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Olfactory Poetry

Every once in awhile I get inspired and write a poem. I don’t do it often, though I wish I did. It’s a different kind of creativity that touches me in a different way. But it’s also very difficult and requires more patience the I can usually muster. I came across this poem this morning and thought I’d share it with you. It was first published in Coming Together in Verse, an anthology of erotic poetry edited by Ashley Lister, novelist, teacher, poet extraordinaire and an all around fabulous person.

I’ve always been captivated by scent. I’ve written poems and short stories centred around the sense of smell. In fact my novel, To Rome with Lust, is entirely driven by the sense of smell. We humans are mammals after all, and while we don’t live in a world where the sense of smell is essential to keeping us alive, and while we try to cover up the natural smells of our bodies and our lives, our sense of smell is still there, still powerful, still a huge part of our sexuality, if very much underused.

One of the things I have the strongest memories of in the early days of dating my husband is coming into his arms and taking in his scent, closing my eyes and recognising him through his scent, connecting with him through his scent as the one I wanted to be with. That hasn’t changed. The scent of attraction, of want and need and lust, still fascinates me, and the proof is in the poetry. Enjoy.

Stalking Your Scent

I stalk your scent, the wolf at midnight, mouth open to enticing aromas as you writhe beneath me in the dark, as you
kiss me and embrace me at your rising from tangled sheets and carelessly tossed clothing unaware that I sniff, that I breathe, that I test you like my unsuspecting next meal.

I stalk your scent day in, day out, my own scent driven by obsession, heightened by lust. I eat from you, sneak from you, steal from you what makes me want inside, need inside, burn inside.

I stalk your scent and mark you with mine, your throat, your heart, your cock. I possess you in the blending of spice and earth, of tide pool and storm, until I recognize myself only in the context of you, until I am contained only by the boundaries of your redolence.

I stalk your scent in the sleepless hours, riding you to exhaustion, thieving the perfume of your lust, to wear in secret, to flaunt in public. I crave your smell each time I touch you, each time I fuck you, each time I eat you, ruthlessly eat you, tasting and sniffing and lifting my hips to tease you.

I stalk your scent through the years, taking you in like the breath I breathe, no longer remembering a time when the smell of you didn’t move me, arouse me, quicken me.

I stalk your scent on the written page, olfactory after-images elusive and defiant, words lacking bouquet and base note for the depth of my obsession, for the heart of my need for the smell of you against my skin, you in my embrace, you replete in the sweat of sleep and the ozone of dreams and the promise of waking to take me again.

Out Now! BDSM by C.A.Bell (@cbellAtrix09) #bdsm #poetry

BDSM PoetryBlurb:

BDSM is a collection of poetry containing f/f, anal play, femdom, bondage, shibari, anal play and much more. It contains meaningful, intimate, and downright filthy poetry written in acrostic, ballad, cinquain, and free verse.

This collection is intended for the open-minded people out there who love all things BDSM.

So, let BDSM take you on a journey into the taboo, and give the most erogenous part of your body, your brain, a treat.

Excerpt from Switch:

When I entered the room I noticed the whip,

Then his breath on my neck, and his hand on my hip.

“Hello my sweet darling, I’m glad you are here.”

His voice was playful, but still I felt fear.


“Have you obeyed? Done all I have asked tonight?”

I couldn’t help but clench, and close my arse tight.

“Yes, Master I have, right down to the letter.”

My arse clenched again, my pussy even wetter.


“And how does it feel, to be stretched like this?”

His hand moved to my bottom, in the shape of a fist.

“It feels strange Master, like my body is full.”

His fist moved to my hair, and he began to pull.


“And full you shall be, once I’m inside you too.”

“Oh Master, please tell me, what is it you plan to do?”

He laughed against my ear, and tugged my head back.

“I’m going to fuck your pussy, while that plug is in your crack.”


My body shuddered with sexual apprehension.

He released his grip, and then came the tension…


Excerpt from Harem:

The three of us knelt, collared and chained,

Waiting for one master, to teach the untrained.

The three of us were stripped, told to behave,

Told we were sluts, whores, and slaves.


He entered the room, we all bowed our heads,

His attire was magnificent, all blacks, gold’s, and reds.

Then under my chin, he placed his big hand,

Told me that tonight, I would follow his command.


I nodded my head, subserviently so,

Then he moved to the next, second in the row.

And said exactly the same to the second and third,

And then left the room without saying a word.


We all sat motionless, staring at the floor,

Until he entered again, slamming the door.

Knowing he was back sent a surge of exhilaration,

This was what I needed, strong domination.


He snatched up my chain, tugged me over to a stock…


Author Bio:

C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she and her husband married and made a home.

She is currently working on a number of projects, including the follow-on book to The Architect, as well as a novel, and aspires to be a well-known author.

