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The Story So Far by Justine Elyot

Justine Elyot 4 Ap 2014by_his_commandIt’s so kind of K D to play hostess at her wonderful blog. I’m very glad to be here today to tell you about my new Mischief novella, By His Command.

This book is a sequel, so I thought it might be worthwhile to run through the events leading up to the story. Book one in the series is called His House of Submission and it introduces the characters of Jasper Jay and Sarah Wells and describes how they come together in a D/s relationship.

At the start of the novel, Sarah has recently finished her postgraduate studies in History, and she has taken on a summer stop-gap job cataloguing all the art and antique treasures in a secluded mansion house belonging to acclaimed film director, Jasper Jay. Jasper is away filming and her only other company is the groundsman, Will, with whom she embarks on a fling out of boredom and loneliness.

One night, Will takes her into Jasper’s bedroom and shows her his secret treasure chest…a chest full of BDSM paraphernalia. Here’s a taste of what happens next:


 It contained things I had never seen in my life before, silicone things that were a little bit like dildoes but with an outward flare halfway along the length.

‘What the hell are these?’

Will snorted.

‘Don’t you know?’

‘I’ve never done anything kinky,’ I defended myself.

‘Butt plugs, my love,’ he said, picking one up.

‘Oh, don’t touch it!’

‘Why not?’

I shook my head. I knew I was panicking, but I couldn’t seem to rein myself in.

‘Fingerprints,’ I mumbled.

He burst out laughing at that, waving the butt plug in the air.

‘You’re funny,’ he said, between fresh gusts of mirth.

‘You’ll have to share the joke.’ A third voice spoke from the doorway.

I fell backwards on to my arse, my hand clamping my mouth so hard and fast I almost knocked a couple of teeth out.

I watched through wide-stretched eyes as everything seemed to crash into slo-mo. Will dropped the butt plug and raised himself to his feet, shoulders back, squared for combat.

The man in the door was, presumably, Jasper Jay, though he wasn’t the way I remembered him from that medical soap he used to be in when I was a girl. Of course, a lot of water had passed under the bridge since then – fifteen year’s worth. He wasn’t a fresh-faced bright-eyed youth in a white coat now. He stood with one arm braced against the door frame, in an expensive suit, its light biscuit colour accentuating his dark looks. He had that famous-person thing of looking somehow bigger and shinier and brighter than a real man. I hadn’t fancied him in the medical soap, or in the many news clips of him accepting the Palme d’Or, but now I could almost see the vortex of charisma inside which he existed.

But now wasn’t a good time to be ogling my boss.

Now was about the worst time ever for that kind of thing.

Well, poor old Will gets the push, but to her surprise Sarah is kept on. It soon turns out that she was hired on the strength of an article she wrote about Victorian sex toys. Jasper had an idea she might be the right person to look at his collection…


They soon fall into an intense affair, isolated from the rest of the world in a beautiful kinky bubble. But Will is still living nearby, and he’s intent on revenge. Here’s how Sarah finds out.


‘Jasper!’ I called, but answer came there none.

So there I was, hanging from a tree, dripping with semen, plugged and whipped in the open. The bastard.

After ten minutes, I became genuinely anxious that he wasn’t coming back. There had been an accident. He had taken an urgent call. He had fallen asleep.

The crackle of undergrowth lifted my heart and opened up my lungs for big breaths of relief.

‘That was mean,’ I called out. ‘Really mean.’

The crackling stopped and I craned my neck round, but he was just beyond my range of vision.

‘Please, sir, could you untie me now? My arms are aching.’

‘I don’t know about that.’

My feet left the floor and I almost broke the branch in my efforts to twist around.


‘Well, fuck me. Look what the bastard’s gone and got himself. A willing little sex slave. I knew he’d got you into his kinks, but I didn’t know what a pervy little slut you were. I’d have gone to town on you if I had.’

‘Fuck off, Will. He’ll be back any minute.’

‘I’d rather fuck you than fuck off,’ said Will.

I could hear the leer in his voice and I stiffened.

