An Angel’s Soul (Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain Series) by Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice

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The Sins of Wolves bikers prepare for the fight of their lives when special teams storm their coveted home at Safe Mountain. Unable to predict the outcome of a deadly war, Chuck and Robby lead several pack members to the front lines of a battle they cannot win.

Gifted shifters of an ancient breed, Robby and Rebecca are determined to fight for their mountain habitat and the Sins of Wolves. Together they join with Chuck and his mate in hopes of pulling out all the stops and overpowering their adversaries. Still, their efforts fall short of a true victory when one of their own is killed during the first strike. Safe Mountain soon becomes ground zero as the pack faces what is destined to unfold as the beginning of a catastrophic end.


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The Age of Innocence continued to gain momentum. According to newswires, armies were closing in and a dangerous rebellion was well underway.

Death was imminent. It would deliver a damning punch. There would be no peace, no shallow death, and murder would come in its most brutal forms—torture, concentration camps, and agonizing persecution for the families harboring their young or protecting mere strangers.

A civil war would only promise a violent end to a senseless beginning. Who would stand as victors and determine the fate of The Age of Innocence? A predicted outcome was impossible but those who left the battlefields at all would indeed be considered among the strongest and perhaps deadliest of winners just by leaving the hostile grounds with their very lives.


Excerpt from An Angel’s Soul

What happened next unfolded like a series of events in slow motion. The red circles danced up and down, zipping from side to side, and crossing at strategic points as if to follow a specific pattern.

Laurel stared at the wall ahead now bright with fiery color. “Oh God.”

“No! Laurel!” Romy screeched. “Get down now! Chuck! Do something!”

It was too late.

Robby yelled, but his voice resonated like a reverberating deep baritone. “No!” His haunting scream echoed around them, but none of them could save her.

Chuck turned, but he couldn’t scramble to his feet in time to rescue his dear friend. Rebecca pivoted to the left and extended her arms, clearly prepared to phase and save Laurel’s life.

The shots rang out. One, then ten, then fifteen and then twenty. Pupupupow! Pupupupow!

No one could save the club’s sheep. Death’s henchman had placed its kiss of death on Laurel’s unsuspecting check.

Snipers took their marked deadly shots. And they made them count.

Laurel’s arms flew out to her sides. Her weapons dropped to the floor with a thud. Her body jerked violently as gunmen fired repetitive shots.

“No!” Chuck screamed, his face twisting into an agonized expression as Laurel fell face forward in his lap.

As if he could do something to save her, Chuck dragged her away from the window’s view, covering her head with his arms. He must’ve thought the belated protection would matter.

Laurel’s blood-soaked clothes were probably filled with over a hundred bullet holes. Captain Larry Kellogg had successfully delivered a driven point.

They never had ten minutes, not for one second. They weren’t given a real chance to surrender. This day marked the day of reckoning.

It was time for the Senator and his men to make the true heroes look like vengeful outlaws. The time for persecution was upon them. Their enemies were there with murderous intentions and the weapons to ensure they carried out their orders.

As the pendulum of war kept a tally more than time, the first point was carried down. Sins of Wolves, zero. Senator Brighton, one.

The fight till the death was on.


Author Bios

Destiny Blaine is an international bestselling author writing under several award-winning pseudonyms. A full-time author for over ten years, Destiny loves writing in all genres. Her previous books have been #1 bestsellers at Bookstrand and her titles have captured #1 and #2 bestselling spots in eight different categories at Amazon. She enjoys hearing from her readers and invites them to connect on Facebook at or visit her on the web at If you enjoyed this series, join Destiny and the whole Safe Mountain crew at:

Marc Alice set out on a writing journey ages ago and discovered creative freedom at Dark Hollows Press. Working on collaboration projects, Lucifer’s Lunatic and Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain series, Marc believes love exists at the root of goodness and evil. He enjoys writing stories where there are clear antagonists and protagonists, and finds it’s always enjoyable when the two work out their differences and reach satisfying, and sometimes intimate, conclusions.

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