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First of all, thank you so much, KD, for hosting this amazing October spooky, bumpy, humpy blogfest! I love that Hallowe’en gives us a month-long excuse to celebrate all things scary and – in this case – sexy, too!

Paranormal erotica has been huge in recent years – you can hardly move on Amazon for heart-stopping vampires and super-sexy shifters. I’ve even got my own red hot vampire series on the go – check out The Crimson Bond and The Scarlet Bond if you’re a fan of the blood suckers.

But today I want to bring to your attention as less well appreciated corner of paranormal erotica – zombie erotica! Proponents of zombie erotica are few and far between but you really owe it to yourself to investigate the phenomenon further. Could I perhaps encourage you to read my little collection, Zombie Erotoclypse?


Yes, I heard you, loud and clear. No one wants to imagine having sex with a zombie. Arms and legs dropping off in the middle of getting down and dirty? And that shuffling walk simply isn’t sexy. I know. Really, I do. I wouldn’t want to have sex with a zombie, either.

But… you’ve made an assumption here. That all the sex in Zombie Erotoclypse is zombie sex! Zombies banging away at zombies till they break each other. Nuh-uh! There’s plenty of hot, sultry, life-affirming, human-on-human, did-I-mention-hot, steamy sex between HUMANS in these pages. (Yes, okay, there is the odd snippet of zombie sex – but not with zombies who are literally falling apart.) (Well, okay, there is that one moment…)

Oh, whatever! Here’s an excerpt of sizzling human sex just to tempt you in… (And if you leave comment after, I’ll put your name in the hat for a free copy of Zombie Erotoclypse, to be drawn on Hallowe’en!)


zombie2Excerpt from Red Hot Zombie Cock, from Zombie Erotoclypse

Skylar’s finger traces a line down my upper arm and I turn to look at him.  In the pale sunlight he looks vibrantly alive.  Healthy.  And everything a zombie’s not, with his white blond hair and deep tan.  His eyes always look deeper blue by the ocean and I have a sudden urge for some life affirmation of my own.

I roll onto my side and stretch out an arm to take hold of the back of his neck.  He comes to me as easily as if he’s been expecting it and when our lips meet they’re already open.  He’s as hungry for it as I am and he pushes me onto my back and moves on top.  The bulge I’d felt earlier in the club is firmer now as he rubs his hips against mine.

I push my tongue deep into Skylar’s mouth to explore.  I’ve been here before, drunk, at family weddings before the First Wave, even when I thought he was an odious little shit in comparison to my teen-girl sophistication.  But this is different.  Back then, I was just tasting boy.  Now I’m tasting Skylar and I like the flavor, I decide, as tiny shivers run up and down inside me.  His hands slide up inside the wet shirt, a warm touch in contrast to the cool water, firm and reassuring.  Yes, I’m alive and so is he.

He pushes the fabric up to bunch under my chin and then drops his mouth down to my breasts.  I arch up at him, not caring that we’re out in the open, not caring that I’m rubbing sand into the back of my hair.  I grasp his shoulders and surrender to the pull of his tongue and the gentle pressure of his teeth against my nipple.  Unbidden, my hips tell him what I need and, without taking his mouth away, without interrupting the insistent thrum of pleasure building within me, he snakes one hand down between us to release the tops of our pants.  My own hands get involved and then we’re in a sudden frenzy of unbuttoning, unzipping and wrenching wet denim down each other’s legs.

Skylar laughs, the clear sound of it ringing out in the morning quiet and I can’t help but smile.

“Will I do instead of that hot zombie cock?”

I answer with my hand, swooping down between us to find his cock and guiding it to where I want it.  It feels so unbelievably good against my palm I can hardly bear to let go of it, but when I push its velvety head against my pussy, it’s suddenly easy to let it go.  Skylar raises himself above me on his arms and then gently pushes his way into me, sending a spasm of excitement through my clenching muscles and a flurry of fire rolling along my nerves.  I rake my hands through his pale hair and pull his mouth back to mine.

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Tamsin Flowers loves to write light-hearted erotica, often with a twist in the tail/tale and a sense of fun.  In the words of one reviewer, ‘Ms Flowers has a way of describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body.’ Her stories have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and she has had a number of novels and novellas published. She’s currently working on Alchemy xii, which will be serialised in monthly instalments over the whole of 2015. Find out more about her at Tamsin’s Superotica or Tamsin Flowers.


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  1. Oh my goodness – I’m one of those thinking ‘Zombie sex’ YIKES! But, after reading you very sensual, sexy excerpt…I gotsta check it out: ) Thanks for sharing, Tamsin. Sounds inviting…rather than revolting *smiles*

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