You Only Live Twice: Justine Elyot Shares the Story Behind her fab Book, Lecture Notes

The Story Behind The Story 

You Only Live Twice

Or at least, that’s how I feel about my book, Lecture Notes.

It had its first life six years ago, on an online archive called Adult Fan Fiction, where I started my writing life. I’d written several fanfics, been encouraged by the response and made a good circle of friends there. When one of that circle started posting her own work in the Original Stories section, I was inspired to follow her example.

I started with a bawdy novella about pirates. It went down well, and I saw that I was able to write without relying on pre-formed worlds and characters. I embarked on a full-length story and the result was Lecture Notes.

I posted it chapter by chapter on a weekly basis. The reaction I got was astonishing to me. Thousands of readers waited for each update and the reviewers made my life – in fact, some of the reviews were better than the story itself and there was one person in particular whose brilliant, witty analysis I looked forward to every week. Readers sent in artwork of the characters and there was much joyous speculation on what was to come in the next chapter.

So it had a good life. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

But now it lives again, on the Kindle Direct programme. It’s been out for a month and sales have been modestly encouraging. Currently it’s free, and I hope it will reach a few more readers that way. It would be greedy of me to expect a second helping of the feedback I got from my amazing friends at Adult Fan Fiction, but a note here or there would be nice.

They really loved Sinclair and Beth, and perhaps, if you give them a try, you might too.

Blurb: Beth’s intense crush on Professor Sinclair is threatening to derail her first year at university. Her concentration is shot to pieces and her coursework is suffering accordingly. Luckily, Professor Sinclair has an antidote to that. An extremely interesting antidote…

Mentor and acolyte soon become lovers in an affair that takes them both to places they never thought they’d be. But is it too far, too fast?

Lecture Notes

And here’s a snippet:

I throw myself stomach first on the bed and wonder what it would take to get him to kiss me. Would he like to? Would he like to take these disciplinary scenes a little further? I imagine him doing so…how it would feel…his strong arms around me, his hands rubbing soothing cream on to my sore skin, his lips on my face, my neck, lower, lower, oooh. My hand has strayed underneath my stomach and has seamlessly slipped down to the throb between my legs. Two fingertips circle and press at the soft nub of flesh down there while I picture him kneeling behind me, opening me, stretching and filling me, harder and faster, backwards and forwards, pushing me purposefully towards the edge and then, with a hard pound and a low vibrating whisper in my ear that tells me I am his, he tips me over into freefall….oh yes…God, yes…Sinclair…Sinclair…Ooooooh.

Flushed and sticky, I sail into sleep hoping that dreams of my lustworthy landlord will meet me there.

Thanks for reading – and even more thanks to KD for putting up with me. If you want to know more about me and my stories, I’m at


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