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The Story So Far by Justine Elyot

Justine Elyot 4 Ap 2014by_his_commandIt’s so kind of K D to play hostess at her wonderful blog. I’m very glad to be here today to tell you about my new Mischief novella, By His Command.

This book is a sequel, so I thought it might be worthwhile to run through the events leading up to the story. Book one in the series is called His House of Submission and it introduces the characters of Jasper Jay and Sarah Wells and describes how they come together in a D/s relationship.

At the start of the novel, Sarah has recently finished her postgraduate studies in History, and she has taken on a summer stop-gap job cataloguing all the art and antique treasures in a secluded mansion house belonging to acclaimed film director, Jasper Jay. Jasper is away filming and her only other company is the groundsman, Will, with whom she embarks on a fling out of boredom and loneliness.

One night, Will takes her into Jasper’s bedroom and shows her his secret treasure chest…a chest full of BDSM paraphernalia. Here’s a taste of what happens next:


 It contained things I had never seen in my life before, silicone things that were a little bit like dildoes but with an outward flare halfway along the length.

‘What the hell are these?’

Will snorted.

‘Don’t you know?’

‘I’ve never done anything kinky,’ I defended myself.

‘Butt plugs, my love,’ he said, picking one up.

‘Oh, don’t touch it!’

‘Why not?’

I shook my head. I knew I was panicking, but I couldn’t seem to rein myself in.

‘Fingerprints,’ I mumbled.

He burst out laughing at that, waving the butt plug in the air.

‘You’re funny,’ he said, between fresh gusts of mirth.

‘You’ll have to share the joke.’ A third voice spoke from the doorway.

I fell backwards on to my arse, my hand clamping my mouth so hard and fast I almost knocked a couple of teeth out.

I watched through wide-stretched eyes as everything seemed to crash into slo-mo. Will dropped the butt plug and raised himself to his feet, shoulders back, squared for combat.

The man in the door was, presumably, Jasper Jay, though he wasn’t the way I remembered him from that medical soap he used to be in when I was a girl. Of course, a lot of water had passed under the bridge since then – fifteen year’s worth. He wasn’t a fresh-faced bright-eyed youth in a white coat now. He stood with one arm braced against the door frame, in an expensive suit, its light biscuit colour accentuating his dark looks. He had that famous-person thing of looking somehow bigger and shinier and brighter than a real man. I hadn’t fancied him in the medical soap, or in the many news clips of him accepting the Palme d’Or, but now I could almost see the vortex of charisma inside which he existed.

But now wasn’t a good time to be ogling my boss.

Now was about the worst time ever for that kind of thing.

Well, poor old Will gets the push, but to her surprise Sarah is kept on. It soon turns out that she was hired on the strength of an article she wrote about Victorian sex toys. Jasper had an idea she might be the right person to look at his collection…


They soon fall into an intense affair, isolated from the rest of the world in a beautiful kinky bubble. But Will is still living nearby, and he’s intent on revenge. Here’s how Sarah finds out.


‘Jasper!’ I called, but answer came there none.

So there I was, hanging from a tree, dripping with semen, plugged and whipped in the open. The bastard.

After ten minutes, I became genuinely anxious that he wasn’t coming back. There had been an accident. He had taken an urgent call. He had fallen asleep.

The crackle of undergrowth lifted my heart and opened up my lungs for big breaths of relief.

‘That was mean,’ I called out. ‘Really mean.’

The crackling stopped and I craned my neck round, but he was just beyond my range of vision.

‘Please, sir, could you untie me now? My arms are aching.’

‘I don’t know about that.’

My feet left the floor and I almost broke the branch in my efforts to twist around.


‘Well, fuck me. Look what the bastard’s gone and got himself. A willing little sex slave. I knew he’d got you into his kinks, but I didn’t know what a pervy little slut you were. I’d have gone to town on you if I had.’

‘Fuck off, Will. He’ll be back any minute.’

‘I’d rather fuck you than fuck off,’ said Will.

I could hear the leer in his voice and I stiffened.

‘Don’t even think about it,’ I hissed, as threatening as I could make it from my position of humiliating bondage.

‘What would you do about it?’ He moved closer, sucking in a breath. ‘Ouch, that looks sore. Seriously, what are you doing with this guy? He enjoys hurting you. I don’t get it.’

‘I want him to. I like it.’

‘And, to think, you didn’t even know what a butt plug was…’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘And now you’ve got one stuffed up your bum. Did you have it in when he fucked you?’

