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The Sexy Librarian has Something Especially For the Men (and the Women Who Love Them)



It’s absolutely my pleasure to have the wonderful Emmanuelle de Maupassant back on A Hopeful Romantic today, and this time she’s talking about a fantastic new anthology called  For the Men (and the Women Who Love Them) edited by the fabulous Rose Caraway  What a holiday treat this anthology is, and Emmanuelle is here to give you the details.




I’m so excited to appear in a wonderful new anthology, written For the Men (and the Women Who Love Them), edited (and narrated) by Rose Caraway.


We take for granted that erotic fiction is the realm of women, as writers and readers, but there’s no reason why men shouldn’t enjoy creating and consuming sex on the page (or via audio). In fact, it’s in our interest to encourage them to do so!


Rose emphasizes, “We want men included in this creative, erotic space because they’ve been too long told that they shouldn’t. We want/need men writing and reading, thinking about and expressing their erotic selves. It’s how we, as couples and individuals can better understand and support one another. Erotica is for men and women both.”


‘For the Men’ features tales written by men, alongside women. They are intentionally diverse in style and theme, as well as in content, reflecting a range of sexual tastes. The collection brings us perspectives male and female, and explores universal preoccupations: those relevant to us all.


A prominent theme through the anthology is that of exhibiting our sexual selves, of revealing what is usually concealed, for the delectation of other eyes. There are tales not only of being watched, but of watching, illicitly, or through invitation. Of course, we might say that the very act of reading is voyeuristic (magnified many-fold when we’re reading erotic fiction).





Adrea Kore, in Dance for Me, explores seduction through performance, showing a woman’s elation and liberation through ownership of her sexuality. Her character reveals herself through dance, and is ‘fully seen’. In this way, she demonstrates both vulnerability and power. Adrea tells us, “I love dancing, and have often noticed how much men love being ‘danced to’. The first half of Dance for Me is only a slight fictionalization of a night out I shall always remember. Gorgeously corseted for my date, it was a spontaneous flow of events – but I got to be ‘the girl in the cage’ that night. The spontaneity of it all meant there was very little time for me to be nervous!” Adrea stresses the transformational potential of our sexual fantasies. She tells us, “If readers feel inspired by this story to own and explore their fantasies, I’ll feel my work as ‘sexual provocateur’ is done.”


Interestingly, the collection features two ‘handyman stories’: one written by Jade A. Waters and the other by Spencer Dryden, giving a male and female perspective. Jade’ recalls her crush on the stranger who came to work on her satellite dish, admitting that she considered trying to get him back for ‘more repairs’. Her tale is sassy and humorous. “It came together like a lust letter in my head!” she admits, adding, “While I think ‘no strings attached sex’ often appeals to men, I don’t think that’s lost on women, either.’




Rachel de Vine’s Hitchhiker gives us a female protagonist with an uninhibited attitude to sex. She recalls her own youthful days of hitch-hiking around Europe, feeling that ‘anything was possible’. Rachel underlines her intention of presenting hiker Jezebel ‘without her being judged and found morally lacking’. She tells us, “I wanted my female character to be bold and fearless, and honest about her intentions and needs.”




When we enter the realm of fantasy, there are no limits, so it’s no surprise that two of the tales in ‘For the Men’ have sci-fi settings. One is T.J. Christian’s Enhanced, which evokes the stylishly sexy 1982 film Bladerunner. It probes the pitfalls of technology, in a society where upgrades to our limitations are the norm. In such a world, the author speculates, wouldn’t we lose sight of what’s real, and what it means to be human, where ‘the lines between human and artificial become blurred’?


Sonni de Soto’s Odd Man explores the psychology of jealousy, and the vulnerability of our relationships, drawing on her own experience of polyamory. Sonni speculates on the pressures men face, in a world where many traditions are being dismantled.


Meanwhile, Charlie Powell’s tale explores lost love and our desire to be unfaithful, set during a hen celebration, with the temptation of an old flame. Marc Angel also delves the theme of infidelity, when his protagonist discovers his wife unexpectedly in the arms of another. He examines the anger and pain of betrayal, as well as feelings of arousal and shame.




