. The escape she craved so badly was revealed and her body shuddered wildly as the pleasure set off fireworks in every inch of her. She collapsed lifelessly onto the bed and finally remembered to breathe. It seemed like an age since she had last done so and she devoured the air greedily, filling her lungs once more as she slowly began to feel her body slipping into a post orgasmic state but her mind was still on fire, flooded with images and emotions as she lay gasping. She drifted to sleep and awoke alone, a note on the pillow explained things weren’t working out and she smiled as she vowed to embrace this new freedom and enjoy life once more.

It was Friday, so girls night out for the office girls at Hicks & Mortimer, part of her wanted to just run home and lose herself in some mindless telly she wasn’t in the mood to socialize right now but Tracey had caught her by the lifts and insisted she came along. She liked her, she was a ditzy secretary who most would think had the job on looks alone but Kelly knew there was more beneath the surface.

She took in Tracey’s outfit for the night her eyes lingered upon the generous cleavage, things had gotten so dull with her boyfriend that she had wondered more than a few times -when a pretty girl had caught her eye – if the grass was maybe greener on the other side?

But how does something like that happen? She couldn’t exactly just grab Tracey and snog her in the lift. No! She resolved that such a thing should just remain a fantasy but Kelly couldn’t resist a long lingering look at her arse as she followed her into the lift.

The club was only around the corner and she had followed Tracey’s arse all the way there. She didn’t know what had come over her and as soon as they had got past the bouncers and into the club she made her excuses and slipped off to the toilets. Splashing cold water on her face she tried to talk sense into herself. Looking deep into the mirror. Kelly sighed, she had beautiful eyes but now they looked so sad and dull, she felt warm air upon her neck which pulled her away from her thoughts as

Tracey whispered in her ear “I saw you checking out my arse, you’ve got a pretty juicy one yourself”

Kelly gasped as she felt a hand squeeze her bottom. She felt a flush upon her face, and was knocked speechless. In the mirror she could see Tracey’s cheeky grin and mischievous eyes over her shoulder.

Before she could find her words, Strong hands pulled at her hips leading her backwards into one of the stalls. No sooner had Kelly closed the door than she was spun around and pressed up against it, Tracey’s body trapped her against the door and her lips sought out Kelly’s with a wanton passion. Tracey mashed her lips against her captive, Kelly’s mind was ablaze. Every inch of her seemed to crackle with sexual energy, this beautiful women ground her body against her, and she eagerly gave herself over to this wild pursuit of pleasure. Tracey’s kiss was returned as eagerly as it was given while Kelly’s hands ran over Tracey’s back.



Due to the success of Smut in the City, Lucy Felthouse and Kevin Mitnik are pleased to announce that they’re putting together a spin-off anthology, with a Sapphic theme.

Smut in the City: Sapphic Edition will be a collection of lesbian erotica with an urban/city feel edited by Lucy Felthouse and Kevin Mitnik.

The Smut in the City: Sapphic Edition anthology will feature stories from a variety of genres, but they must have that overall “city” feel, either in location or style. Think sex in or around famous tourist attractions, on top of skyscrapers, on the underground or subway, in city centre fountains and so on. But be aware all of those examples have already been done in the original anthology, so be unique!

Read Smut by the Sea Volumes 1 and 2, Smut in the City and Smut Alfresco to get an idea of what we like. If you’d like some clarification before submitting your story then please contact us.

Please Remember: The “Smut” series is all about fun, light-hearted stories. So no pain, darkness, cheating couple and angst that’s just not Smutty. Keep it sexy, humorous and fun.

Call for Subs: http://sexyreads.co.uk/smut-in-the-city-sapphic-edition/

Kevin Mitnik Sapphic submissions postAbout Kevin Mitnik :

Kevin Mitnik is the Husband and Tech Slave of Victoria Blisse. A Manic Depressive, Life-Long Evertonian, Whovian, Geek and Award-Winning Web Designer who has spent the last 20+ years saying 0100100001100101011011000110110001101111 to any computer that would listen.

He has recently added the Graphic design string to his bow and has done a number of well received Facebook & Book Covers. You can see some examples of recent design work and current special offers at http://www.writermarketing.co.uk/services/graphics/

He is infinitely proud of the fact that he once managed to “Get off Three Pornstars” (Including the delightful Katie K) – Read the Prize Winning Story at http://sexyreads.co.uk/flash/ero-c/extra-lessons.

Now Mit divides his time between helping his Wife with all her crazy erotic Projects and tending to his Dragons.

Kevin Mitnik Sapphic Lucy FelthouseLucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and 2013, and Best Women’s Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati.

Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

Kyoko Church Shares Sapphic Secrets: Book 2 of the Draper Estates Trilogy

It’s my pleasure to welcome the deliciously naughty Kyoko Church back to my blog with a little sneak peek at part 2 of The Draper Estates Trilogy, Sapphic Secrets! If you’ve not read part 1, do so without further delay. If you have, then you’ll be as anxious to read what Ms Church has to say as I am! Welcome, Kyoko!

Hi KD!

Thank you so much for having me back to your awesome blog! It’s such a pleasure and you are always so sweet and welcoming.

Today I’m talking about Book Two in my Draper Estates Trilogy, Sapphic Secrets. Last time I was here I told you about what inspired the trilogy here: https://kdgrace.co.uk/guest-bloggers/the-story-behind-the-story-of-kyoko-churchs-novella-nymphomania/ So you know about that. This time I’m going to let you in on the dark secret about this second book. Are you ready? Here it is: I didn’t really want to write it.

The thing is I’m still relatively new to writing novellas. I’ve always written short stories. I’d have a horny inspiration and feel compelled to write it all out. I’d often shut myself away and just write until it was done. Then I’d sigh, have a wank and a smoke and that’d be it. I’m just kidding! I don’t smoke. 🙂

What I’m saying is that short stories come fairly easily to me. Writing a book is something different. It requires more discipline, something I can be a bit short of, to be frank. And this is a trilogy! For me, that is a long time to live with the same characters. They were starting to bug me. I wanted to toss them away and start something new.

I’m shocked that I’m telling you this. Because as a reader, if an author said she had a hard time writing something I would be leery of reading itKyoko Church vol2Sapphic Secrets image. I would worry it would be stilted and awkward, that it wouldn’t be passionate or from the heart.  And that’s how I was afraid this second installment would turn out! But once I finally buckled down and got into it… I liked it again. And I’m so glad! I got my horny writing mojo back and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. But, I should let you be the judge. Here’s an excerpt:

Sapphic Secrets Excerpt:

Lillianne awoke with the now familiar aching throb between her legs.

Oh! It seemed now there was never a moment’s respite.

The air of the master bedroom was cool, almost cold and she hunkered down under the bedclothes and savoured the warmth they held. She was alone. Blessedly alone.

In the soft, warm confines of her bed her hand sought the ache at her centre and cupped it, pressed down on it, tried to assuage it. It felt like that, like a comfort, at first.

Of course, the more she kneaded and pressed it, the more the ache grew, like a fire being slowly stoked. She pressed the covers to her mouth to stifle a groan and rocked herself back and forth in anguish. She shouldn’t. She knew she shouldn’t. Because of Dr Samms she was constantly monitored. Who knew when someone could come in? James. Celeste. Her darling Ewan who’d arisen from their marital bed but ten minutes earlier. But the ache persisted and once she’d started touching she felt powerless to stop.

It felt so good. Ah, god, so good to have pressure there. Her body needed it. Craved it. And it wasn’t really so bad, was it, to just hold herself there? That’s really all it was. But after a few moments more her mind flitted back. To thoughts. Oh, nasty thoughts. She shouldn’t be thinking them! Especially not in this way! But they were insidious little things, those perverted thoughts about what her housemaid Celeste had done to her.

Celeste! Not only her housemaid but her confidante. Her best friend. What had the shy little blonde creature been thinking? What could have possessed her? But as the pressure and the pleasure mounted where Lilly held herself between her legs she couldn’t help but remember again how it felt to have Celeste do what she did.

It’s the affliction, Lilly thought. My affliction makes me think these things! It will drive me mad! But once the memories took hold they cemented themselves there. Celeste, shaving Lilly bare between her legs per the doctor’s orders while Lilly’s arms and legs were pinned and powerless, leaving her skin exposed and oh so sensitive. And then. Oh god.

The unthinkable.

Her housemaid put her mouth there.

Her tongue! Right on the burning centre of her need, the pounding pulse of what drove her madness. And the worst part, the absolute worst part was what Lilly scarcely allowed herself to acknowledge. That to have Celeste’s slick tongue licking and licking that tortured bud of flesh was the most exquisite bliss.

Out of her mind with lustful thoughts Lilly parted her legs wantonly, all thoughts of propriety and repercussions gone. In her mind her finger was Celeste’s tongue on her again but this time, oh this time it would finish what it started.

The first touch of her finger on the sensitive tip of her clitoris was like heaven. Lilly gasped out, her starved body grateful, hungry and eager at the sensation of wonderful firm pressure directly on there again, just like Celeste had done with her talented tongue. Giddy now, she slicked her finger up and down fast and hard, feeling the paroxysm build, not slowly like the evil doctor forced her to endure, but quickly like her body wanted. ‘Oh god!’ she cried, as her body bucked beneath her hand. Her eyes squeezed shut, she couldn’t help but imagine her sweet friend’s blonde head between her legs, moving and working, that tongue laving. ‘Yes! Yes! Please! I need it. Please, Celeste. Please!’ Lilly whispered her tortured pleadings into her bedclothes as she frigged herself hard.

