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Cover Reveal for City Nights: One Night in San Francisco by Cass Peterson (@casspeterson1)

One Night in San Francisco


Nicky and Liam have only twenty four short hours to find out if their instantaneous attraction can develop into something more than an electric mile-high fumble. San Francisco has everything they need to put their previous disastrous relationships behind them but when they lose touch with each other almost immediately, fate seems to have other ideas. As the precious hours tick away, Liam moves heaven and earth to find the woman of his (filthiest) dreams before she leaves the city. Will he get to her in time?

Add to Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22728019-one-night-in-san-francisco


About the Author:

Cass Peterson is passionate about many things; her family, writing, chocolate, wine, cake, curry, gin, sunlit beaches, moonlit bedrooms and good novels to name but a few. At the moment she spends a good chunk of her time working on the day job, but she tries to fit the other passions in as often as possible.

She is a cat lover, an all-weather walker, a reader and reviewer of contemporary romance and an enthusiastic cook.

Cass likes to laugh, especially at Bill Bailey, Victoria Wood, Michael Palin and Eddie Izzard. She would happily live next door to any of these comedians.



New Covers, New Title for the Lakeland Witches

I’m very excited to share with you the lovely new covers for my Lakeland Witches trilogy. The covers have been redone, along with a slight upgrade in the titles to better reflect their paranormal romance genre. The novels themselves are still  both sizzling and chilling. And now they’re all dressed up for  the summer heat.

Lakeland new banner10358733_753604251350423_1560284403319862756_n



Body Temperature & Rising

Book one of the Lakeland Witches trilogy (Click here for: Book Two | Book Three)

Lakeland Witches 1 BTRAmerican transplant to the Lake District, MARIE WARREN, didn’t know she could unleash demons and enflesh ghosts until a voyeuristic encounter on the fells ends in sex with the charming ghost, ANDERSON, and night visits from a demon. To help her cope with her embarrassing and dangerous new abilities, Anderson brings her to the ELEMENTALS, a coven of witches who practice rare sex magic that temporarily allows needy ghosts access to the pleasures of the flesh.

DEACON, the demon Marie has unleashed, holds an ancient grudge against TARA STONE, coven high priestess, and will stop at nothing to destroy all she holds dear. Marie and her landlord, the reluctant young farmer, TIM MERIWETHER, are at the top of his list. Marie and Tim must learn to wield coven magic and the numinous power of their lust to stop Deacon’s bloody rampage before the coven is torn apart and more innocent people die.

Riding the Ether:

Book two of the Lakeland Witches trilogy (Click here for: Book One | Book Three)

Lakeland Witches 2 RTECassandra Larkin keeps her ravenous and dangerous sexual appetite secret until she seduces Anderson in the mysterious void of the Ether.  Anderson is the sexy, insatiable ghost who can give her exactly what she needs.

But sex is dangerous in a place like the Ether…

When the treacherous demon, Deacon, discovers the truth about the origin of Cassandra’s powerful lust, he plots to use her sex magic for revenge on Tara Stone and the Elemental Coven, who practice their own brand of sex magic.

Cassandra must embrace the lust and sexuality she fears and learn to use its power. Will she stand with Anderson, Tara, and the Elemental Coven against Deacon’s wrath or suffer the loss of friendship, magic and love?





Elemental Fire:

Book Three of the Lakeland Witches trilogy (Click here for: Book One | Book Two)

Lakeland Witches 3 EFObsessed with revenge, KENNET LUCIAN makes a deal with a demon, a deal he comes to regret when he meets TARA STONE, head of the Elemental Coven, and a powerful witch with a desire for revenge at least as great as his. Even though the attraction between the two is magnetic and the lust combustive, Kennet must betray her to accomplish his goal, which is ultimately her goal as well; to put a final end to the demon, Deacon’s, reign of terror. But can Tara trust the man who has wormed his way into her heart and the heart of the Elemental Coven? Can she trust LUCIA, the demon with whom Kennet is allied, a demon with her own agenda. The path to Deacon’s destruction is far from clear, and the price that must be paid to be free of him forever may be too high, even for Tara Stone.