‘Just…fuck…off. Don’t even think about touching me or I’ll have Jasper on to you faster than ―’

‘Oh, stop it. I know he doesn’t like to share his toys. I hope you aren’t getting in too deep, though. It won’t last. It never does.’

‘Go away,’ I said, but my resolve was weaker, shot down by his wounding words. I both did and didn’t want to know what he had to say about Jasper’s track record.

‘He’s a collector, love. You know that. And he isn’t about to stop collecting. You’re just another entry on the list.’ He paused for a moment while I tried to ignore all the implications of this statement. Not listening. Don’t want to know. Then he spoke again. ‘Then again, you could just be the last. His style might just be cramped, pretty soon.’

Will’s efforts to blackmail Jasper result in mistrust between the lovers that almost wrecks their relationship. Sarah manages to head off her vengeful ex, but Jasper wants to up the ante and make Sarah commit to a future with him that might compromise her career plans. Here’s how the story ends:


‘Yes, yes, yes,’ he hissed. ‘Feel that now.’

The orgasm seemed to go on and on, aftershocks and vibrations continuing to inhabit my senses. When he came, pumping into my back passage like a man possessed, I almost experienced a second wave.

It was perfect. My life, here, with him, was perfect. He knew what I was, and only he could nourish that part of me.

I was only semi-conscious when he pulled out and untied me, then laid me on the bed. I was trembling all over and aching and sore and just, oh, it was the best feeling. I was floating.

He took off the period costume and lay with me in his arms, cradling me, making soothing noises and stroking my hair.

‘When do you have to start your job?’ he whispered.

‘End of September. Four weeks.’

‘Come to France with me.’

‘I can’t…’

‘Surely you can spare a couple of weeks?’

Actually, I could. There was nothing to stop me going for a short holiday.

‘I’d need to…tickets and passports and all that. And I’m supposed to be spending some time with my family…’

‘You can spare a couple of weeks,’ he repeated. ‘If we part company now, you’re going to have the worst sub drop of all time. I’d be neglecting to care for you properly. Come on. Have a fortnight’s holiday in France. After that…we’ll see.’

‘Well, I suppose…’ I thought about this. I was desperate to stay with him, on so many levels, but also afraid of leaving this place. It was as if we only existed here and our dynamic couldn’t translate to the real world. And France was in the real world, or so I’d been told. I loved him here, with all my heart, but would I love him there? And there would be people everywhere, curious colleagues and beautiful actresses and clamorous paparazzi.

‘Say yes. You have to say yes. I’m not leaving you like this.’

‘Do you really want me in your real life?’ It seemed absurd, too much to hope for.

‘I want you. There aren’t any conditions to it. I just want you. But you don’t feel the same?’

No. I did. I felt exactly the same.

‘I’ll come,’ I said. ‘But I’m still taking that job.’

‘Of course. Now get in the shower and I’ll drive you up to get your passport. There’s a lot of packing to do.’


So By His Command takes up their tale, with Sarah working at the Victorian House Museum and Jasper full of plans for their relationship.

If you’d like to know what happens to them next, the book is available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/By-His-Command-Justine-Elyot-ebook/dp/B00I2GZRM0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395667252&sr=8-1&keywords=justine+elyot+by+his+command

Thank you for reading!

Find Justine Here: 

Website: http://justineelyot.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustineElyot

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justineelyot





Justine Elyot Returns to Her Fantasy Roots with Her Latest Novel, Princess in Chains

It’s a pleasure to welcome one of my very favourite writers and a good friend, Justine Elyot, back to my site, and this time writing in one of my very favourite genres! Welcome, Justine!

Guesting at K D’s blog always feel like an event and I’m delighted to be here under her glamorous spotlight. Thanks, K D!

Justine Elyot Princess in ChainsmedI’ve been writing and publishing erotica for five years now and I’ve tried my hand at a number of different styles and sub-genres. If I’m known for anything, it’s probably for contemporary erotica with a substantial dose of kink. But I enjoy reading and writing a diverse range of stories and all those kinky city women with their deliciously dominant lovers aren’t the only string to my bow.

I’ve written a speculative fiction novel (Under His Influence for Carina Press), a paranormal novel (Saxonhurst Secrets for Xcite) and an historical novel (Secrets And Lords for Mischief). And now I’m going back to my roots and experimenting with fantasy with Princess In Chains, the first in a trilogy for Xcite.