‘Don’t even think about it,’ I hissed, as threatening as I could make it from my position of humiliating bondage.

‘What would you do about it?’ He moved closer, sucking in a breath. ‘Ouch, that looks sore. Seriously, what are you doing with this guy? He enjoys hurting you. I don’t get it.’

‘I want him to. I like it.’

‘And, to think, you didn’t even know what a butt plug was…’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘And now you’ve got one stuffed up your bum. Did you have it in when he fucked you?’

‘Just…fuck…off. Don’t even think about touching me or I’ll have Jasper on to you faster than ―’

‘Oh, stop it. I know he doesn’t like to share his toys. I hope you aren’t getting in too deep, though. It won’t last. It never does.’

‘Go away,’ I said, but my resolve was weaker, shot down by his wounding words. I both did and didn’t want to know what he had to say about Jasper’s track record.

‘He’s a collector, love. You know that. And he isn’t about to stop collecting. You’re just another entry on the list.’ He paused for a moment while I tried to ignore all the implications of this statement. Not listening. Don’t want to know. Then he spoke again. ‘Then again, you could just be the last. His style might just be cramped, pretty soon.’

Will’s efforts to blackmail Jasper result in mistrust between the lovers that almost wrecks their relationship. Sarah manages to head off her vengeful ex, but Jasper wants to up the ante and make Sarah commit to a future with him that might compromise her career plans. Here’s how the story ends:


‘Yes, yes, yes,’ he hissed. ‘Feel that now.’

The orgasm seemed to go on and on, aftershocks and vibrations continuing to inhabit my senses. When he came, pumping into my back passage like a man possessed, I almost experienced a second wave.

It was perfect. My life, here, with him, was perfect. He knew what I was, and only he could nourish that part of me.

I was only semi-conscious when he pulled out and untied me, then laid me on the bed. I was trembling all over and aching and sore and just, oh, it was the best feeling. I was floating.

He took off the period costume and lay with me in his arms, cradling me, making soothing noises and stroking my hair.

‘When do you have to start your job?’ he whispered.

‘End of September. Four weeks.’

‘Come to France with me.’

‘I can’t…’

‘Surely you can spare a couple of weeks?’

Actually, I could. There was nothing to stop me going for a short holiday.

‘I’d need to…tickets and passports and all that. And I’m supposed to be spending some time with my family…’

‘You can spare a couple of weeks,’ he repeated. ‘If we part company now, you’re going to have the worst sub drop of all time. I’d be neglecting to care for you properly. Come on. Have a fortnight’s holiday in France. After that…we’ll see.’

‘Well, I suppose…’ I thought about this. I was desperate to stay with him, on so many levels, but also afraid of leaving this place. It was as if we only existed here and our dynamic couldn’t translate to the real world. And France was in the real world, or so I’d been told. I loved him here, with all my heart, but would I love him there? And there would be people everywhere, curious colleagues and beautiful actresses and clamorous paparazzi.

‘Say yes. You have to say yes. I’m not leaving you like this.’

‘Do you really want me in your real life?’ It seemed absurd, too much to hope for.

‘I want you. There aren’t any conditions to it. I just want you. But you don’t feel the same?’

No. I did. I felt exactly the same.

‘I’ll come,’ I said. ‘But I’m still taking that job.’

‘Of course. Now get in the shower and I’ll drive you up to get your passport. There’s a lot of packing to do.’


So By His Command takes up their tale, with Sarah working at the Victorian House Museum and Jasper full of plans for their relationship.

If you’d like to know what happens to them next, the book is available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/By-His-Command-Justine-Elyot-ebook/dp/B00I2GZRM0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395667252&sr=8-1&keywords=justine+elyot+by+his+command

Thank you for reading!

Find Justine Here: 

Website: http://justineelyot.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustineElyot

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justineelyot




Kinky Boots FREE in the UK

Kinky_BootsI’m very excited to say that my naughty novella, Kinky Boots, is FREE in the UK on Kindle at the moment, and it’s the perfect story to enjoy in the summer heat.  This is a story for every woman who thinks there was something a little bit magical in just the right pair of boots and for every man who thinks there’s something magical about just the right woman in a pair of boots.