Cover Reveal: Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)

Sweet SpotA Raw Talent book.

(unapproved blurb)

Virginia Miller is an up-and-coming tennis star. She’s gone from a ratty tennis court in a park in south London, England, to the world’s top training facility – Los Carlos Tennis Academy in California. In awe of the talent around her—Travis Connolly, Rufus Lampani and Nadia Gorlando, Virginia is all the more determined to make the most of the opportunity and show that she’s worthy of her place there. Her mentor, Nadia Gorlando, has every faith in her. But Virginia finds herself distracted—Nadia, as well as being a top notch tennis player, is seriously sexy, and Virginia’s mind keeps wandering where it shouldn’t. Will her crush get in the way of her career, or can she find a way to push the other woman out of her mind before it’s too late?

More info and excerpt: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/sweet-spot/

Add to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21521972-sweet-spot


Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9


Fulfilling the Contract is All Decked Out for Vegas!

I’m very excited to prance about and show off the gorgeous cover for Fulfilling the Contract, which is book two in The Mount Trilogy and the sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly.  And to celebrate the occasion, I’ve added a juicy excerpt to titillate and entice. Fulfilling the Contract will be out in paperback 13 February, just in time to make Valentine’s Day sizzle, and in eBook even sooner! Who says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

Blurb for Fulfilling the Contract:Fulfilling the Contract

Limo driver, NICK CHASE’s bad night gets worse when he picks up TANYA POVIC at a bar only to discover the explosive sex they share lands her in breach of her very strange contract. Blaming himself that Tanya will lose the large completion bonus earmarked for her mother’s surgery, Nick negotiates with her boss, the tough and mysterious ELSA CRANE, to allow him to fulfill Tanya’s contract and secure her bonus.

Elsa runs Mount Vegas, which offers voyeuristic pleasures for a price. Nick’s job, with Elsa and her quirky team, is to give clients something worth watching through the plate glass windows of Vegas’s luxury hotels and beyond. The learning curve is steep and kinky. As Nick and Elsa’s relationship sizzles and ignites more than hotel room rendezvouses are exposed. In this sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly things get positively dangerous as Rita Holly and her team are called in from London to lend a helping hand. Bets are being placed. Will Nick fulfil the contract? Will he and Elsa take the gamble? And will they find a way to win at the high stakes, double or nothing, game of hearts?

Excerpt from Fulfilling the Contract:

Elsa looked down at the specs she had discussed with Mrs. Keyser. It was another virgin loses her cherry to a surly billionaire scenario, which would be nicely spiced up by having the head of The Mount in London and the owner of its club playing the billionaire and his virgin. Rita and Edward’s involvement would raise Mount Vegas’ profile considerably within the organization, and it would be a voyeuristic treat for the whole team.

Originally she’d had Tanya in mind for the roll of the virgin with Deke playing the brusque billionaire Dom – he looked the part. Thankfully the idea had totally intrigued Rita and Edward or Elsa would have ended up playing the virgin. Though she never thought of herself as anything but worldly, she had the look that would have worked. She loathed the role of playing a sub almost as much as she loathed the role of a virgin. With Tanya gone, though, she supposed she should get used to it. There was at least one billionaire and virgin fantasy a month since Fifty Shades of Grey.

She forced her attention back to Mrs. K.’s specs, which she had entitled The Billionaire Buys a Virgin Bride.     

The plot was simple. The billionaire buys the virgin as his bride to pay off her family’s gambling debt. Of course that bit was all in Mrs. K.’s head. The actual fantasy would begin in the Wedding Chapel. Mrs. K. wanted that part included, with a kinky little scene before hand in which the billionaire checks out his merchandise just to make sure he gets what he paid for. Well that was a nice touch, Elsa thought. She wrote down a few notes about a discrete, but filthy feel-up and probe of the little innocent to make sure she really was a virgin under all that white taffeta. Elsa added some very naughty ideas about the groom guiding his little bride’s virgin hand to the fly of his tux for her first fondle of his very expensive junk. It was shaping up nicely for a billionaire/virgin fantasy.

