KoJo Black and Sweetmeats Press Offer a Feast for the Eyes Part 2

KD: It’s my pleasure to welcome back Sweetmeats Press’s KoJo Black, who is preparing, along with us authors, for next Saturday’s deliciously nasty feast for the ears reading from Sweetmeats Press’s hot new feast for the eyes, Immoral Views. All happening at Sh! Portobello. More about that a little later. In the meantime, welcome back KoJo!

KD: As an editor and a writer of erotica, what makes for truly good erotica? What’s really sexy?

KoJo: Immersion.  I love that word.  And I think it’s so suitable for erotica.  In erotica of any kind, I think the ultimate aim is for the characters to become immersed in each other – both physically and metaphysically.  Furthermore, good erotica (and any good story, for that matter) should also immerse the reader within it.

KD: Is there a difference between porn and erotica? If so what? If not, why not?

KoJo: I think that the difference between ‘pornography’ and ‘erotica’ is purely semantic (rather than fundamental). You can have pornographic erotica, just as you can have erotic pornography.  It has become acceptable to say that women like erotica and men like porn. Whereas, if there is any difference between porn and erotica, I think it is more a question of how we access the triggers in our brains.

I believe it is true that, over the millions of years of our evolution, male and female brains are hardwired differently.  But I think the sensations and fulfillment that a woman takes from erotica are not entirely dissimilar from what a man takes from porn.  And, as such, I think that erotica with the right triggers could just as easily appeal to a man; just as porn with the right triggers could easily appeal to a woman.  Our mental programming is more fluid than we think.  So it’s very limiting to allow the definition of two words to dictate how we receive and enjoy sensual and sexual stimuli….regardless of our gender.

KD: Any predictions for the future of erotica?

KoJo: I don’t know what the future of erotica holds.  But if it’s as fun and free and as full of expression as it’s been so far, I only want more!

KD: What are your future plans for Sweetmeats Press?

KoJo: Well, first and foremost, I aim to continue whisking up hot, delectable erotic treats for some time to come.  Within that, Sweetmeats Press will diversify into sexy graphic novels, as well as providing a platform for our very talented erotic artists to showcase their work as independent pieces.  Aside from that, my time in erotic film has allowed me to meet some wonderful erotic performers – who have some equally wonderful tales to tell.  I aim to make their biographies part of the Sweetmeats title list.

KD: What’s the best advice you would give writers of hawt stuff?

KoJo: Over the years, as I’ve taken on writing, editing, and ultimately publishing, I’ve actually been able to give quite a lot of thought to what makes a story…..aheem…..‘hawt’.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that our biggest and best sexual organ is our brain.  You want to excite and entice your readers.  So absolutely make your story sexy.  But take time to create the story, build the lust, and put your reader into the space.  Once you’ve set the scene and enticed them in, your readers will be so much more receptive to all the sensual and sexual treats you lay on for them.  But if you go straight in to grating, grunting, grinding frottage, you run the risk of leaving your readers cold…..before they’ve even warmed up!

This of course does not mean that every story needs to kick off with a long-winded soliloquy.  Just take a moment to welcome your readers in before basting them in pure filth.  Perhaps think of your story as way of describing a film that’s playing in your head.  For example, if you show someone a repetitive video of some genitals slapping together, your viewer will become bored very quickly.  Whose genitals are they?  Why are they fucking?  Are they even enjoying themselves?

But if you take the time to develop your story, even just a little bit, you are suddenly bringing that film in your head to life.  From seductions to abductions; sensual solo pleasures to gloriously debauched gangbangs; boy-girl vanilla sex to the most piquant and depraved amalgamations you can imagine; from the most mundane of quickies to the forbidden lust of fairies and giants in mythical landscapes.  Take a moment to build your story.  Tell us, why do these people want each other?  Need each other?  How did they get there?  Engage the mind, and the flesh will follow!

Secondly, I find it helps to write with the voice that you know.  That is to say, tell the story from a perspective that is comfortable for you.  If you are, for example, a young straight woman, you may find it easier to write your story in the voice of a young, straight woman.  There is certainly nothing precluding you from telling your story from the perspective of a middle-aged, lesbian dominatrix.  But, before you do, make sure you can find that voice, make sure it’s accurate, and make sure you can believe it.  Because if you don’t believe it, we won’t either.

Third, don’t be afraid to get horny!  The first person your erotic story should turn on is you!  There’s nothing wrong with getting that delicious feeling of satisfaction down below as you tell your tale.  And if it’s working on you, there’s every chance it will have the same effect on someone else!

And finally – Read!  Not just erotica, but everything.  Look at how different people craft a story.  Figure out which writers you like, which writers you don’t, and why.  Borrow techniques.  Remember the stories that keep you gripped to the very end, page after page.  And see if you can’t put some of that tension, excitement and engagement into your own work.

Feast for the Eyes and Ears:

If you’d like to hear some of the hot erotica from the Immoral Views anthology read by the authors themselves, including yours truly  here’s your chance! Authors Kay Jaybee, Rebecca Bond, Lexie Bay, and K D Grace will be reading hot, voyeuristic smut from this fabulous anthology, their own, and that of Lucy Felthouse as well. Not to be missed!

Where: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, Portobello Store.

When: Saturday 21 January  6:30 for 7:00 pm start.

For more information: Sh! Portobello

Space is limited, RSVP soon!


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