I say ‘going back to my roots’ because fantasy books were my absolute favourite as a child. We start with fairy tales, and I stuck with them, having a passion for the Narnia books that led to me borrowing them all from the library six times in a row. Quests, adventures, desperate escapes and rescues – these were rocket fuel to my developing imagination. And you will find all of that kind of thing in Princess In Chains.

You won’t find the controversial allegories of world faiths that you find in C S Lewis’s work though – my kingdoms have religions of their own, or they have no religions. Some of them are up to their ears in strange superstitions and some of them are solidly practical. Some are afraid of sex and some embrace sexuality in all its glorious forms and fluidity. None of them are exactly like a real place – at least, I hope not.

It’s a tiny little bit like Narnia, a little (but not much because everyone is human) like Middle Earth, a little more like Westeros. If that sounds like a place you could visit, perhaps you’d like an excerpt:

Asta was being borne away, aloft, by a trio of rough-looking men. They were some yardlings distant, but if she ran…

She put down her head and cannoned through the press, Taran hot at her heels, shouting imprecations behind her.

‘They have her,’ she explained, turning her head for a moment. ‘My…they have her.’

But the crowd was too thick and too unpredictable in its patterns of movement and she could not get close, no matter how she flailed and kicked. One man turned and grasped her arm, yelling at her for knocking down his small son. That was all the time Taran needed to catch up with her.

‘Mind your woman,’ growled the man, over Taran’s apologies. ‘If I were you I’d get her home and let her work out her passions on the washtub.’

‘Perhaps I will,’ said Taran. ‘Asta. Calm yourself. Are you saying that your mistress has been assaulted?’

‘They are taking her,’ said Leonore, waving in the direction of her last sighting.

‘What did you see?’

‘Three men, wild-looking fellows…oh, what do they mean by taking her?’

‘Let’s follow their direction. Perhaps we can find them.’

They crossed the square, past the swinging corpse in the gibbet, through more crazed dancing, which had started up again regardless of the pother.

Their wanderings led them to a side alley, but it was quiet. If the abductors had passed that way, they had moved quickly. Or perhaps they were inside one of these shuttered buildings.

Leonore stopped abruptly before one of them, seeing again the strange conglomeration of triangles on the doors and walls.

‘One of the men – his arm was tattooed with this sign. At least, I think it was.’ She turned to Taran. ‘What does it mean?’

‘Valish Liberation,’ said Taran. ‘An organisation that seeks to overthrow Corvin from the throne.’

She tugged at the voluminous material of his sleeve.

‘Then that is a clue as to her whereabouts. He must be one of these freedom fighters. They have perhaps kidnapped her – for a ransom? Or…she is a political prisoner of some kind.’

‘Or they are just ruffians who wanted a woman.’

‘There were whores a-plenty out in that square. Why take a noblewoman, except for the purposes I have named?’


What’s happened to her?

You can find out by reading the book!

It’s available from all good retailers, including Sainsbury’s Online: http://www.sainsburysebooks.co.uk/book/Princess-In-Chains-Justine-Elyot/7710174

Amazon UK:






Find Justine Here:

Website: http://justineelyot.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustineElyot

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justineelyot




You Only Live Twice: Justine Elyot Shares the Story Behind her fab Book, Lecture Notes

The Story Behind The Story 

You Only Live Twice

Or at least, that’s how I feel about my book, Lecture Notes.

It had its first life six years ago, on an online archive called Adult Fan Fiction, where I started my writing life. I’d written several fanfics, been encouraged by the response and made a good circle of friends there. When one of that circle started posting her own work in the Original Stories section, I was inspired to follow her example.

I started with a bawdy novella about pirates. It went down well, and I saw that I was able to write without relying on pre-formed worlds and characters. I embarked on a full-length story and the result was Lecture Notes.

I posted it chapter by chapter on a weekly basis. The reaction I got was astonishing to me. Thousands of readers waited for each update and the reviewers made my life – in fact, some of the reviews were better than the story itself and there was one person in particular whose brilliant, witty analysis I looked forward to every week. Readers sent in artwork of the characters and there was much joyous speculation on what was to come in the next chapter.

So it had a good life. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

But now it lives again, on the Kindle Direct programme. It’s been out for a month and sales have been modestly encouraging. Currently it’s free, and I hope it will reach a few more readers that way. It would be greedy of me to expect a second helping of the feedback I got from my amazing friends at Adult Fan Fiction, but a note here or there would be nice.

They really loved Sinclair and Beth, and perhaps, if you give them a try, you might too.

