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Shameless Selfie Gracefully Aroused.



Happy Shameless Selfie Saturday everyone! Oh, I know, this is not technically a selfie, but a snapshot of any of my books is very much a snapshot of me. The books on the blanket are just a random sample. That explains the selfie bit, now for the shameless part, well, I’m hoping you have shamelessly delightful plans for your down time. Me? I’m writing a naughty story for the next Brit Babes anthology. Oh yes! I’ll be having shameless fun! In the meantime, I hope to send you into your weekend shamelessly and Gracefully Aroused

Gracefully Aroused is a collection of KDG short stories put together by Xcite into one sizzling volume of quickies guaranteed to make you hot — gracefully or otherwise. And most definitely guaranteed to be totally shameless. Since my day is jam-packed with writing and PR, I chose a story appropriate to the circumstances. Here’s a little excerpt from Productivity.



Warning! Excerpt for adults only:



best-of-kdg-final-cover-imageProductivity Excerpt:

‘You want me to do what?’ Alan’s voice cracked in a sudden bout of nerves that would have been completely unacceptable at the negotiating table.

‘You heard me.’ Victoria spoke like she had just asked him to hand her the stapler. ‘I’d give you a little privacy and let you do it in the loo, but you’d tell me you’d done it when you actually hadn’t, and then you’d go into this meeting with the muscles in your shoulders still like rocks and the acid in your stomach still on the rise.’ She walked to the door like she owned the place and locked it. ‘It’s my job to prevent that, so come on,’ she nodded to the fly of his trousers. ‘Trust me, you’ll feel so much better afterward, and you’ll be amazed at how much better the meeting will go.’

He folded his hands protectively in his lap. ‘I can’t just yank one off right here in front of you.’

‘Course you can. I’ve got a copy of Hustler in my briefcase if that’ll help.’

He cursed under his breath and scooted as far back in his chair as he could get.

She rolled her eyes. ‘Look, you hired me to improve your productivity, to make you a better boss, and frankly, you’ve got no outlet.’

‘I’m going to the gym three times a week, just like you ordered. That’s an outlet, isn’t it?’


She tisk-tisked him. ‘Alan, you told me yourself you haven’t had a good shag in four years.’

‘Three and a half,’ he corrected.

She waved a dismissive hand. ‘The point is, humans are sexual animals, we have sexual needs, and whether you like it or not, the fact that yours aren’t getting met interferes with your productivity.’

‘You don’t know that.’

She gave him a hard stare over the top of her Sarah Palin glasses. ‘Look, when you hired me, a part of the deal was that you do as I say. I told you I’m too busy to waste my time with someone who isn’t serious about taking my advice.’

‘I know, but …’

‘You knew my methods were unorthodox. You also know that I’m the best. I get the job done when no one else can.’

‘Yes, but–’

‘Then do it.’ She looked down at her watch. ‘You’ve got plenty of time. I planned it that way so you could relax and enjoy it.’ She raised a hand to squelch his protest. ‘Don’t tell me you need to go over your presentation. That’s rubbish. We both know you don’t. You probably have it memorised. I promise you, this will be much more beneficial than reviewing your notes.’ She nodded again to his fly.

When he still sat frozen in his seat, she heaved a busty sigh, grabbed a chair and pulled it in front of his. ‘If it’ll help, I’ll do it with you. Will that be better?’ She was already pulling her pencil skirt up over her hips to reveal red lace suspenders and knickers that were barely there. All at once it felt like the air had gone out of the office, and the sudden bulge in his trousers threatened to blow a seam.


‘There. You see?’ She nodded to his expanding package. ‘If it takes no more than a look at my knickers to make you hard, then I’d say I’ve proven my point.’ She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a matching bra. ‘Hope you don’t mind, but when I masturbate, I like to play with my breasts.’

Play with her breasts! Bloody hell! For a terrifying moment, he thought he would lose control and come right there in his trousers.

‘Breathe,’ she commanded, as she reached behind her to undo her bra. ‘There’s no rush. Take your time. Enjoy it.’ She released full breasts topped with gumdrop nipples, and her gaze dipped again to his crotch. ‘It you don’t relieve the pressure down there, you’ll rip the zipper out.’

This time, he obeyed, struggling first with his belt, which threatened to defeat him now that all the blood had left his brain and rushed to his cock.

‘Relax,’ her voice was suddenly thicker, lazier, like she’d just gotten out of bed. ‘There’s nothing to be nervous about. Your task is to enjoy yourself.’ She cupped her breasts and began to knead, stroking the length of her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. ‘You’re the boss, remember? All good bosses have their secret weapons, and sex is the very best one, I promise you.’

‘But with myself?’ He sucked oxygen between his teeth as his cock sprang free, pointing accusingly toward Victoria’s haughty nipples.

‘Sex is sex. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solo job, as long as it gets results.’ Her eyes locked on his erection. ‘Now stroke it, the way you like most. You do have a favourite method, don’t you, a way that makes you come best? Most people do, at least the ones who are honest.’


‘You make all your clients masturbate?’ he grunted.

‘If they’re not coming regularly, yes. You’d be surprised what a common problem that is.’

Even then he would have hesitated, but she wriggled down in the chair to get comfortable. Then she raised the half-dome cheeks of her luscious bottom just enough to pull the crotch of her panties out of the way and give him a view of the smoothly shaven split that began against the pale pillow of her mound and opened, as her legs splayed, to reveal dark, moist folds protecting the swell of her pout between. Then, the no-nonsense fingers that handled a BlackBerry like a surgeon’s scalpel slipped in between those distended folds and began to thrust and scissor in long, lazy strokes, pausing periodically to tweak her clit against the press of her thumb.

By that time his cock felt like a zeppelin between his legs, and the weight in his balls was unbearable. He couldn’t stand it any longer. He began yanking and tugging at himself like there was no tomorrow, grinding and bouncing against the chair until he feared he’d split the leather. All the while, his gaze never left her pussy, where her thrusting fingers perfectly matched his rhythm.

It was all over in a few breathless seconds. He arched in the chair as though his back would break and shot a jet-powered stream of jizz arcing across the floor straight onto her smart, black stilettos.

But before he managed more than a flash of embarrassment, she stiffened against the probing of her fingers and uttered a little mewling cry that quivered up her throat and erupted into a sharp gasp.

Then she was kneeling in front of him with the box of tissues helping him clean up and tucking him in, all the while speaking a throaty string of encouragements. ‘That was good, Alan. Well done. Just what you needed. You’ll


knock ’em dead.’
And he did! The impossible client was putty in his

hand, and the deal went through with more ease than he could have ever hoped for.


Gracefully Aroused Blurb:

From a love spell that doesn’t quite go to plan to a farmhand who needs a little discipline; from a woman who is addicted to the confessional to a personal trainer with a very unorthodox method of guaranteeing his clients they’ll look fab come bikini season, K D Grace will tell you a naughty story with a twist. Before there was Ms Holly and the Pet Shop, before there were sexy ghosts, before Grace Marshall upped the romance ante, K D Grace was into quickies, and here’s a selection of her naughtiest.


Other Stories in Gracefully Aroused:

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“This whole collection is varied, balanced, and beautifully—even, yes, gracefully—written, and you shouldn’t miss a word of it, so reading it all yourself is the only way to go.” Reviewed by Sacchi Green for Erotica Revealed