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Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1MUIvGq

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1PzRRhg


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Twitter @cbellAtrix09

Facebook https://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Author-C-A-Bell/100010696021804

Author Website http://authorcabell.co.uk


C.A. Bell Stops by to Discuss BDSM Poetry (@cbellAtrix09) #bdsm #poetry #erotica

tourbutton_bdsm-poetryHi there, and thank you K.D Grace for letting me drop by to promote my new release BDSM poetry. Don’t dismiss me right away because you read the word poetry, I promise this collection is not full of thy heart bleeds and my bosoms heave. I am an erotic fiction author so there will be no bosoms or bleeding hearts, promise.

This collection is made up of many styles of poetry and as it says in the blurb, consists of meaningful, intimate, and downright filthy poetry. BDSM poetry is about exploring the different elements of BDSM, and although they are written as poems and most of them rhyme, they still tell a story and take you on journey. So, give it a go and see what you think, because poetry is a powerful expression of writing and feeling.

BDSM poetry is available at Amazon and on kindle unlimited, so please take a look and leave a review, as your feedback is always welcome and taken on-board.



On the floor,

on all fours.

Kiss my shoe,

the heel, too.

Crawl around,

don’t make a sound.

Just do as I say,

or you will pay.

You’re here for me,

to set you free,

control your mind,

help you unwind.

So, do as I wish,

do not resist.

Never question,

my aggression.

Kiss my hand.

Now you may stand.

Don’t look in my eyes,

nor at my thighs.

Don’t speak a word,

for it won’t be heard.

Remember your place,

and my embrace,

you will feel,

to help you heal.

Now hold out your cock,

and I’ll unlock,

unleash your rage,

from its metal cage.

Hold it at the base,

for now, you’ll taste,

the sting of my crop,

across the top…


BDSM PoetryBlurb

BDSM is a collection of poetry containing f/f, anal play, femdom, bondage, shibari, anal play and much more. It contains meaningful, intimate, and downright filthy poetry written in acrostic, ballad, cinquain, and free verse.

This collection is intended for the open-minded people out there who love all things BDSM.

So, let BDSM take you on a journey into the taboo, and give the most erogenous part of your body, your brain, a treat.


C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she and her husband married and made a home. She is currently working on a number of projects, including the follow-on book to The Architect, and aspires to be a well-known author.

Buy Links

Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/BDSM-C-BELL-ebook/dp/B017Y6BZ6A/ref=la_B0140XPC0U_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1449045678&sr=1-3

Amazon US http://www.amazon.com/BDSM-C-BELL-ebook/dp/B017Y6BZ6A/ref=la_B0140XPC0U_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1449045927&sr=1-3


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Coming Together in Verse! Naughty Poetry for a Good Cause

Ashley ListerCTIV2To me, poetry is the distilled spirits of the literary world, and that makes naughty poetry talking dirty on steroids. Poetry, or at least the thought of writing it, intimidates the hell out of me — especially since I’ve had the opportunity to hear really good poetry performed. It’s still way scarier than writing a trilogy or a thousand page novel. But after sitting through a couple of Ashley Lister’s wonderful poetry workshops in Eroticon, after being encouraged to play around a bit with poetry, I got brave enough to write a couple of little ditties and send them Ashley’s way, and I have to admit, I enjoyed every second of it! AAAAAAND! I’m chuffed to bits that I have two poems included in Coming Together in Verse. This fabulously naughty collection, edited by Ashley Lister, is not only fun and entertaining but it’s all for a very good cause — preceded go to the animal charity Hope for Paws


Check out the Who’s Who for Coming Together in Verse! Then get your copy, read and be happy! Stuff some stockings with a few copies and make your friends happy too!
THE POETS: Ashley R Lister, Alessia Brio, Victoria Blisse, Rachel Woe, Janine Ashbless, Liv Honeywell, AJ Chilson, Roy Clements, Katy J, Ashe Barker, Lisa Bower, PJ Bayliss, Geneva Rose, Jay Willowbay, Slave Nano, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Norbert Gora, IG Fredrick, Jade A Waters, Adrea Kore, Bella Settarra, Okami No Koga, Daniel Davis, Joanna Harrington-Cruise, Sophia Sophia, Le Petite Mortimer, Eleanor Meadows, Angell Brooks, L Hollamby, Blacksilk, CA Bell, Ian Jade, Tamsin Flowers, Ruby Red, Colin Davies, Desmond Field, Rachel McGladdery



Where to Buy Coming Together in Verse:Ashley lister picture11836789_7337965Ashley Lister 43414324_2147079363866243365_n

Amazon US

Amazon UK


About Ashley Lister:

Ashley Lister is a prolific writer of erotic fiction, having written more than two dozen full length erotic novels and over a hundred short stories. Aside from regularly blogging about writing erotica, Ashley also teaches creative writing. He hosted a creative writing workshop at Eroticon the annual conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. Ashley lives in Lancashire




Aural Pleasures Revisited: Fond Memories of Filthy Words

Aural Sex at Eroticon 2013When Kristina Lloyd suggested I do a post about the Night of Aural Pleasure readings at the Lock Stock bar for Eroticon 2013, I agreed happily, but only if I could get some of the fabulous writers I’d had the priveledge to read with that night to share a bit of their experience and even titilate us just a tad with a few lines from what you missed if you weren’t there, and what you enjoyed totally if you were. Once again I’d like to thank the lovely and talented Harper Eliot for arranging the whole event, not an easy task, and I sincerely hope that there’ll be lots more such readings and opportunities to rub shoulders with some of my favourite writers in the future.