Just as her body began to thrash over the edge of the most powerful paroxysm she’d ever endured, the bedroom door opened and then … Celeste was standing there.


In case you’re wondering, I have none of those same qualms about Book Three. For whatever reason, maybe exactly because I’ve lived with these characters for this long, I am now excited to get to the third installment. Oh, just wait until you find out what’s in store for Lillianne! I am simply bursting to get to it. And … there just may be somebody new who’ll be added to the mix. 😉

I really hope you enjoy it! And I always welcome your feedback. Come by my blog and say hi!


Labelled a nymphomaniac because of her passion, Lillianne Draper is forced to spend her days restrained. She has managed to banish the nefarious Dr Samms only to begin to question the motives of her scullery maid, Celeste. Charged with the task of monitoring her mistress’s illness, Celeste seems to enjoy her new responsibility a little too much.  Lillianne must try and control her body’s responses or her husband will order the return of the doctor who tormented her. But being left every day at the mercy of Celeste is arousing desires in Lilly she didn’t know she had.




Kyoko ChurchNymphomania1About Kyoko Church:

Kyoko Church discovered the power of the written erotic word when she was 16 years old and penned a very explicit missive to her boyfriend detailing all the naughty things she wanted to do to him. When he received it, boyfriend was impressed. When he found it, father was not.

For the next 18 years she hid her naughty thoughts in shame. Until she found a community where they were once again appreciated for the well-imagined smut they are. Her short stories have been published in anthologies by Black Lace, Rubicund Publishing and Xcite Books. Book One, Nymphomania, and Book Two, Sapphic Secrets, in her Draper Estate Trilogy were published by Xcite in 2012. For Her Pleasure will be published by HarperCollins Mischief in March 2013.

A Canuck by birth, she has recently made Australia her home. She is currently learning to drive on the left and say G’day convincingly.

Website: kyokochurch.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kyoko.church

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyokochurch

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kyokochurch/

Sunday Snog by the Sea

I don’t often get organised enough to participate in Sunday Snog, but this Sunday is a special treat for me all the way around, and very deserving of a Sunday Snog. It’s special because of the release of a wonderful new anthololgy called Smut By the Sea, edited by two of my favourite people as well as two very talented authors, Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse. And the gorgeous cover art is done by the lovely Fuschia Ayling, who has illustrated the beginning of my novel, Body Temperature and Rising, and very kindly shared some of her work on this blog.

I feel very honoured to have my sexy lesbian story, Skin, included in amongst stories by some of my very favourite writes, all with a seaside theme. My story, Skin, is about an artist’s encouter with a mysterious woman in the middle of a storm. It’s set in Lyme Regis.  WARNING: this  Sunday snog is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for the lusty libido, it’s just the ticket. Enjoy!

‘You must be freezing too,’ Celia said. ‘I saw you drawing the harbor seal on the beach when the storm hit.’ She scooted down to one end of the tub. ‘Come on. There’s plenty of room.’

Before I could ask how she’d seen me when I was sure I was alone, she grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt with wet hands and worried it off over my head, pulling me forward enough in the process that while I was temporarily blinded by my own top, she reached behind me and unhooked my bra. My much larger, much heavier tits spilled forward into her hands as she slid the bra off, brushing her thumbs against my nipples in the process. ‘There, that’s better, isn’t it? Let’s get all those wet and clammy clothes away from you lovely skin. Now stand up.’

I did as she said, and she went to work on my walking trousers, then she slid her hands inside, hooked fingers into the elastic of my knickers and tugged both down. ‘Now step out of them. That’s right. Mmm you smell delicious. You smell like the sea. Somehow I knew that you would.’

As I lifted my leg to step out of the trousers and knickers now pooled around my ankles, Celia did not look away. I could feel her gaze on what nestled beneath my own tight curls. I normally would have been shy. I normally would have tried to preserve my modesty, but I wanted her to see my pussy. I wanted her to see what I looked like down there. She made room for me, and I stepped into the warm sudsy water. Then we maneuvered for space and she, being much smaller than I, scooted closer, lifting her thighs over mine.

That done she leaned up until she was practically in my lap and brushed a kiss against my lips. ‘Please, let me wash you. You have such beautiful skin.’ She ran a finger along my collar bone and then brushed her palm over my left breast and I sucked in a tight breath. ‘You’re so soft and round and full. You look like a woman is supposed to look. I could never look like you.’ Before I could tell her how beautiful I thought she was and how I admired her body, she took the sponge and drizzled warm water across my breasts. ‘Please tell me it’s alright.’