To spur you on to a sexy free download, if you’re in the UK, and a download that’s not free but certainly sexy and excellent value for money if you’re in the US, here is a very steamy little excerpt to heat up your day. Warning: This Excerpt is NOT rated PG!


After a sizzling encounter in KINKY BOOTS, a quirky all-night shoe store, with the store’s hot owner, FINN MASTERS, JILL HART walks away in the most gorgeous boots ever. Her new boots come with an unexpected bonus, a sexy demon named ELEANOR, who’s looking for a good time. All she lacks is a body, and Jill’s will do nicely.

Jill quits her dead-end job and, not knowing what’s come over her stops by the nearest pub intent on doing tequila shots until she falls off the stool. Instead she does FINN MASTERS in the beer garden, unwittingly participating in her first ever threesome. The boots were the bait, the timing was right and Eleanor has new digs. It’s Finn job to prevent Eleanor’s misbehaving. His failure means he’ll have to ride shotgun and do damage control until Eleanor moves out at the next full moon.

With Eleanor in residence, Jill’s bolder, sexier, willing to take risks. But is she a whole new Jill, or is it just demon courage? And how will Finn feel about her when she’s just plain Jill again? Will the maddeningly magical ménage make Jill’s dreams come true, or will it break her heart?

Excerpt from Kinky Boots:

At home, Jill showered and dressed. The search through her closet revealed the basic elements for a bolder, sexier look. The urge had always been there. She’d just not been brave enough for bold or sexy until now. She chose a short flip skirt that was candy-apple red and an oversizedwhite silk shirt barely buttoned over the plunge of an ivory lace bra.

After a feast Eleanor enjoyed as much as she did, she made a backup of the recording of her boss from the BlackBerry and drafted a letter to Human Resources, with Eleanor adding her advice as she felt the need. She was just about to answer yet another text from Vivie when there was a

knock on her door.

‘That will be Finn,’ Eleanor said. ‘He’s worried about you, and he’s horny as hell.’

Jill nearly dropped her BlackBerry before she threw it onto the coffee table. On her way to the door, she undid another button on her blouse.

Eleanor giggled. ‘I don’t think seduction will be necessary, hon.’

From the open door, Finn glared at her, arms folded across his chest. ‘You could have at least left me a message,’ he said. ‘I was worried.’ She smiled to herself as his gaze dipped instinctively to the barely buttoned front of her shirt.

‘I couldn’t find a pen,’ she replied, motioning him in and shutting the door behind him. ‘And I didn’t have your mobile number. I figured you’d guess I went home. I needed a shower and some clean clothes.’

He grabbed her by the lapels of her shirt and pulled her up onto her toes and into a deep hungry kiss. ‘You can’t just go off without telling me,’ he said when he put her back on her feet. ‘I know you and Eleanor are best mates at the moment, but you’ve got to trust me, she’s unpredictable, and she’s not vulnerable to the hazards of humanity like you are.’

‘You mean like being tied to a bed and having my brains fucked out, those kinds of hazards?’ When he didn’t smile, she shook his shoulders gently. ‘I’m joking, Finn, just joking. Last night was amazing, really. I’m still trying to get my head around it but otherwise –’

‘I need you, Jill. I need you bad.’ He grabbed her by the wrist and guided her hand to rest against his fly and she caught her breath.

‘Jesus, Finn, how did you even get up the stairs?’

‘I was motivated.’ He rubbed her hand against his crotch. ‘Very motivated.’

‘I don’t have any ropes,’ she said.

He held her gaze. ‘I told you I’ll use your panties if I want to tie you up.’

‘Fuck,’ she whispered.

‘Does it make you hot thinking about alternative uses I might find for your underwear? Shall I find out?’