Blurb: Beth’s intense crush on Professor Sinclair is threatening to derail her first year at university. Her concentration is shot to pieces and her coursework is suffering accordingly. Luckily, Professor Sinclair has an antidote to that. An extremely interesting antidote…

Mentor and acolyte soon become lovers in an affair that takes them both to places they never thought they’d be. But is it too far, too fast?

Lecture Notes

And here’s a snippet:

I throw myself stomach first on the bed and wonder what it would take to get him to kiss me. Would he like to? Would he like to take these disciplinary scenes a little further? I imagine him doing so…how it would feel…his strong arms around me, his hands rubbing soothing cream on to my sore skin, his lips on my face, my neck, lower, lower, oooh. My hand has strayed underneath my stomach and has seamlessly slipped down to the throb between my legs. Two fingertips circle and press at the soft nub of flesh down there while I picture him kneeling behind me, opening me, stretching and filling me, harder and faster, backwards and forwards, pushing me purposefully towards the edge and then, with a hard pound and a low vibrating whisper in my ear that tells me I am his, he tips me over into freefall….oh yes…God, yes…Sinclair…Sinclair…Ooooooh.

Flushed and sticky, I sail into sleep hoping that dreams of my lustworthy landlord will meet me there.

Thanks for reading – and even more thanks to KD for putting up with me. If you want to know more about me and my stories, I’m at http://justineelyot.com/.


Buy Lecture Notes Here:

Amazon UK



Finding My Self-Publishing Self by Justine Elyot

It’s always a pleasure to have Justine Elyot over on mine. Not only is she a good friend and colleague, but she’s one of my fave erotica writers, and I’m really excited today because she’s going to talk a bit about her first experience with self-publishing. Welcome back, Justine!

When I were but a lass, there was definitely a stigma attached to self-publishing. Consumer rights shows on TV such as That’s Life often featured vanity presses – shoddy outfits run by unscrupulous gits who would prey on the dreams of the unpublished in order to take their money. Self-publishing proper would only be undertaken by those with the funds to pay for printing and PR. Hardly anyone, then.

Then, digital publishing happened, and everything changed. Self-publishing has gone from a vaguely embarrassing ego trip to a genuinely viable alternative to the traditional method. It seemed like a good time to give it a whirl.

I had on my hands a story that was a bit too short for some publishers and too long for others. It was also somewhat gentler and more vanilla than my usual style and I wasn’t at all sure where it would fit. So I decided to do it myself.

I’ll confess here that it isn’t the first time. I tried it three years ago, through Smashwords and, while it wasn’t terribly difficult, the manual was long and the sales were negligible. But Amazon’s new Kindle Direct Publishing seemed to be changing the game a bit so, after a bit of a confab with a knowledgeable friend, I decided to go for it.

Boy, was it easy. I was prepared to spend days up to my eyes in formatting hell, but no. I opened my account, clicked a few tickboxes, uploaded my file and…go. Well, almost go.

First I had to wrestle with cover art. I’m not good at wrestling, and I’m even worse at cover art. My first attempt has, happily, been excised from history after the brilliant Emmy Ellis came to my rescue and donated this little beauty.

Ask No Questions

It’s been three weeks now, and I can’t say sales have been stellar, but I have the KDP Select weapon of five days free promotion lined up in my arsenal and I’ll be interested to see if it makes a difference.

By signing up to the Select programme, I commit to making the story exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. After that, I can place it on whichever other sites I like. Is it worth it? I don’t know. I’m using this story, in effect, as a walkthrough for a forthcoming novel publication, to teach myself the ropes. It’s an interesting and fun learning experience, and if you fancy going for it, I’d encourage you.

But…what about the book itself? I (don’t) hear you ask!

Ask No Questions is a 32,000 word novella about a sheep farmer and the mysterious pair of legs he finds in his barn during a rainstorm. (The pair of legs is attached to a person, you may be relieved to hear.)

Excerpt? Why, it would be a pleasure!

He gritted his teeth, awaiting Kim’s response, feeling guilty for bringing her this far without thinking of the consequences, not to mention furious with himself. Actually, it was the lump in his trousers that was most furious of all, but he wasn’t about to let it have its way and override his common sense, tempted as he was.

She propped herself on her elbows, blinking at him.


“Well, you know. No…protection.”

“Do I need protection from you?”

“Look, I can go to the chemist first thing in the morning but ―”

“Well, that’s all right then. You can do that. And meanwhile…don’t tell me you’ve never heard of all the other things you can do, Mr Demon Lover?”