Lyme Regis

All I could do was whimper and nod, as the sponge moved down my sternum and under and around each of my heavy breasts in turn. Then she took up the soap. I sat hypnotized and wet in ways that had nothing to do with the bath as she lathered and cupped and kneaded my breasts until they looked like they were covered with a soapy white shirt. Then she pushed me back, until I lay with my head resting on the edge of the big tub, and she straddled me. Her soft curls brushed mine, as she drizzled water over my breasts and down my belly. She sponged me in soft caressing motions, moving ever lower onto my tummy until I could no longer resist shifting and rocking my hips, grinding my arse into the unforgiving bottom of the tub. She was practically lying on top of me as she let go of the sponge and cupped my pubis with the palm of her hand.

‘Women smell of the sea as men never can,’ she breathed against my face. ‘I love that about women. With women I’m always close to the sea.’ Then she kissed me with just a touch of tongue, just as she wriggled a finger in between my labia and we both moaned into each other’s mouths. ‘You’re so creamy wet.’ She pressed her pussy against my hip. ‘Do I make you that way?’

‘Oh God yes,’ I breathed, pulling her closer, taking her mouth as though I would eat her up.

‘Then let me taste you. I want to taste you, please.’

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Welcome Ann Cory and the Exciting Sapphic Planet Blog Tour

I’m so excited that my site is one of the stopping points for the sizzling Sapphic Planet Blog Tour, April 23 – May 4! And what a tour! Sapphic Planet are giving away a free download of Sapphic Planet to one lucky commenter. You’ll want to be sure and check out all the posts on their tour: http://www.writermarketing.co.uk/prpromotion/blog-tours/currently-on-tour/sapphic-planet/.  Remember, the more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win!

Today, I’m very pleased to welcome author Ann Cory with an excerpt from her story, Her Forever.

On the night before her arranged marriage, Callista waits beneath the moon for her true love, Selena, for a final night of passion.


She ran from her family’s home, out into the silvery moonlight. A pale glow illuminated her way along the pebbles that were far too rough for her bare feet. Callista cared little about the pain. It was nothing compared to the anguish in her heart. She felt broken and beyond repair. In her short, black dress she made her way through the village until she heard the echo of Ramiro’s sensual Bolero music. The midnight sky stretched overhead sprinkled with an endless pattern of twinkling stars. They knew her secret.

Callista found a patch of soft earth and stood, with her eyes closed, arms stretched out wide. Her hips embraced the erotic tempo and rocked from side to side. She leaned her head back and welcomed the gentle rain along her throat, willing it to wash away all traces of the unwelcome kiss from earlier. She would wait all night to dance with her true love.

The torrid melody from the guitar reverberated around her, wrapping her body in its tempestuous notes. A heaviness consumed her. Was this to be her fate? To live as prisoner who would never again taste sweet freedom? Dark thoughts embedded in her mind. Would Ramiro still want her if she raked her face against the sharp rocks of the embankment? Perhaps disfigurement could get her out of the arranged marriage. Or lightning could strike and erase all emotions of need and desire from her. Desperation had taken hold and she could see no other way out. She imagined herself jumping from the highest cliff, her body spiraling down to the raging sea below. But the voice of an angel broke her fall.

“Callista, my carus, my love. I am here.”

Ann Cory on the web
Website:  http://www.anncory.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Ann_Cory
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Cory/617457610

Sapphic Planet Blurb

Welcome to the Sapphic Planet, a literary realm where women are free to love one another without fear of prejudice or reprisal. Inside these pages you’ll discover nineteen stories written specifically to tease and titillate your senses.

From a frolic in the rain with a Bathing Beauty, to a concerned sibling showing his sister some Brotherly Love, and everything in between – whether you’re in the mood for steamy romance or unrequited lust, we’ve got a story guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

This anthology showcases just a fraction of the talent from the writers of Sapphic Planet, a group specifically created for authors and aspiring authors of quality lesbian literature. Now sit back, relax and enter our world. Afterwards, while waiting to catch your breath, take a moment to visit us online at www.sapphicplanet.com

Contributing Authors

Beth Wylde, Jean Roberta, Kissa Starling, Jodi Payne, Meg Leigh, Jennifer Cross, Dylynn DeSaint, JT Langdon, Allison Wonderland, Nan Andrews, Fiona Zedde, Ann Cory, Adriana Kraft, Dalia Craig, Stephanie Rose, Tenille Brown, Kira Chase, Moondancer Drake, Roxy Katt


Sapphic Planet is available in Print and Ebook ~
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