With one hand he grabbed her by the lapel of her shirt and pulled her to him while the other scrunched and worried the hem of her skirt on the way to bare skin. Then he wriggled the crotch of her knickers aside and pushed into her with an upward thrust of two fingers. She practically came off the floor at the sudden but not unwelcome invasion.

‘I was right,’ he said, holding her gaze. ‘Are you ever not ready for sex, Jill Hart?’ He pulled his hand away and licked his fingers. ‘First I want to eat you, then I want to fuck you until you can’t stand up.’

She took his hand and led him to the over-stuffed chair crowded next to the sofa. At first she thought it might have been Eleanor instructing her, but it felt more like instinct as she stepped out of her panties and sat on the chair with her legs wide apart.

As she scrunched up her skirt, he stood watching, his fist rubbing up and down against the bulge in his jeans. She took her time, she didn’t rush, in spite of the tingling need that snaked up between her legs, the muscle memory of her sex that made the anticipation of another orgasm at Finn’s hands almost unbearable. When he groaned and cursed under his breath, she knew he could see her heavy need. Then she shifted her hips so he could see her whole cleft. With two fingers she spread herself, then dipped and swirled in and out of her pout while she thumbed her clit.

Finn dropped to his knees and pushed her open. The muscles that joined hips to thighs protested slightly after being tied up last night. ‘You sore?’ he asked, when she winced slightly.

‘Not too sore for what you have in mind,’ she replied.

He lifted her bare feet onto his shoulders and dived face-deep into the swell of her, tonguing his way up the smooth path of her perineum, parting her and dipping deep into her. The wet sounds of arousal accompanied the duet of their heavy breathing, and gasps of pleasure punctuated the Sunday morning quiet of her lounge. Licking and laving, he worked his way up until his pursed lips encircled her clit and he suckled and licked alternately. She held him against her, fingers curled tight in his hair, shifting and undulating against the delicious efforts of his tongue. Over her heavy breathing she heard the zip of his fly and felt him fumble to release himself without missing a beat, licking and suckling, licking and suckling.

‘Jill, I need you now,’ he said, pulling her onto the floor.


Find Kinky Boots Here:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
All Romance eBooks
Barnes & Noble


Surrogates is FREE in the UK! Sizzling Garden Porn Just in Time for Summer

surrogatesTis the season for …. You guessed it! Garden Porn! And what could possibly be better than a FREE smutty romp in a steamy garden! I’m very excited to announce that my petite novel, Surrogates, is now FREE on Amazon UK! Not yet on Amazon US, but hopefully VERY soon! Now’s your chance to appreciate a very hot UK summer with Francie, Simon and Dan as they have their voyeuristic, masturbatory, naughty, unusual threesome all around the gorgeous grounds and gardens of Dan’s palatial estate.

While I’m spending my time in the veg beds, you can curl up with a cool drink and a raunchy read as you find out why Francie has way more fun in her veg patch than even a picnic in the allotment will allow. It’s sex al fresco with lots of sexy, sizzling, twists and turns. To whet your appetite for a little filthy fun in the garden, here’s an excerpt along with links. US folks, I’m doing my best to see why the delay for you, but will shout it out loudly when Surrogates goes free for you too!


DANIEL ALEXANDER III takes his marriage vows seriously. Until he gets the balls to ask his wife, BEL, for a divorce, watching each other masturbate is all he can offer his beautiful gardener, FRANCIE CARTER. But when Dan’s friend, SIMON PARIS, agrees to be his surrogate, affairs of the heart get complicated.


Dan groaned. ‘It’s all such a mess. I wasn’t lying when I said Francie’s not my mistress. Well she’s not my mistress in a physical sense. I’m faithful to my wife. We, Francie and I, only ever masturbate together.’

Simon couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter, but the look Dan shot back stopped him mid-guffaw.

‘I know what you think, and I know how utterly ridiculous that sounds, but I swear to you it’s true. I’m crazy about the woman, but I pledged my trough to Bel.

‘You what?’

‘I made a promise, and I’ll not break it. I’ll stay faithful to Bel until I get the balls to ask her for a divorce. I’ll not be like my father was.’