“Of course I know about the other things.” He began to take off his shirt, his heartbeat regulating, his hopes rising once more. It was OK. It would be OK. “Believe me, I know all about them.”

“That’s good,” said Kim, faux-innocent. “Because I have no idea at all. Please show me what they are.”

He threw his shirt aside and pounced back down on her, bare-chested, hovering over her luscious naked body. She laced her fingers around the back of his neck, pulling him further down so that when he spoke, their lips touched.

“You know fine well, madam,” he said. “You can’t pull the wool over my eyes.”

“Well, you’d know all about wool.”

He nipped at her lip, a warning, then smiled devilishly and shimmied back down until he knelt between her thighs once more.

“You’re not the only one who can tease, remember,” he said, reminding her with a thumbnail flick to one of her nipples.

“Oh God, don’t start that again,” she begged, bucking her spine.

He answered by bending and taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking luxuriously and unhurriedly while she kicked her heels and beat her fists on the rug. This was how he wanted her – frustrated beyond endurance, desperate for everything he could give.

She tried so many different tactics to move him towards her pussy – stealth, force, sweet requests, demands – but he was only going there when he was good and ready, and her nipples were as swollen as they could be.

Finally he released his engorged little captives and knelt up again. He held her eyes as his hand moved down her stomach, prodding at her navel, then lower. He placed his palm flat on her mons.

“Want it?” he asked softly.

“You know, oh God. Yes.”

He dipped his forefinger inside her lips, gathering juice from the pink swirls surrounding her clit. He could see it clearly – it was far out of hiding, as if declaring itself open to him. Come and get me. You bet I will, he said to himself.

But first he removed his finger and sucked the juice from it, watching as Kim’s face contorted with further agonies of arousal. The first taste on his tongue, the sweetest in years.

“Want some?” he whispered, harvesting more and putting his finger to Kim’s lips this time.


If you want to read more, Ask No Questions is available from…but I’m sure you’ve already worked it out…AMAZON!

Amazon US
Amazon UK


The Allure of the Abbey by Justine Elyot

I’m very excited to have my dear friend and fabulous writer, Justine Elyot, back on A Hopeful Romantic today to talk about her yummy new book, Secrets and Lords. Welcome, Justine!


Secrets and LordsAre you devoted to Downton? Downton Abbey, that is, the smash-hit TV drama of early 20th century aristocratic life?

I’ll admit, I must be pretty close to the ideal viewer for this kind of show. I’ve been addicted to costume dramas since I was a wee nipper dressing up in my mum’s silk petticoats and strings of pearls (and, of course, the frocks have a lot to do with the fandom). Add a dash of angst, above and below stairs, and some light history and I’m sold.

Of course, there is sex in Downton, but it tends to lead to babies, scandal or even death (as in the case of the unfortunate Turkish diplomat, Kemal Pamuk). For me, then, it proved inspiring. A house like Downton Abbey, I should think, would have been an intense sexual pressure cooker – attractions, affairs, courtships, illicit liaisons all going on beneath the perfectly-ordered and luxurious surface.

Thus was conceived my novel, Secrets and Lords. Deverell Hall may bear a passing resemblance to Downton Abbey, and the story is set in 1920, shortly after the end of the First World War, but there the similarities end. The Deverell family is riddled with secrets, and the staff are just as bad. Lord Deverell, the head of the clan, is just about the only member of it who can claim to be straightforward; the rest of them present a face to the world that poorly represents their real selves.

Into this web of deception and intrigue comes Edie, a young London woman whose application for the job of housemaid conceals a secret agenda of her own…

If you enjoy feathers and fans, flirtations and, uh, maybe some other stuff that begins with F, then this book might be for you.


Illicit liaisons and unspoken attractions fill the stately home from wall to wall until something will have to give…

From the author of ‘On Demand’ and ‘Kinky’, Justine Elyot’s ‘Secrets and Lords’ is a seductive erotic novel perfect for anyone who loves Downton Abbey.

The summer of 1920 will be the hottest at Deverell Hall for years.

Lord Deverell’s new wife has the house in thrall to her theatrical glamour. His womanising son, Sir Charles, has his eye on anything female that moves while his beautiful daughter, Mary, is feeling more than a little restless. And why does his younger son, Sir Thomas, spend so much time in the company of the second footman?

Into this simmering tension comes new parlour maid, Edie, with a secret of her own – a secret that could blow the Deverell family dynamic to smithereens.

The book is available from 30th May from Mischief Books. Pre-order from Amazon:

Amazon UK
Amazon US

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