Labyrinth, my own story, tackles our compulsion to hurt those we love (whether physically or emotionally). We are shaped by all that has gone before, and the promise of what is yet to come, wandering our personal maze, ever seeking, though for what, we may be unsure. Within, are our unspoken desires, and our fears, our ‘monsters’, which must be slayed.


Erotic fiction offers an amazing space in which to taste the unexpected, and the uninhibited. In ‘For the Men’, twenty-five authors have pooled their talent to bring you tales of temptation and seduction.


Sample them alone, or with your lover…for-the-men_official-cover-copy


An audio version is also available to complement the e-book (narrated by huskily voiced Rose Caraway).


The collection features works by Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Adrea Kore, Tamsin FlowersRachel Kramer BusselAllen Dusk, Terrance Aldon Shaw, Rachel de Vine, Jade A WatersDorothy FreedD.L. KingChase Morgan, Marc AngelCharlie Powell, Landon Dixon, Sonni de Soto, D. Lovejoy, Erin Pim, J.T. Seate, Spencer Dryden, Winter Blair, Simon Drax, Lynn Lake, Josie Jordan, Daily Hollow, and T.J. Christian.



Read more from Emmanuelle on her site:




Howling With Rose Caraway

thingsthatgohump300x200Hello Everyone! Rose Caraway here. Thanks so much, KD for letting me come out and howl with you. Today I have a little scene that I’d like to share. It is a scene taken from my Erotic/Horror novel, WOLF. I know, I am all about the erotica, but as Halloween is so close I can taste it… I felt it best to celebrate by offering a little sample of something spine-tingling.

WOLF is my first full-length novel and current WIP. I began it last year for NaNoWriMo and have been slowly pecking away at it. This book couldn’t possibly be written in a single month. I expect it to be ready for beta-readers by mid-2015, (fingers crossed!).

Okay, since it is nearly Halloween let’s talk about fears. So, what am I most afraid of? Spiders make me jump. Heights terrify me. But, honestly, it’s the being alone thing that is the worst. I think it could very well be my kryptonite. Of course I enjoy me time whenever I can, but I have the security of knowing that there are four other people living with me. If I were all alone I just might go a little “Renfield”, without the eating of the spiders thing, of course! Because eww!

So, in WOLF my sweet Virginia is stuck with this very fear gnawing away at her brain, day by day. She’s trying to keep herself together for the sake of her older sister, Elise, who is dying. The death clock is ticking and Virginia feels like she is the one running out of time. Between handling the family business, taking care of her sister, teaching 6th grade—there is no personal time to spare. No boyfriends, no casual dates, unless you count the school principle who keeps hitting on her.

This scene I am posting here is the very last scene in Chapter One. It is titled; Alone. I am going to go ahead and leave you here, all by yourself, lying on the side of a winding road deep in the Colorado Mountains with Virginia. It is about nine in the evening and she is just coming to after being bitten by one of the wolves…

WOLF1st draft/Unedited Excerpt:


A slow rhythmic thud.

Her heart… siphoning.


A pyre pulsing up her arm.

Jointed warmth webbed around her cerebellum.

Something watching her.

A wolf.



Virginia opened her eyes, awake and attuned to a new crystalline night. Before she put thought into action, she cataloged her surroundings, knew them. She was lying on the cold ground, breathing in the distinct mineral-mulch scent of earth at her cheek. Her nose took stock of her surroundings. The breeze that combed through the ancient aspen colonies covering the mountainside brought with it the rejuvenating scents of pine, spruce and fir. The wind also delivered the caustic acrid scent of rubber—the Audi’s tires, about twenty feet from where she lay. An oily, actinic signature that coated her tongue.

As she lifted her head from the ground she heard the unmistakable sound of an owl’s wings, beating—no echoing against the air as it flew away. In her mind’s eye she saw with perfect clarity that as it flew away from the cliff and over the quarry, it’s meal; a furry morsel, struggled feebly until the owl’s sharp talons embedded themselves into the tiny creatures soft belly. Virginia detected the faint, sweet metallic scent of mouse blood.

But how?

