At Sh! Good Suckers are Made not Born

KD: Today I won’t be steaming up your monitors with erotica tidbits, but with hot, practical tips instead.  Today I’m talking with one of my very favourite people on the planet, the fabulous, sassy Renee Denyer, who is the manager of what everyone already knows is my very favourite sexy store on the planet, Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium. Recently Renee gave me a fabulous write-up of the materials she uses when she teaches Sh!’s most popular class —  you guessed it — the ‘Blow His Mind’ class on blow jobs. All I can say is, wow! I had no idea! With that in mind, I decided to ask Renee a few questions about fellatio to share with my lovely readers.

KD: Renee, so you think men are as insecure about asking for blow jobs as women are about giving them?

Renee: Men may feel awkward asking for it, but they certainly have no problems hinting at it! I think all women have felt a firm hand on their head, pushing us further down, at some point..!

KD: What are your most commonly asked questions when you teach the BJ course at Sh!?

Renee: The most commonly asked question is the one that is hardest to answer: “how long should a blow job go on for?” There is simply no right answer to this. It depends on your mood, on his mood, whether it’s done as foreplay or main course, how long you can comfortable suck him without getting jaw ache… How ever long you fancy, be that five minutes or an hour (though the ladiez are usually horrified at the thought of sucking for a whole hour!). I’d recommend alternating the sucking with some wet kissing and licking of his member in order to give you a break during the blow job.

KD: What inspired the blow jobs course?

Renee: Gosh, I can’t even remember! It probably involved plenty of wine during an after-hours conversation with a colleague… We meet many women who feel insecure when it comes to technique, so that’s probably how it started.

KD: When I read the write-up you sent me of the material you used for the course, I have to admit I found the actually anatomy bit totally fascinating. A lot of it, I didn’t know. Do you think understanding our sexual anatomy contributes to good sex, or is it sometimes a case of less is more?

Renee: A good understanding of basic anatomy is important. During the class, we start off by talking anatomy; women generally know what a dick looks like on the outside, but they have no idea what goes on the inside. There are no bones or muscles inside a cock, just cylinders filled with erectile tissue. The cylinders fill with blood when a man gets turned on, hence why men don’t think so well when they are hot n’ bothered – there is simply not enough blood to go around!

KD: Tell us about classes coming up at Sh! And will the BJ class be offered again soon?

Renee: We have some great classes planned in for next year, like rope classes, spanking classes and how to up your orgasm-quota! As the Blow His Mind class is the most popular, we’ll do it monthly. It’s a great evening for getting the girls together for some giggles and learning a few new tricks!

KD: In future, I hope to entice Renee back to A Hopeful Romantic with more sneak peeks at the fabulous courses and events offered at Sh! In the meantime, Renee has included four tips from the course as the cherry on top, so to speak, of this post. Thanks a lot, Renee, for the crash course. You and all the lovely Ladiez at Sh! are the best!


1.    Take a sip of a cold drink and go down on him. Then take a sip of a warm drink, and suck. Then, another sip of the cold drink… You’re changing his sensate-focus ~ very sexy!

2.    If your breasts are medium – generously-sized, drizzle some warming  lube over them, squeeze them together and let him thrust in between. For extra brownie-points, lick the head on each up-stroke…

3.    Simple Simon Says: Suck Harder. Insert a finger into his mouth for him to lick and suck at the same time you’re sucking his cock. Suck at the same intensity and speed as he’s sucking your finger – you’re playing ‘Simple Simon Says’ on his cock!

4.    My personal favourite: The Number-10 Technique. Start off by giving him 9 short sucks on the head, then 1 deep one down over the shaft (as deep as you can go without gagging). Give him 8 short sucks on the head and 2 deep sucks over the shaft; 7 short sucks and 3 deep… You get where I going with this? Keep a quiet count in your head, and by the time you get to 1 short suck and 9 deep ones, he’ll be ready to blow his load!

Good suckers are made, not born!