Ashley Lister

I thought the whole evening was fun, exciting and really, really entertaining. I was listening to some of my favourite writers sharing the words they’d published and written. Speaking as someone who loves the written and spoken word, I don’t think the pleasure comes much better. The atmosphere was welcoming and supportive and I can’t wait until next year if there’s a chance to repeat the experience.

Below are the opening verses from one of the poems I read (Betty & I) the story of a man who takes a blow-up doll to a swingers’ party.

Betty and I

We went to one of those swingers’ parties,

Me and my blow-up doll: Betty.

She wanted to add a new kink to our lives.

I just went there to get sweaty.


Our relationship was at a low point.

And it had been that way for a bit.

But I still tried to treat her with flowers or clothes.

Or a bicycle puncture repair kit.


Yet for months my Betty had been silent.

And our love life had skidded off track.

I didn’t know if Betty had stopped loving me.

Or was just missing the string from her back.


Molly Moore

“I rarely get nervous when I reading now. I have done it often enough to know I am OK at it but on this occasion the nerves really grabbed me. Maybe it was the thought of reading to a room full of very talented writers that left me suddenly feeling very exposed and vulnerable. The moment I took my place in the spot light I would been much happier taking my kit off rather than speaking but luckily for everyone I controlled that urge and they got words instead of naked!”

A snippet of the story I read…. which was titled Hungry Beast.

“The heat of the flogger on my skin and the sound it makes as it connects with my flesh still rings in my ears. If I close my eyes I can feel the grip of the cuffs on my wrists as they hold me in place before him and when I look down I remember seeing my shoes laying there, empty and forgotten for the time being. The room is busy, people are talking and laughing, but even though my eyes see them my ears seems to switch off to the background noise. For me the only sound I can hear is the paddle or crop or whip as it cuts through the air and finds me. I am its intended target, the recipient of its affections and with each touch I learn to fear it less and want it more.”

Excerpt from the poem, Brutal Passion

“Regal dresses and beautiful jewels

Seem dull to me compared to tools

Of a dark and deviant cell

And helpless maids that face a hell”


Kristina Lloyd

When I saw Harper Eliot’s stunningly sexy poster for Aural Sex, I sensed this was going to be a great night. Getting a black cab to the venue kristina_lloyd_aural_sex Eroticonwith Remittance Girl and Janine Ashbless, two writers whose words invariably dazzle me, ramped up my excitement. Over the weekend at Eroticon, I was involved in several conversations about setting up an erotica salon in London, a regular event potentially similar to Rachel Kramer Bussel’s erstwhile In the Flesh reading series. The success of Aural Sex suggests this would be an excellent idea. I’d like it put on record that cocktails and posh frocks ought to be involved!

On the bill at Aural Sex was a mix of readers, some unknown to me, others established authors; and we had a large, appreciative audience. Sitting in a cosy pub with a gin, being regaled by smart, sexy words,  ranging from Molly Moore’s dark and sultry public-play vignette to Ashley Lister’s hilarious and poignant poem, Betty, not to mention the pints of troll come from Ms Ashbless, is my idea of a damn good time! I was proud to take to the floor and declare ‘I’m doing anal’ (I was on my second gin by this point). I read the opener of my story in the anthology, Smart Ass, part of an anal erotica ebook series edited by Alison Tyler. The piece begins, ‘So, there he is with his cock in my ass, and I’m biting the pillow, making all sorts of groans. At least, that’s how it looks on the outside.’ You can read the first few pages on Amazon. In short, Aural Sex was a superb evening. We ought to do it more often!

Janine Ashbless

I read from Named and Shamed and polluted the ears of the Aural Pleasure audience with no-holds-barred Troll Bukkake. Could it get any better?

“Still it came … Pints of the stuff. Goddamn – it tasted like cold miso soup.”


KD Grace

I was astounded when I discovered how much more powerful poetry is when it’s performed rather than read silently by me.  And I find that to be equally true with erotica. There’s something very intimate and down-to-earth about reading or having erotica read to you out-loud. Add to that the alcoholic beverage of choice and excellent company, and what’s not to like?

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences of the Night of Aural Pleasure. It’s a real treat to have you, and I can hardly wait to be aurally titilated by all of you again!