After the happy couple say their ‘I do’s’ there would be hot sexy foreplay in the limo on the way to the hotel. Elsa could imagine lots of dirty talk on the part of the billionaire about his new bride’s lovely tits and her tight little slit that he was all bulging and hard to fuck. All the while the little virgin would be blushing and squirming and moistening the crotch of her wedding panties, or lack there-of – oooh, that was better yet, make the little dear walk down the aisle without any undies!

‘Oooh Mr. Chase, please be gentle with me. I’ve never been with a man before and you’re sooo biiig,’ Elsa said out loud in a mock-girlish voice. Foreplay in a limo. Of course it would be Nick Chase she’d think of. After he had stormed off last night, she’d given herself a serious finger fucking when she was alone in her bed trying to unwind after a day that had gone on forever. It wasn’t just the thought of him coming into Mount Vegas to finish out Tanya’s contract, all knight-in-shining-armor-like, it was that he’d even consider such a thing to begin with – blaming himself for Tanya’s bad behaviour. Okay, so he’d left in a huff when he found out what fulfilling her contract would involve, but he left with a hard-on, and one it didn’t take 20/20 vision to see. Five would get you twenty he’d had to stop and jerk off before he got back home. She wondered if he’d even made it out of the building before he’d had to answer the call.

God, how she’d love the chance to handle that cock! Wouldn’t it have been something if Nick Chase had agreed to finish out Tanya’s contract? Elsa’s panties definitely got moister at the thought. Wouldn’t she love the chance to train that boy up? With those drowning-deep cinnamon eyes and that slightly mussed bedroom hair that had the bronze shimmer of desert heat about it. Training him would be no hardship. He’d be a huge hit with the clients. She wished she’d have found a way to get that shirt off him. It was quite obvious the man was built for filth, and he was not the kind of a man she figured spent hours in the gym to get that way. He spent time in the sun, she’d bet. The bit of research she’d managed before he stormed the castle to rescue Tanya said that he owned a place with a couple acres outside town and that he’d inherited the limo business from his father. Not his first choice, the Vegas limo business, especially not for someone with Nick’s background. She wondered if his hands were calloused. She loved the feel of callouses against her more sensitive bits. She crossed her legs to get a good squeeze where she needed it and thought about guiding Nick Chase’s fingers to those sensitive bits to check for callouses.

britbabes_kink_hotnraunchy_4It was hard to get comfy in her chair as she read through Mrs K.’s specs. Seriously she would almost be willing to play the submissive virgin if Nick Chase were her billionaire, and certainly he had that surly billionaire look about him. And oh the way he did guilt! Mrs. K. would burn out her vibrator in a fit of lust at the very sight of him ‘de-virginizing’ Elsa. Elsa was just reaching in the drawer for her own vibrator to see where fantasies of Nick Chase ‘de-virginizing’ her might lead when there was a knock on the door, and her second in command stepped in without waiting for her invitation.

He smiled as she stuck the vibe back in its place. ‘You thinking about last night? I had a good wank afterwards. Chase is hot. I don’t mind saying I was disappointed to see him leave so quickly.’ He nodded down to the drawer where she kept her toys. ‘You want me to give you a few minutes? Or I can take care of you if you’d like.’

‘Thanks, Pike.’ She offered him a wave of her hand. ‘I’d love to take you up on it, but today I really don’t have time, so it’s a good thing you got here when you did. Now that we’re short-handed, I’ve got to re-shuffle everyone for tonight’s little adventure. Deke’s already set to play our big-name magician. Turns out he even knows a few magic tricks, but Tanya was supposed to be his buxom assistant who gets it up the ass in the disappearing cabinet.’

Pike nodded. ‘That was a nightmare to get cameras set up in. Leave it to Darnell Peters to complicate things.’

‘Yes but he pays well and he’s kinky as hell. And he adores watching Tanya.’

Pike sat one tightly jeaned ass-cheek on her desk and smiled down at her. ‘But he likes watching you even better.’

‘She was prepared for the role. I’m not.’

‘That never stopped you, Elsa. You’re great at pulling an act out of your ass. You’re upset about letting Tanya go, that’s all.’