She shook her head, sat upright and paid dearly for it. Her vivid night-world swooned as blood rushed to her head, disorienting her. She groaned and then held her breath. Remembering suddenly why she lying on the road in the first place. Wolves! She scanned her surroundings. Nothing hairy lay crouched in wait for her. Though her rational mind knew it was impossible, she imagined that she could just catch their fading canine scents still lingering in the air. One scent belonged to a female, which she curiously detested. The other—the other was male and for the briefest of seconds she rather liked the virility of it. She wiped the cold sweat from her grit-covered brow and peered deeper into the shadowed tree-line across the moon-lit road. For several breathless moments she concentrated. Her eyes bulged with the effort. There were no monsters cloaked in the blackness. She dusted her hands together and suddenly remembered her arm and the long gleaming teeth that had sunk into her delicate flesh. Holding her arm up to the moon’s light, she saw that the sweater’s sleeve was shredded beyond repair and stained dark red. She swallowed. The sickly scent of her own blood caused her to wrinkle her nose as she slowly pulled back the tattered fabric to see how bad her injuries were. There was no gaping flesh, no carnage, the only evidence of the attack; a few long dark lines— scars. “What? But how? I felt it… there was blood!” her voice was a shrill whisper that bordered on hysteria.


It had to be because of shock. Shaking, sweating, unable to think clearly, all symptoms of her recent attack. She couldn’t possibly know for sure if anything out there might actually be stalking her. Yet, as she looked around once more, some part of her felt certain of it. She licked her lips and continued counting off symptoms. Loss of blood, exposure… that had to explain it. But there weren’t any gashes. Nothing but scars! Had she imagined everything, then? She couldn’t have, her sweater was shredded and stained. Even in the darkness she could tell that it was blood all over her sleeve. Hell, she could smell the heady metallic scent of it! Her stomach rolled when she could feel herself almost falling off the cliff again. Then the sight of the wolf’s head as it loomed over the edge, the moon behind it accentuating its shape, and the teeth that bit and tore into her arm and then dragged her back up—it was real.

Clutching her arm to her chest more out of the need to be consoled than anything, Virginia gathered her feet beneath her. She took a breath and then mentally counted.




Move your ass!

She sprinted, helter-skelter, her heals on fire as she imagined that she was wrong. That she wasn’t alone on the mountain road. That the shadows themselves were hungry wolves wanting to finish the job.

Her white tennis shoes slid on the gravel road, crunching too loudly in her ears. It felt like she was moving in slow-motion toward her Audi. It took ages before her fingers curled around the door’s trigger handle, swung it open, got in and then slammed it shut and shoved the locks down. Her heavy breaths were loud. The tangy scent of adrenaline—fearfilled the car. Her head jerked left then right as she checked each window, verified that nothing was barreling after her, ready to devour her.

Relief washed over her skin and tears of exhaustion blurred her vision. Trembling, she reached for the key, and her fingers felt the empty ignition slot. Her scalp tightened, her palms became damp.

“God damn it!” she pounded the steering wheel. “Why?”

The keys were somewhere out there on the ground still.

“God damn it,” there was no way that she was going to leave the safety of her car and search for her keys. She had no recollection of which way she’d even flung them.

She was alone.

Helplessness settled into Virginia’s bones with a heavy silence. If she’d only remembered her phone, then she could call a tow truck.

The tears flowed until exhaustion closed her puffy eyes. Virginia fell asleep in the driver’s seat.

KMQ CoverRose Caraway BIO

“A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.” ― Stephen King

Rose Caraway is a native Northern California writer, editor, blogger, narrator, audio book producer and podcaster for the hit show “The Kiss Me Quick’s” Erotica Podcast. She freely celebrates all things erotica with her wonderful Lurid Listeners and is fondly know as “The Sexy Librarian” who scours the globe searching for more sexy stories for her fans, which includes inviting many of today’s most influential erotica authors to guest write for her show.

You might also find Rose Caraway over at her newest hit podcast, “The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-cast” where she not only discussing her own journey in writing and her latest audio book projects, she also interviews and gets to know some of her favorite erotica authors, fellow narrators and anyone else interested in just hanging out for fun and engaging conversation, while along the way, offering helpful tips of the trade to aspiring writers. “The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-Cast” is a new way to get know Rose Caraway and her amazing friends!

