Coming Together in Verse! Naughty Poetry for a Good Cause

Ashley ListerCTIV2To me, poetry is the distilled spirits of the literary world, and that makes naughty poetry talking dirty on steroids. Poetry, or at least the thought of writing it, intimidates the hell out of me — especially since I’ve had the opportunity to hear really good poetry performed. It’s still way scarier than writing a trilogy or a thousand page novel. But after sitting through a couple of Ashley Lister’s wonderful poetry workshops in Eroticon, after being encouraged to play around a bit with poetry, I got brave enough to write a couple of little ditties and send them Ashley’s way, and I have to admit, I enjoyed every second of it! AAAAAAND! I’m chuffed to bits that I have two poems included in Coming Together in Verse. This fabulously naughty collection, edited by Ashley Lister, is not only fun and entertaining but it’s all for a very good cause — preceded go to the animal charity Hope for Paws


Check out the Who’s Who for Coming Together in Verse! Then get your copy, read and be happy! Stuff some stockings with a few copies and make your friends happy too!
THE POETS: Ashley R Lister, Alessia Brio, Victoria Blisse, Rachel Woe, Janine Ashbless, Liv Honeywell, AJ Chilson, Roy Clements, Katy J, Ashe Barker, Lisa Bower, PJ Bayliss, Geneva Rose, Jay Willowbay, Slave Nano, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Norbert Gora, IG Fredrick, Jade A Waters, Adrea Kore, Bella Settarra, Okami No Koga, Daniel Davis, Joanna Harrington-Cruise, Sophia Sophia, Le Petite Mortimer, Eleanor Meadows, Angell Brooks, L Hollamby, Blacksilk, CA Bell, Ian Jade, Tamsin Flowers, Ruby Red, Colin Davies, Desmond Field, Rachel McGladdery



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About Ashley Lister:

Ashley Lister is a prolific writer of erotic fiction, having written more than two dozen full length erotic novels and over a hundred short stories. Aside from regularly blogging about writing erotica, Ashley also teaches creative writing. He hosted a creative writing workshop at Eroticon the annual conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. Ashley lives in Lancashire