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More Bang Reading Slam Jam packed with Fun and Filth

Sarah Berry and K D Grace

It all started because I’m lucky enough to have lots of great writing friends in the UK. Some of them live in London, but many live all over the UK. Some of my friends were coming down to London for the Body Temperature and Rising launch party. I wanted a way to let them know how much I appreciated their efforts. A reading slam the night before the launch so that everyone could read if they wanted to and have a chance to promote and share their own work seemed like just the ticket.

I was surprised and touched by the positive response to the idea, an idea which I actually found a little bit scary, as I’d never organized an event like a reading slam before. But everyone seemed so excited.

Writer, Rebecca Bond suggested I making it into a charity event. My pulse rate went up, I bit off the rest of my nails, and when I finally stopped hyperventilating, I emailed my dear friend, Sarah Berry and put the idea to her. Sarah quickly calmed my panic attack and assured me that not only COULD we do a reading slam as a fundraiser for charity, but we SHOULD! And WE DID IT!

Last night, Sh! Portobello was THE place to be. Fun and drinks started at 6:30 with fizz all around, magical cookies from the undomestic

Kay Jaybee reading from The Collector

goddess, and cupcakes to die for furnished by Lucy Felthouse’s OH, the fabulous Ian. Ian, all I can say YUMMM!

The fun and festivities commenced to a full house, standing room only. There were twelve readers, and everyone with a unique style and a powerful, sexy voice. There was everything from sexy, if dangerous vampires, to an ode to fabulous fine art of masturbation, to baudy strip tease nastiness, to almost, but not quite the Full Monty. All of this surrounded by the sensual, provocative artwork of Jess Pritchard, Fuschia Ayling, and Shay Briscoe. Oh, and did I mention it was at Sh!, Portobello? If ever there was a formula for filthy, feisty fun, this is it!

The cast of smutters included rising stars, first timers and some people who I can only describe as gods and goddesses  in the world of smut. I felt humbled and honoured to be in such deliciously nasty company. The cast of filthiness included Kay Jaybee, Lexie Bay, Lucy Felthouse, The Dragon King’s Daughter, Liz Coldwell, Annie Player, Sarah Berry, Janine Ashbless, Ernesto Sarezale, Lynn Mann, Meg Philip. And I — that’s right, little ole me — I got to read with this fabulous crew!

Ernesto Sarezale

Poetry, performance, and deliciously smutty fiction were the order of the evening as we all did our best to celebrate the cornucopia of pleasure, intimacy and flat-out fun that is human sexuality, while raising awareness and a little money for a good cause, the Sexual Advice Association.


Here’s what a few of the readers had to say about the event:

Kay Jaybee says:

What a fabulous idea! A reading slam that helps promote an excellent charity, introduces people to new readers and writers work, with the fun of lots of naughtiness. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.’

Liz Coldwell, author extraordinaire and editor for Xcite Books says:

‘It’s great to help showcase the depth of erotic writing in the UK, alongside so many talented
authors. And it’s also nice to be able to help my former Forum colleague, Sarah Berry, raise
awareness of an important sexual issue. Oh, and I also think the world needs to hear more quality smut.’

Lexie Bay

A hot quote from Lexie Bay’s reading from Taken With Concent from the anthology, Uniform Behaviour

Maddy shivered, imagining him pinning her down on her bed, pushing her arms above her head and forcing her legs apart with one swift twist of his.  She ran her tongue across her lips, catching the bottom one between her teeth, watching him wiping the sweat off his face as his colleague locked the door and slammed the hatch closed on the torrent of abuse.  In his short-sleeved shirt, she could see that his arms were tanned with a light covering of hair and she sighed.  Right now she should be wrapped in another pair of sexy arms….

Author, Meg Philip says:

I appreciate each opportunity to interact with my fans and any audience who takes an interest in my work so, when I was approached by KD Grace to take part in this Reading Slam for such a worthy cause (Sexual Advice Association) well, how could I say no?

Annie Player, captivating poet and founder of Erotic Meet says:

… “So many good things in one night! Having read KD Grace’s book, ‘The Initiation of Miss Holly’ for the Erotic Awards last year and hearing her read at Fannying Around’s first birthday party It’s an absolute pleasure to be joining her celebrations for the launch of her new book. Plus meeting and catching up with a multitude of talented erotic writers AND all for a fabulous cause! Phew!”

The set-up  for Lucy Felthouse’s nasty dogging story read will give you a hint of the naughty tone of the evening.

Lucy Felthouse

When the door banged open and a group of his colleagues piled into the room, Police Constable David Beckett jumped, almost spilling his coffee onto his computer keyboard. He’d been enjoying a nice, peaceful game of Solitaire before beginning his shift and now they’d screwed his concentration, not to mention his high score. He closed down the game resignedly and wryly observed his workmates as they got whatever was riling them out of their system.

And, no! I’m not going to give you the nasty bits, but here’s where you can get them. Sweetmeat Press’s anthology, Immoral Views.

The Dragon King’s Daughter smiled wickedly and gave us this sexy snippet from her reading.