Simon studied Dan for a minute as they walked. ‘And Francie’s OK with this.’

‘Of course she’s not OK with it. That’s the problem.’

‘Then, just ask Bel for a divorce,’ Simon said.

‘Oh I will, I will. It’s just now’s a difficult time. I’ve got so much on my mind. And Bel’s going through some difficult times too, and I just can’t do it right Villa d'este 2imagesnow. It wouldn’t be right.’ He chuckled softly and shot Simon a sideways glance. ‘Remember at Tivoli, when you caught me with Gabriella, and we asked you to join us.’

Simon smiled. ‘It’s like deja vu all over again, only you two weren’t exactly having a wank, as I recall. One of the regrets of my youth, not joining your little party. Had a few good wanks thinking about it though.’

It took Simon a second to realize Dan had stopped walking. He stood in knee high grass, his brow drawn tight in deep concentration.

‘Maybe this time we need to turn the tables.’ Dan stroked his chin thoughtfully. ‘You know, alter the equation just slightly.’

Dan began to walk again, slowly. ‘What if Francie and I invited you to join us?’


‘Only this time I’d be the one having a wank. Oh I’d be telling you what to do to her and all, or she’d be asking you, but think about it, Simon, how she must feel. She knows I still have sex with Bel. Granted, not very often, but I do my husbandly duty when she asks me.’

‘Your husbandly duty. Right.’

‘My point is that I get at least some sex because Bel is my wife, and I’m faithful to her. But poor Francie’s faithful to me. She doesn’t get anything but a wank, and she has to provide that for herself. I can’t even touch her, Simon, because I’m afraid once I do I won’t be able to stop myself. But if you, as my old and trusted friend, were to make love to her for me, you know be my surrogate, then Francie could get some satisfaction too, and maybe…’

‘You want me to fuck your mistress for you?’

Get Surrogates FREE Now

Amazon UK


“Full of quirky characters, kinky sex, unusual settings and clever writing, Surrogates is definitely an erotic romance novella I’d recommend if you’re looking for something a little different.” Erotica For All


“This was an exciting and sexy read at the turn of every page, with a storyline that was so original it was brilliant. If you want a fun, fast read with great character flow and connection and hot sex on almost every page this is for you.” Midnight Boudoir


“Surrogates is the perfect novel for any erotica reader out there… hot, sexy, sensual… it definitely defines erotica it in it’s own right. K.D Grace is one amazing author whose novels simply should be devoured!” A Redheads Guilty Reads

“There are plenty of hot hot sex scenes and a case of mistaken identity and misunderstandings. It is a fun and quick read. Overall, very well written. The characters come alive on the pages and they feel real. I recommend it to anyone who likes short, erotic tales and who aren’t put off by some f/f action and threesomes.” Hearts on Fire Reviews


“Surrogates is full of tongue in cheek comedy, and has just the right amount of erotica to fill readers minds with accounts of how both Daniel and Bel get their orgasms. This is a voyeur’s version of heaven.” 5 out of 5, Love Romance Passion


The Allure of the Abbey by Justine Elyot

I’m very excited to have my dear friend and fabulous writer, Justine Elyot, back on A Hopeful Romantic today to talk about her yummy new book, Secrets and Lords. Welcome, Justine!


Secrets and LordsAre you devoted to Downton? Downton Abbey, that is, the smash-hit TV drama of early 20th century aristocratic life?

I’ll admit, I must be pretty close to the ideal viewer for this kind of show. I’ve been addicted to costume dramas since I was a wee nipper dressing up in my mum’s silk petticoats and strings of pearls (and, of course, the frocks have a lot to do with the fandom). Add a dash of angst, above and below stairs, and some light history and I’m sold.

Of course, there is sex in Downton, but it tends to lead to babies, scandal or even death (as in the case of the unfortunate Turkish diplomat, Kemal Pamuk). For me, then, it proved inspiring. A house like Downton Abbey, I should think, would have been an intense sexual pressure cooker – attractions, affairs, courtships, illicit liaisons all going on beneath the perfectly-ordered and luxurious surface.

