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Lookie Who’s Been Nominated for ETO Best Erotic Author 2015!

my award collageIt’s that time of year again! The nominations are in, and I’m very happy, and extremely honoured, to be nominated again for ETO’s Best Erotic Author. I’ve been nominated three years running and was lucky enough to win last year against some extremely fabulous writers. Again, I felt very, very priveledged. Almost a year later every time I look at the lovely trophy I smile at the experience. I was privileged enough to be able to celebrate with four lovely Brit Babes, two of whom were nominated with me for the award. And what a celebration it was! In 2013, I celebrated being nominated with my dear friend and Brit Babe, Kay Jaybee and the lovely Mr. Jaybee along with my delicious better half, Mr. Grace.

In addition to the excitement of being nominated, wandering the halls of the ETO conference, seeing all the sexy displays and chatting with all the wonderful people who attend every year is well worth the trip to Birmingham. Then there’s the awards banquet with everyone dressed to the nines and ready to party. The excitement in the air is electric as the winners are announced, and the celebration and dancing follow. I’m very much looking forward to celebrating with old friends and new this year, and I thought I’d share with you a few memories from ETO Banquets past.


ETO 2013 celebrating with the fabulous Kay
ETO 2013 celebrating with the fabulous Kay


ETO 2013 Watching Sh! win for Best Innovative Shop!
ETO 2013 Watching Sh! win for Best Innovative Shop


Sweets for the sweets
Sweets for the sweets






In 2014 The Brit Babes invaded the ETO Conference, and what a party we all had. Kay Jaybee, Tabitha Rayne, Victoria Blisse, and Lexie Bay joined Mr. Grace and me to celebrate my win. Not much sleep had that night, and all the better for sharing it with so many of the Babes!


The Babes all ready to party!
The Babes all ready to party!


In for the Win!
In for the Win!


And in for the sugar!
And in for the sugar!


Let the celebration begin!
Let the celebration begin!


Me and Ms Jaybee celebrating for Xcite Books' win.
Me and Ms Jaybee celebrating for Xcite Books’ win.



ETO 2015 screen grab11193313_10153357611091096_1936811956769377048_n



So it’s that time again! ETO is always a great adventure and a great place for writers to be inspired. I’m very excited to be nominated for such an honour from such a wonderful organisation. This year’s nominations for Best Erotic Author are: Kay Jaybee, Emily Dubberly, Tiffany Reisz and E. L. James and of course, moi.

The lovely Cara Sutra is nominated again for Best Erotic Journalist, along with Emily Dubberly. And one of my very favourite people in the world, Renee Denyer, is nominated for best store manager for Sh! Women’s Emporium. I hope that you’ll take the time to check out the ETO site and cast your votes for some truly extraordinary people and some truly extraordinary products. The party’s on again! And I’m already shopping for dancing shoes!

Vote here!





Nominations are Out for ETO Awards 2014! Be Sure to Vote!

ETO Awards 2014 Lucy Kay and meI’ve just been nominated for Best Erotic Author in the 2014 ETO Awards! And I can tell you it’s very hard to keep my fingers on the keyboard when I’m happy dancing the can-can.

I’m especially excited this year because I’m in THE most amazing company I could imagine for that honour. And the fact that half of that esteemed company are Brit Babes is just one more reason to happy dance! In addition to Sylvia Day and the fabulous Violet Blue, Brit Babes – and totally sizzling writers and amazing friends – Kay Jaybee and Lucy Felthouse are nominated too! Excited much?!?!

The ETO Awards are held every year in Birmingham at the banquet after the big trade show. Kay Jaybee and I were lucky enough to have been nominated last year and attend the glitz and glam of the awards banquet. I’m happy to say there’ll be even more sexy glitz and glam this year with a good representation of Brit Babes there to join the celebration. The place will be rammed with many of my other very favourite people. The ETO Awards are a bit like a big family reunion for all us naughty folks.

britbabes_badge_1Also nominated this year for Most Innovative Retailer is my favourite London hang-out, Sh! Women’s
Erotic Emporium
. And the very yummy icing on top of the Sh! Cake – one of my true heroes, Sh!’s manager Renee Denyer, is nominated as Best Store Manager. I couldn’t be more pleased.

And as far as Best Erotic Journalist goes – wow! Look at this list – Emily Dubberley, Mia Moore and the fab Cara Sutra, to name some of the loveliness.

Xcite Books is once again nominated for Best Erotic Books Brand, along with Cleis Press, Sweetmeats Press and House of Erotica.

Of course the fabulous folks at Lovehoney and Sextoys.co.uk are up for multiples (heh heh). It promises to be a great time.

The Brit Babes will be celebrating at the awards banquet in the company of the lovely folks at Velvet Books.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m already a winner many times over just to be included in such a stellar celebration of excellence. Thanks ETO. You’re the best!


Aaaaannd … now it’s all up to you! Be sure to show some love and vote for your favourites. The polls are open and the best thing about the ETO Awards is that it’s the opportunity for all of YOU to give your favourites two thumbs-up. And speaking as a writer, I can tell you we authors love nothing more than to know that we’ve pleased our readers. So please cast your vote!