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Sh! Women’s Store Hosting an Essential Elements of Erotic Writing Workshop Taught by Kay Jaybee & Me





Would you like to write erotica? Maybe you’ve had a go but feel you’re missing something? Perhaps you’d really like to 13442263_1220482214628479_1390160962256925281_ntry, but the whole idea of writing it all down makes you blush furiously? Well here’s your chance to past the blush and write the sizzle.


Kay Jaybee and I are very happy to announce that we’ll be joint-teaching an Essential Elements of Erotic Writing Workshop in London at Sh! Women’s Store on the 23rd of September from 5:30-7:30 PM. We promise a sizzling evening of fun, filth and writing, all set in one of our favourite places on the planet, the fabulously sexy Sh! Women’s Store. That alone is enough to inspire erotic thoughts. Is there a better combination?


Kay and I are scheming and planning an inspiring, educational and filthy class, guaranteed to help you set aside your Sh!logointernal editor and get down to writing the good stuff in a nasty, fun way.


The cost is £20 per person and pace is limited, so be sure and sign up as soon as possible. (This workshop is open to
both sexes.) Follow the link for details and come join us prepared to write!