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Food Porn and Naughty Fairy Tales with Elizabeth Black

It’s my pleasure to welcome back to A Hopeful Romantic Elizabeth Black with more delicious naughty fairy tales. And when I say delicious, I mean as in yummy, let’s eat! Welcome Elizabeth!

I like food porn because I love to eat, especially unusual foods. I’ve had sea urchin, fried conch, and li hing mui. I drink Pokari Sweat. I haven’t had durian fruit yet but it’s on my list and I know where to get it. I hear it tastes and smells like a combination of rotten onions and smelly gym socks. Yuck!

I have eaten all of the foods I name in my novella “Climbing Her Tower” (my erotic version of Rapunzel). There’s something erotic about food. The textures make my mouth come alive, and the flavors simply explode over my tongue. Even eating a lowly strawberry can be a decadent experience. Give yourself time to enjoy and savor a fruit or sliver of meat. Don’t woof it down without even giving your tongue a chance to taste it. Eating should be a sensuous experience. If you don’t have an orgasm in your mouth, you’re not doing it right.

Taste and smell go together, too. I’m sure you’ve noticed how food tastes bland when you have a stuffed up head from a cold. Try this experiment: hold your nose and blindfold yourself. Have someone give you a slice of onion and a slice of apple but not tell you which one you are eating. The difference in taste won’t be as great as you think it would be. So inhale the aroma of your food before you take that first bite. Breathe whilst you eat. Enjoy the full experience of food so you get the most out of your meal.

So, you want to know what li hing mui is? Read my excerpt below, and find out! This snack is common in Hawaii. My husband lived there when he was a child, and he couldn’t get enough of the stuff.



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Rapunzel has never known life outside her tower. She has never felt the company of a human being other than Mother, and she has never been in close contact with a man – until Prince Richard of Norwich climbs into her tower one dark night and sweeps her off her feet. Prince Richard introduces Rapunzel to erotic pleasures beyond her wildest dreams, and she wants more! In order to make her both his wife and his sex slave, Prince Richard needs to spirit her away from that tower, but Mother stands in his way. Prince Richard and Rapunzel begin a tantalizing and dangerous adventure in order to be together as one. And “let down your hair” takes on an entirely new meaning in their fevered embraces.


“I come bearing gifts again, my love. Since you were good little slut I have treats for you.”

He opened a container and held out to her a wet, round, whitish ball with a hole in the center as if a pit had been removed. She reached for it but he pulled it out of her grasp. With a smile, he placed his fingers at the sides of her mouth and squeezed until her jaw popped open. Mouth open and head facing upward, he held the ball over her face and slowly slid it between her lips. Her tongue darted out to lick it, not quite sure what she tasted. She took a bite out of the ball and immediately sweetness overwhelmed her palate. Eyes wide with delight and hunger, she begged for another bite. He fed her and she took a little at a time, relishing the delicious sweetness of the fruit.

“You like? These are lichees. A delectable fruit from Asia.”

“We’re nowhere near Asia. How did you get them?”

“From the Asian market just up the street. I brought you several Asian foods to try today, just for something different. Now let me give you something a little unusual.” He pulled a clear bag out of his knapsack and pulled out what looked like a wizened purple stone. “Suck on this and tell me what you think.”

She took the curious item into her mouth and immediately her tongue and cheeks clenched at the sour, salty taste. What on earth is this? I have no idea whether or not I like it. She sucked on it a little longer until she adjusted to the strange taste, and found that she enjoyed it. Her mouth watered at the sourness and the tart taste burned itself into her tongue. Her prince gave her experiences unlike any she had ever had before, and now he introduced her to bizarre food. Once the stone softened she chewed on the meat until there was nothing left but a gnarled pit. She spat the pit into her palm and smiled at him.

“So what do you think?” he asked.

“I like it, although I have no idea what it is and it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever tasted.”

“It’s called li hing mui, dried plums. They’re an acquired taste. I’m glad you like them although I really didn’t expect you to,” He grinned. “I give them to all my friends and watch them cringe.”

“I understand why. May I have another?”

“I’m giving you the whole bag, but you must hide it lest your mother find it. If she finds the bag you’ll be in a world of trouble.”

“I know. I have plenty of places to hide things. So what else do you have for me?”

“Ah, I have something you’ll love,” He pulled a small bottle out of his knapsack and a spiked ball and sat them on her table. “This is a pineapple. You eat it.”

“How do I eat it? It looks painful.”

His laugh was so sweet it lit up his face. “Not as it is, you silly thing. I need to cut it first.” He pulled a knife from his knapsack, since Rapunzel was not allowed to have sharp objects in her tower. Once he sliced the pineapple the delicious scent of citrus wafted over her head. He cut a slice and held it out to her.

“Open your mouth, slave.”

When her tongue touched the fruit her taste buds exploded with sweet pleasure. Oh, my! This is the most delicious fruit I’ve ever eaten! Mother has never given me anything like it. She closed her eyes and chewed slowly, relishing the flavor and texture of her latest delight from her prince.

“I also brought this bottle for you,” She opened her eyes to see him release the cap and the same smell of pineapple overwhelmed her senses. Ah, I see what he’s doing. He wants to saturate me with flavor and smell. “I won’t tell you how it works. Instead, I shall show you. Now lie down on the bed.”