Thus was conceived my novel, Secrets and Lords. Deverell Hall may bear a passing resemblance to Downton Abbey, and the story is set in 1920, shortly after the end of the First World War, but there the similarities end. The Deverell family is riddled with secrets, and the staff are just as bad. Lord Deverell, the head of the clan, is just about the only member of it who can claim to be straightforward; the rest of them present a face to the world that poorly represents their real selves.

Into this web of deception and intrigue comes Edie, a young London woman whose application for the job of housemaid conceals a secret agenda of her own…

If you enjoy feathers and fans, flirtations and, uh, maybe some other stuff that begins with F, then this book might be for you.


Illicit liaisons and unspoken attractions fill the stately home from wall to wall until something will have to give…

From the author of ‘On Demand’ and ‘Kinky’, Justine Elyot’s ‘Secrets and Lords’ is a seductive erotic novel perfect for anyone who loves Downton Abbey.

The summer of 1920 will be the hottest at Deverell Hall for years.

Lord Deverell’s new wife has the house in thrall to her theatrical glamour. His womanising son, Sir Charles, has his eye on anything female that moves while his beautiful daughter, Mary, is feeling more than a little restless. And why does his younger son, Sir Thomas, spend so much time in the company of the second footman?

Into this simmering tension comes new parlour maid, Edie, with a secret of her own – a secret that could blow the Deverell family dynamic to smithereens.

The book is available from 30th May from Mischief Books. Pre-order from Amazon:

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Kyoko Church’s Mad and Sexy Inspiration For Her Pleasure

version1Hello KD! Thank you once again for welcoming me to your blog today. A pleasure, as always.

Today I wanted to talk about a source of inspiration for my new book, For Her Pleasure.  Namely the TV show, Mad Men. If you like well written HBO (or I guess technically AMC) dramas this, in my opinion, is one of their best. It’s so well done, the plots are hugely engrossing, the characters are superbly flawed and beautifully three dimensional, I really can’t say enough about how much I love this series. Because of my travels and my intermittent access to pay channels, I’ve only just started season five so if you know what happens, don’t tell me!! But while I was just starting to write for HarperCollins Mischief Books, I was firmly entrenched in season four. And while very much lusting after Don Draper  – seriously,  don’t get me started, this post is not about that! – even this mostly heterosexual girl could not help but be seduced by the fiery sexuality that is Joan Holloway.

First of all, one only has to take a quick glimpse at actress Christina Hendricks to know that there is something amazingly sexual about her. I love that she is so voluptuous, buxom, bursting with sensuality. And the way they dress her on the show is perfection. They do everything to highlight all her curves and proportions in the sexiest way imaginable. I mean, I’m not a guy but even I cannot help but think…WOW! Just… wow.

Pair that with the personality they give her:  assured, haughty, unrelenting, take no prisoners. She always seems like she’s one step ahead, and Kyoko For her pleasureimagesgiggling about it too. She can cut anyone, man or woman, to the quick with just one glance. And speaking of glances, she can make a barbed comment and then look at the person, so innocently when they both know full well she knows exactly what she’s saying and just how accurate and close to the bone it is. And she does it all while appearing to be sympathizing with the person. It’s so bitchy! Awesomely, awesomely bitchy. Check this out, to have a small glimpse at what I mean. I was inspired, to say the least.

Here’s the thing. By and large, little girls are taught to “be nice.” I certainly was! And truth be told, I like being nice! Even teasing, however good natured, can sometimes make me really uncomfortable since, as everyone knows, what makes a good tease is always that there has to be some element of truth to it. So, generally speaking, in my day to day life I walk around enjoying being nice. Not to be too Pollyanna about it but I believe the old adage that what goes around comes around. Plus I think being a nice person is just an enjoyable way to live your life.


