Demelza Hart Talks About Having Your Cake and Eating It

It seems only a few weeks ago I was over here talking about Spontaneous, the first book in my trilogy, Suited to You. Hang on. It was only a few weeks ago! And here I am again, thanks to the wonderfully welcoming KD, to tell you about the second, which has just come out.

In Exposed, Tara continues her sexual exploration, guided by the skilful hands of The Suit, aka Patrick Lark.

Demelza Hart 4Exposed asks the question: can a girl have her cake and eat it? Or, more significantly, can she allow herself to have her cake and eat it? Perhaps it’s a particularly British trait, but sometimes us women feel guilty or become disbelieving if things seem to be going too well. This is Tara’s problem in Exposed.

The sex is great, her relationship is great, but then, like too many modern women, she starts to think too much: This is too good. That’s not right. It can’t be right. Something is bound to go wrong. And rather than accept and enjoy it, it confuses her.

How many times have we done that in our own lives? If things are going swimmingly, we think there must be a catch.

The Suit seems to be the perfect man. Or is he? Tara can’t believe it, and as he won’t just talk to her and open to her – bloody men! – it leads her to emotional confusion and doubt.

But, through it all, she can’t let go of the sex. Great sex. Exhibitionist, risky, exposed, daring, incredible sex. Can she give it up? Should she?

Here’s a little snifter for you. Here, The Suit (Patrick) has pulled Tara away from an artist in a gallery just as the man thought he was going to get some action.


Patrick held my hand tight and walked me fast through the museum. We started practically to jog.

The Suit was grinning broadly and I giggled as we rushed faster and faster. We were soon outside and, breathlessly, I turned to him and crossed my arms, exaggerating my disapproval. ‘You are a wicked, wicked man.’

‘For you, anything.’ He smirked before kissing me.

‘That poor, lovely guy. That was cruel.’

‘Didn’t you say I had to be a cruel bastard to run a corporation?’

‘Yes, but hiring and firing people is one thing, leaving someone abandoned with a massive boner is something else. And anyway …’


I pouted. ‘I was rather looking forward to tasting him.’

He stepped into me, cupping my face with his hand and searching my eyes. ‘What? Are you thirsty?’

‘Always.’ God, I wanted cock and come. The craving was insistent.

The corner of Patrick’s mouth turned up. He hailed a cab. We climbed in quickly.

He’d unzipped his trousers as soon as the door shut. I didn’t think. As the rigid shaft lurched out, I dropped my head to it.

‘Shit, dude!’ cried the driver. ‘You can’t fuckin’ do that in here!’

‘We won’t tell if you don’t,’ replied The Suit, his words forced out as I engulfed his cock in wet heat.

‘Jesus … how the fuck am I supposed to concentrate on the traffic with that goin’ on?’ moaned the driver, a young dreadlocked guy with a large tiger tattoo on his right arm. ‘I wanna look!’

I barely heard him. I sucked and sucked, sinking right down on the glorious hard prick so that it edged into my throat and made my eyes water. It wasn’t the first time I’d sucked The Suit off in the back of a car.

‘Taste it, Tara, taste it all.’

I wasn’t in the mood to go slow. He wanted his quick come and so did I. I wanted that taste. My fingers curled around the shaft and pumped, and I pulled my cheeks in tight while my tongue enthralled his tip.

‘Man, you got yourself a sweet little cocksucker there,’ declared the driver, managing to keep one eye on us and one on the road. ‘Ma-an! Ain’t every day I’m treated to somethin’ like this.’

Lucky Patrick, lucky Tara and lucky cabbie.

Exposed – Book Two of the Suited to You trilogy is out now from Xcite Books.

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Thank you so much to KD for having me over today.

Demelza Hart can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and at her blog. Do come over and say hello. Sated, the final part of the trilogy, is out in the new year.

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