The Dragon King's Daughter

and, no I will not analys

The origin of my desires.
Care not to seek the references
Pertaining to my preferences”

The evening was fast paced, full of smut and laughter, with the Queen of BDSM, Kay Jaybee wielding the spanker and applying it liberally to the bottom of any reader who didn’t stick to the five minute time limit. Special attention was paid to Meg Philip’s lovely bottom, as she gladly took the punishment so we could all hear the ‘climax’ of her hot story.  The evening was a lovely celebration of sexuality and the written word, and all for a good cause. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still basking in the afterglow. Thanks everyone! You were all, audience, Sh! hostesses, Shelly and Leala, and readers alike, totally the best!

Disclaimer: I’m writing this on very little sleep and still OD-ing from a fab weekend, so please feel free to let me know if I have left anyone out or not put in a link that I should have put in and I’ll make sure it gets added.

Body Temperature and Rising is Here! It’s Party Time!

I finally got that much-anticipated white box from the postman, the one contining my author’s copies of Body Temperature and Rising. With the More Bang Reading Slam and the Launch party for Body Temperature and Rising coming up next weekend, I’m elated. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle, but there’s just nothing like reading out-loud from a real-live, glossy-covered, paper-smelling book! I’m anticipating the total reading experience.

Body Temperature and Rising is the first novel of my paranormal eritoc Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy, and I’ve had as much fun doing the research as I have had writing Marie and Tim and Anderson and the story of Tara and the Elemental Coven. In honour of the release of the gorgeous print version, and sort of as an apetiser, I’m giving you a yummy teaser today, along with a few of the fabulous photos I’ve taken while I dreamed and schemed this triolgy in the Lake District. Enjoy!


‘Tim,’ Marie reached over and took his hand. For a second, she thought he would pull away, but instead, he wrapped his fingers around hers.

Raven Crag near Thirlemere. The sights of sinister magic in BTR

‘Tim, what happened with Serina Ravenmoor on Raven Crag?’

The blush that rose from the open collar of his shirt up over his cheeks was dark crimson. The muscles of his jaw twitched, and his shoulders got even stiffer. ‘Nothing happened, Marie.’

‘Look Tim I really am sorry that I wasn’t awake to be there for you and that I was so rude to Serina but really …’ Then she got it. ‘Oh. Nothing?’

He shook his head and glared into his coffee cup. ‘I mean she was doing sex magic, for fuck sake, and I’m not shy, but I couldn’t … I tried.’ His hand twitched beneath hers. ‘That’s when she started trying to sell me all her stupid crystals and potions to help my fucking libido. Marie, I swear, nothing like that has ever happened to me before.’

‘Tim, look at me.’ When his eyes met hers, she continued. ‘You’ve felt sex magic before just like I have, and how hard was it to get turned on?’

A view from the top of Raven Crag, not from the sheer rock face.

He huffed out a breath, and raked a hand through his hair. ‘It wasn’t getting turned on that was the problem, it was trying to keep from ripping off my jeans and fucking everything in sight. That was the problem.’ His hand suddenly went low to his belly. Marie couldn’t help noticing that even the thought of what the ghosts made him feel, what the Elementals made him feel caused an instant bulge against his fly. She forced her attention back to his face, but not before she remembered the silky hard feel of his cock in her hand there in the manger, and her pussy was most definitely sympathetic.

He continued. ‘And that burn, you know what I mean. At first it hurts like hell until you

Inspiration for Lacewing Farm

get used to it. Then is twists and turns and rearranges itself until, I swear, Marie, it feels so damn good, and …’ His voice drifted off. ‘I didn’t feel that. I didn’t feel that at all.’ For a second the two sat in silence as Tim contemplated his observation, then he spoke softly. ‘Okay, so there was no magic. You did warn me that Serina Ravenmoor was a quack, but still, the woman wasn’t exactly unattractive, was she? If I’d met her at a pub and we’d spent an evening together over a few drinks …’

Holding her breath, Marie leaned forward and laid her hand on the bulge at his crotch, and he sucked air. ‘Tim, if there is magic that makes us horny, don’t you think maybe there could also be magic that makes us, you know, not able to. Maybe magic that’s there for our own protection?’

He placed his hand on hers, and rocked his hips forward into her touch, and his eyelids fluttered. ‘I think it’s a theory worth investigating, and we do have unfinished business, don’t we?’

More Bang Reading Slam Fund Raiser

To help celebrate the launch of her new novel, Body Temperature and Rising, K D Grace, with her fabulous co-sponsors, the Fannies Rule Groups headed up by amazing Sarah Berry present theMore Bang Reading Slam (That’s short for more bang for your buck).

This evening of hot reading is very special because all proceeds will go to the Sexual Advice Association. There’ll be a charge of £5 for guests and participants, all for a good cause!

There’ll be fizz and cupcakes. But mostly there’ll be lots of fun and lots of sexy readings from lots of sexy readers strutting their stuff and making the audience squirm deliciously in their seats.

When: Friday 24th February at 6:30

Where:Sh! Portobello

Cost: £5


Come celebrate with the witches and the ghosts and all the very naughtiest people from far and wide. While the author promises no one will be turned into a newt, it is recommended that all guests come prepared for love spells and squirming in the seats, both of which, Sh! is well equipped to handle.

There’ll be fizz and cupcakes all served up in the fabulously sexy surrounds of Sh! Hoxton! Don’t miss the magic!

Where: Sh! Hoxton

When: Saturday 25th February 6:30 pm

No charge