Something happened to me when I started to delve into the idea of Joan’s character being in a BDSM relationship. I started asking myself questions like, what if she were a Domme… what if she were with a man who got off on humiliation… what would their relationship look like? I felt a new voice creep inside me. One day, I sat down at my laptop and within ten minutes I wrote this email from my perspective Mistress to her perspective sub…

Kyoko ChurchFor Her PleasureFrom: Mistress

To: SubPaul

Subject: For Your Drive

Hi! This email is for your drive home. If you have opened it before then, stop, close this up. Open it back up when you are about to drive home. Put it away. Now.

Okay. Are you alone now? Good boy. Have you been thinking about me? Of course you have. You’re always thinking about me, aren’t you? I’ve taken up residence in that naughty little brain of yours.

I have to address the fact that your wife doesn’t go down on you. Have you wondered why I haven’t commented on that in our emails? Did you think I hadn’t noticed or maybe it wasn’t important to me? Oh no. No, no, no. I took very keen notice of that. I have thought about that. A LOT. Because here’s something you should know about me. I LOVE to suck cock. I fucking love it. The power. I really get off on the power of it. I know that if I had my lips and tongue anywhere near your cock right now I would have complete control over you. Total.

So, Mr. I-haven’t-had-a-blowjob-in-20-years, when I get my hands on you again I’m going to strip you down, sit you on a chair, cuff your hands behind your back and start licking. That spot. You know that spot? Oh yes, the one just under your head, that sensitive spot that you told me you couldn’t touch because it gets you there too quickly? Aw, poor baby. Too fucking bad. I like that spot. I would flick and tongue and kiss and suck that spot until you were a pleading, begging, weeping, sopping fucking mess. Don’t you dare cum in my face. I mean, Mistress loves cum, but I don’t want it yet. You fucking hold it back, slut.

Now. Put your phone away. Start your car. And think about this email the whole way home. Try subtly to get wifey to fuck you tonight. Report back to me in the morning.



I wrote that email in one fell swoop and – I’ve never tried hard core drugs before but – I imagine the rush I got from writing it might be akin to that sort of high. It was one of those moments you hear artists talk about when they create something that seems to come from outside of themselves and they think… Where the hell did that come from? I certainly had that feeling. I wrote it and thought… Who the fuck was that??

That email became the basis for a short story, Something Twisted This Way Comes, which appeared in Mischief’s My Secret Life anthology. One more short story later and I was certain I wasn’t done with these characters. I knew I wanted to devote a whole book to them. I was having so much fun being Mistress!

So that was the genesis of For Her Pleasure. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about it. I certainly enjoyed telling the story. And if you found it intriguing, I hope you’ll check out the book too!


Imagine an average guy with a wife, a job, average house, average car, average sex life… Well, not exactly. He has a secret he finds so embarrassing that he never talks to anyone about it. And then one day he meets her…

An architect chairs the newly formed Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee. When the consultant he hires to help him organize the new committee turns out to be a red haired bombshell, he tries to rein in his untoward thoughts.

But when she uncovers his embarrassing little secrets, this married man ends up in a relationship that’s so wrong on every level of his carefully put together life.

How long will he let his burning carnal desires threaten everything he’s worked so hard for?

Buy Links:


Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble

Google Play

Kobo Books

About Kyoko Church:

Kyoko Church discovered the power of the written erotic word when she was 16 years old and penned a very explicit missive to her boyfriend detailing all the naughty things she wanted to do to him. When he received it, boyfriend was impressed. When he found it, father was not.

For the next 18 years she hid her naughty thoughts in shame. Until she found a community where they were once again appreciated for the well-imagined smut they are. Her short stories have been published in anthologies by Black Lace, Rubicund Publishing and Xcite Books. Book One, Nymphomania, and Book Two, Sapphic Secrets, in her Draper Estate Trilogy were published by Xcite in 2012. For Her Pleasure was published by HarperCollins Mischief in February 2013.

A Canuck by birth, she has recently made Australia her home. She is currently learning to drive on the left and say G’day convincingly.

Find Kyoko here:

Website: kyokochurch.blogspot.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kyoko.church

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyokochurch

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kyokochurch/