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WMS_blogtourFear can be a great motivator or a debilitating sickness. Take me for instance. I have a fear of not attaining my goals. This is a controllable fear in that I can decide the effort I put in to control the outcome. But I also have a fear of many bodies in close quarters were I won’t be able to reach an exit in an emergency. This is one I can’t control the outcome of as closely and I’ve had more than a few panic attacks. Luckily my husband has been there to help me, and is usually the one to recognize the signs before I’m fully aware of it myself.

I was able to take some of that experience and apply it to one of my characters in Edge of Need. Due to an injury Sutton sustained as a child, she had a fear of heights. And doesn’t tell Adam this detail before he drags her on the Ferris wheel at a carnival.


Edge of NeedExcerpt:

She swallowed the lump in her throat, fighting the panic swirling chaotically in her stomach. Everything in her chest felt tight, constrained to the point of pain she couldn’t process. Her frustration made it worse. Gray edged into her vision and suddenly she found herself gasping for breath.


“I don’t like heights.” She forced the words around ragged breaths.

“Then why did—oh hell. Breathe, Sutton. Look at me.” Adam’s voice registered faintly through the disarray. He sounded far away and distant as though she was the only one on the ride. When she didn’t immediately look, his hand closed over hers and he shifted closer. The movement caused their car to rock, spiking her panic.

Adam’s soothing voice sounded in her ear. “Look at me, fancy. Now.” The force and power behind the words caused her to move without thinking. “Good. Keep your eyes on me. I’m going to move my hand, but my arm is still here around you, all right?”


“Don’t look anywhere else than at me, understand?” The authority in his voice bled through the panic. How could he be so calm and casual while she was falling apart? “Everything is fine. I’m right here with you. I’m not going anywhere. You’re safe with me.”



Sidelined by a devastating injury, Sutton searches for someone who will command her, pleasure her and push her to the limits of her darkest desires. Within seconds of meeting a Dungeon Monitor, she is captivated by the rough edge of dominance he possesses.

Adam lives and breathes the lifestyle, unleashing his wilder side to deliver extreme and uncompromising demonstrations. But when he finds himself without a submissive, Sutton offers herself. One night under Adam’s sensual command and Sutton knows she’s found her perfect Master.

Their scenes are white-hot and they discover a fervent need that is not easily sated. Soon they are fighting a love they never expected, surrendering emotionally to fill the aching void in both their hearts. When Sutton is free to return to the dance stage she calls home, Adam knows he’ll have to convince her to accept life as his cherished submissive, collared and kept forever.

Warning: Sparks fly when two exhibitionists collide on stage. These two showoffs let their imaginations fly when it comes to delayed orgasms, spankings, inflatable toys, straight razors and one unbelievable collaring scene under the spotlight. Break out those opera glasses, you’re gonna want to get up close and personal.


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