Rose’s writings have always prominently showcased her sex-positive approach to life, as well as shown her commitment to both feminism and masculinism. Being a staunch supporter of the LGBT community, she believes that people of all genders and orientations should be considered complementary and interdependent and are necessary for a truly healthy and functional society.

In addition to writing, Rose’s other passions revolve around her soul mate, Big Daddy, her three beautiful children, her dogs and her avid erotica reading tortoise–Spike. Rose keeps an active lifestyle and has a deep love of music and its many incarnations. She is immersed in the martial arts and has earned a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. She also studies and practices, Brazilian Jujitsu, Krav Maga, and Mixed Martial Arts.


Contact Links

Web: thekissmequicks.com

E-mail:  thekissmequicks@gmail.com

Phone # 202-810-KISS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rose.caraway.7

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Listen to Pheromones on the Kiss Me Quick Podcast!

971975_344575092312914_1323301349_nI’ve never listened to one of my stories being read out-loud to me. At least not until the lovely Rose Caraway released my story, Pheromones, on her fabulously popular Kiss Me Quick podcast. Wow! What a rush to hear my words read in Rose’s very sexy librarian voice! I’m chuffed to bits! I’m sending on the links to share with you because the podcast and the mp3 download are FREE just like all of Rose’s wonderful Kiss Me Quick series.

Having Pheromones read by Rose on the Kiss Me Quick podcast couldn’t have happened at a better time, since Pheromones is one of the stories in my new release — a collection of my short stories from Xcite Books called Gracefully Aroused.

Here’s a little bit about Pheromones:

An unusually powerful sense of smell gives Chloe the ability to sniff out the scents of people in lust. When she volunteers for a research trial into pheromones, she doesn’t realise the scientist in charge will have the perfect, sexy aroma she’s always craved in a lover.

You Can Listen Now!Best of KDG final cover image

There’s a special added bonus on Rose’s Kiss Me Quick podcast along with Pharomones. Rose is also reading the deliciously naughty Salome Wilde’s hot story, Too Wondrous to Measure from the Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex anthology. And now the really fun part about this post is that not only can you download the Kiss Me Quick podcast that has Pheromones on it, you can actually listen to it right here on my blog! It’s a fabulous podcast, so whether you listen here or download it, please enjoy!



Here’s a little bit about Gracefully Aroused:

From a love spell that doesn’t quite go to plan to a farmhand who needs a little discipline; from a woman who is addicted to the confessional to a personal trainer with a very unorthodox method of guaranteeing his clients they’ll look fab come bikini season, K D Grace will tell you a naughty story with a twist. Before there was Ms Holly and the Pet Shop, before there were sexy ghosts, before Grace Marshall upped the romance ante, K D Grace was into quickies, and here’s a selection of her naughtiest.

Here’s a little bit about the lovely Rose Caraway.

Sexy-Librarian-web-headerRose Caraway is a native Northern California writer, narrator, and podcaster on the hit shows “The Kiss Me Quick’s” Eroti-cast, Sex stories by Rose Caraway,  and “The Sexy Librarian”   She has written two novels (soon to be published) and countless short stories. Although her specialty is erotic fiction/nonfiction, she also has a passion for writing suspense, fantasy, and romance works. Some of her influences include Stephen King, Dan Savage, Jean M. Auel, Charlotte Bronte, Mia Martina, and Ann Rice.

Rose’s writings prominently showcase her sex-positive approach to life, as well as her commitment to both feminism and masculinism. Being a staunch supporter of the LGBT community,  she believes that people of all genders and orientations should be considered complementary and interdependent and necessary for a truly healthy and functional society.

In addition to writing, Rose’s other passions revolve around keeping an active lifestyle, and a deep love of music and its many incarnations. She is immersed in the martial arts and has earned a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. She also studies and practices, Brazilian Jujitsu, Krav Maga, and Mixed Martial Arts.