She stared past him at the wall behind. ‘It was the right thing to do, Pike.’

He rolled his eyes. ‘If it had been me, I’d have done it a long time ago. Nobody’s that good. Personally –’ he leaned over the desk and brushed a quick kiss across her lips ‘—I’m still hoping our lovely Mr. Chase will have spent a sleepless, guilt-ridden night and rush back to us all ready to take on Tanya’s contract. I saw you slip the card into his pocket.’

She forced a little laugh. ‘Always an optimist, aren’t you, Pike?’

‘Always a pessimist, aren’t you, Elsa?’ He stood and rubbed his hands together in anticipation. ‘I think we haven’t seen the last of Mr. Chase. If I were to venture a guess, Tanya’ll harass him until the poor guy’ll take on her contract just to get her to leave him alone.’

‘Or he’ll take out a restraining order,’ Elsa said. Then she added. ‘Even if he did come back and he did agree to finish out Tanya’s contract, he’d never last two months. Hell I doubt he’d make it through one week.’

‘It’s Vegas,’ Pike said. ‘I’ll bet you he’ll call back in less than 48 hours, probably unable to shut out the guilt or Tanya’s badgering, or all the nasty thoughts he’s had about what he saw last night.’

Elsa was reminded again why she loved her second in command so much. He had a way of always convincing the pessimist in her that the glass was half full. ‘Alright,’ she said. ‘I’ll bet you we won’t see him again. If I win, I get one of your fabulous back rubs.’

He offered her a filthy look. ‘With all the trimmings?’

‘All the trimmings,’ she said.

‘And if I win, like it or not, you’ll be my sub in the next dungeon fantasy. Though I suppose before we shake on it, I should warn you I’ve stacked the deck.’

‘Oh?’ She folded her arms across her chest and glared at him.

‘I accidentally sent Tanya Mr. Chase’s cell phone number last night before I went off to beddy-bye.’ He stopped her response with quick kiss. ‘And no need to play shocked. I got it from you, my lady. You’re not the only one who has access to Mount Vegas research.’ He made quotation marks in the air with his fingers to emphasize the word “research.’” He looked at her from under a dramatically drawn brow. ‘You weren’t thinking of calling him yourself, were you?’

‘I certainly wasn’t.’ She replied. ‘And frankly, I don’t think it’ll matter even if you did give his number to Tanya. He fucked her once and got more than he bargained for. End of story. And he doesn’t have to answer his calls, so yes, Mr. Smart Ass. I’ll take your bet.’ She stretched in her chair and twisted her neck from side to side. ‘I really could use a good back rub.’ She offered him her hand.’

‘It’s a bet then,’ he replied shaking on it. Then he dusted a kiss across the back of her knuckles. ‘I’ll have the dungeon made ready.’

She reached up and gave his cheek a playful slap. ‘You do that. I always like my people to have a well prepared work place. Now can we take a look at this week’s agenda and see how we can minimize the loss-of-Tanya-damage.’

To Rome With Lust, Book 3 of The Mount Series, Coming November 2014

To Rome With Lust, Book 3 of The Mount Series, Coming November 2014


And Now a Peek at Bring on the Heat! Sexy Cover, Sexy Anthology

BringOnTheHeatBring On the Heat

I so can’t wait for this one! The cover is sizzling hot, but then what would you expect when you take a look at all the fabulous authors who put the heat in the collection! Definitely put January 6th on your calendar and start 2014 with a heatwave! For more details check out the Bring on the Heat FaceBook page.

A scorching collection from ten of today’s hottest authors

Title: Bring On the Heat

Genre: Erotic romance

Length: Approx 263k words

Release date: January 6, 2014

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BringOnTheHeat


Boxed Set:

Eden Bradley: Breaking Skye

Cassandra Carr: Caught

Stephanie Julian: An Indecent Proposition Part I

Amber Kallyn: Burned

Keira Kohl: Laundry day

Adriana Kraft: Cherry Tune-Up

Emma Lai: Riding Romeo

Anh Leod: Clockwork Captive

Ann Mayburn: First Kiss

Cari Quinn: Jingle Ball

Bring on the heat 2

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