You can find Rose here:

Website- http://www.thekissmequicks.com/

The Kiss Me Quick’s Podcast- http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-kiss-me-quicks-sex-stories/id463196186

Twitter-    twitter@RoseCaraway

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kiss-Me-Quicks-Eroti-cast/133513530074653


Rose Caraway and The Music Assist

I’m very excited to welcome the fabulous and multi-talented Sexy Librarian, Rose Caraway, to A Hopeful Romantic today to talk about something that affects all of our lives — music. Welcome Rose!

Hey everybody! Thank you to KD Grace for having me on! This is fabulous! I have been completely swamped with work for the past couple of months and when KD asked me to write for her blog, I found myself scratching my head and even asked my computer screen what I should write about? Well, it finally dawned on me as I lay on my couch planning out my week.

Music. Everyone listens to it some way or another. Everyone.

Music is powerful. It influences fashion, friendships, pop culture, entire genres, it’s very often the dividing line between social groups we Rose CrarawaySexy Librarian 300x300identify ourselves with. Can you imagine a world without music? From the time we are in the womb until after we die music touches us.

The simplest catchy/annoying jingle can make you buy something or completely repel you. Music has the power to make you tap your foot, snap your fingers, even lift your spirits so much that you get off your rump and dance. A song can be stuck inside your head for an entire day. It can make you cry. To me, music is more powerful than images, than stories. It doesn’t need words to express emotion, just a few well chosen, timely notes. And it is at its greatest influence over me in movies. When you watch a movie it can make the sappiest story more tearful, the scariest horror flick even more blood curdling, it makes action more exciting, thrillers more suspenseful. There is nothing like music. Let’s not forget that it makes housework less mundane. Anybody play music in the background while reading?

Every time we ever laughed or cried during our favorite classic television shows like MASH, The Twilight Zone and Law & Order essentially becomes encapsulated by a single song. The song becomes the show, right? The movie, Jaws wouldn’t be the same without the slow, fear building theme song by John Williams. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Friday the 13th, and Harry Potter (obviously the list is endless), wouldn’t be the same without their wonderful and identifying music. No matter how good an actor is, good music will always make the movie better.

Jason Statham’s, Crank for example was absolutely ridiculous! I loved it. I mean what kind of story line uses the necessity to have sex as a means to survive? Ahem, me! Because it is totally fun! Statham is by no means a brilliant actor; however, it was the music that sold me on the absurdity of this actor having to sex up his adrenaline so that he wouldn’t die, again. In my four part series, Succubus and in Outland 1313 I totally use survival-sex to its fullest! Music can give even the most bizarre story line breath or if it’s very, very lucky; an identity.

Rose CarawayKMQ cover 600x600(1)The Kiss Me Quick’s and The Sexy Librarian Podcasts are my efforts to breathe even more life into my erotic stories, to give them a live heartbeat if you will. I have called upon many musical talents over and over again on my shows and the fans love it. There was a niche needing to be filled in podcasting and the KMQ and SL podcasts are successfully doing just that. It is so exciting to watch them both grow. Every episode gets even better than the last and for me to express my joy in this blog post is impossible. But I owe such a huge part of this success to all the generous musical talent out there. There are so many yet to be discovered artists creating masterpieces and when I stumble upon them, you better believe I snatch them up, quick!

I have been lucky enough to find many musical talents and my hat goes off to each and every one of them. And any opportunity I get to promote them is an honor. To name a handful, here is a list of some of my most favorite finds.

Grapes (Jeff Kendall, who has been featured in most of the KMQ & SL podcasts), Jahzzar, Flex Vector, Chris Zabriskie, Lockerbie, DoKashitero and Good Old Neon. I want to give an extra special tribute to Jan Morgenstern for the musical score for Outland 1313. Of course there are many, many more that can be named but that would take quite a while. So if you are interested in finding a particular artist, just go to my website, thekissmequicks.com and you will see every artist and song title listed for each episode. I encourage any and all to check out these wonderful artists. They put so much of themselves into their art and deserve your listen or you can even send them a small donation or a little love, tell them how good they are. It helps more than you know.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what I do, here is a sample. Think of it as an interpretation of how I read and write. I have found that I write with audio in mind.

May I present, Outland 1313 Part One. (Headphones recommended)