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Admit You Want It: BDSM Erotica by Lisabet Sarai

AdmitCover320Deluxe “boxed set” ebook, now available from Books We Love!

Buy link – Amazon US

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For connoisseurs of literate kink, Admit You Want It combines eighteen of Lisabet Sarai’s sizzling D/s short stories plus a 30,000 word novella in one economical package.


Just a Spanking (pushing limits in an established relationship)

Wired (some technically creative bondage)

Ruler (an absolute monarch learns a lesson)

Silver Bells (intense BDSM holiday ménage)

Sundae, Bloody Sundae (lesbian BDSM about terror and trust )

Stroke (submission is all in the mind)

Quiet Evening at Home (a two-timing charmer gets what he deserves)

Limbo (journeys outside the body to the edges of endurance)

Bangkok Noir (BDSM thriller set in the steamy heart of Asia)

Like Riding a Bicycle (a long-married couple reclaim their kinky roots)

Domestic Goddess (punishing an inattentive Master)

On the Beach (romantic and intense M/F/M ménage)

Shades of Red (femdom revelations in the Amsterdam red light district)

Try Before You Buy (light-hearted lesbian D/s)

Tease (fantasies of submission fulfilled)

Wednesday Night at Rocky’s Ace Hardware (toys are everywhere!)

Higher Power (magick, spirit and submission)

Spank Me Again, Stranger (an unexpected birthday celebration)

Limits: A Love Story (love and blood sports)


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Reviewers have raved about these tales of dominance and submission. Now you can get a super-sized portion of kinky erotica at a very special price.

“Sarai’s approach to ‘kink’ or BDSM can only be described as ecstatic and profound. Her descriptions of bondage, blindfolding, spanking and whipping manage to be hot yet dignified and respectful of everyone involved, conveying an insider’s knowledge. The varied sex scenes in these stories always seem to flow from the plot and the characters.” Jean Roberta , author of Obsession and Flight of the Black Swan

“If you love BDSM stories that reach into your darkest places and keep you on the edge of your seat, then you simply must give ‘Spank Me Again, Stranger’ a try.” – Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews (five stars)

“’Bangkok Noir’ grabs you from the opening paragraph and doesn’t let you go until the fade-out” – TimTwo Lips Reviews (five kisses)



Wired – Rated X

“What will Steve and Rob think when they come in tomorrow and find you tied to your chair? And when they turn on your monitor?”

I reached over his shoulder to click the switch. As I’d expected, the screen was full of kinky images, men hogtied and suspended, secured in a hundred uncomfortable positions, all with huge, hungry erections.

Krishna looked terrified. “Don’t tell anyone―please don’t tell! They’ll deport me if they find out…”

“Your secret is safe with me.” I tangled my fingers in his opulent hair. “Provided that you cooperate, of course.”

He didn’t bother to ask me what I meant.

I took a moment to drink in the gorgeous picture he made. If his complexion had been lighter, I knew I would have seen the blood heating his cheeks. The festive scarves looked like they’d be pretty effective in keeping him where he was. But they weren’t enough, I sensed. Not for him.

I scanned his office, seeking inspiration, kicking myself for not having brought some of the heavy twine that I used to tie up the bougainvillea  on my balcony. On the other hand, the twine might be too coarse. It might seriously damage that flawless dark skin.

Krishna watched me, eyes wide, frightened and expectant. The weight of his need settled on me like a two ton boulder. Suddenly I felt lost. What was I doing? What did I know about bondage? I paced around the office, trying to act confident and bossy. Playing for time.

Don’t screw things up now, Liz. He squirmed a bit against the silk, testing the strength of the bonds. My pussy spasmed at the sight. Think.

I was getting desperate. Then my eyes lighted on the pile of Cat 5 Ethernet cables coiled neatly in the corner. Aha! Once again I gave thanks for Krishna’s role as sysadmin.

I turned my back on him, bending from the waist to rummage through the collection. My skirt rode up, revealing the purple silk panties that clung to my ass. Krishna’s gaze was a hot spotlight on my scarcely concealed flesh. Could he see the dampness of my inner thighs?

Each cable was labeled in my victim’s precise handwriting. I selected one marked as ten meters. Should be long enough. As an afterthought, I grabbed a couple of short lengths as well. All three were an electric blue color, which I thought would harmonize nicely with the scarves..

I hadn’t thought Krishna’s eyes could open wider. I was wrong.

“No, Liz…don’t…”

“I’ll do what I want.” I was already wrapping the longer cable around his torso. The plastic-sheathed wire circled under his arms and across the back of his chair. I made four or five loops across his chest, careful to align them nicely in parallel stripes across his snow-white shirt. The vivid blue strands were tight enough to indent the fabric and to dig in slightly where they crossed his partially bared chest.

Krishna released a deep moan.

“Too tight?”  I paused in my labors, brushing my hair away from my sweaty forehead. His eyes were closed, long lashes feathering his beautiful brown cheeks. I reached into his lap to squeeze his erection through his trousers. His eyes snapped open. He was harder than ever.

“No, no, it’s just…I shouldn’t…what if someone sees…”

“That’s my problem, not yours. You don’t have any choice anymore. In fact, I think I need to gag you to stop you from complaining.”

“Gag me?”  His face registered true terror, yet his solid cock leaped in my hand. I decided to believe his cock.

I dragged my skirt up to my waist and shimmied out of my panties. The ocean smell of my pussy filled the cubicle. “Open wide,” I told him.

Shame, fear and desire battled in his elegant face. I laid a palm against his smooth cheek. “Open your mouth, Krishna,” I murmured, trying to make my voice gentle. “I know you want to. It’s okay.”

Our eyes met. I saw him melt. I sensed his sudden trust. A bolt of lust sizzled through me. I held the drenched undergarment under his nose. His nostrils flared. Slowly his ripe lips parted. I stuffed the damp ball of crumpled silk into his mouth. He coughed.

“Breathe through your nose,” I told him, remembering what I’d read. “That’s a good boy.”

I hurried to finish the binding I’d planned, eager to get to the next stage. After tying the long cables in a knot behind his chair, I bent to secure his legs with the shorter lengths of wire. It would have been easier if he’d been sitting in a normal chair. I rounded each ankle several times. Then I had to fasten the cable to one of the supports radiating from the star-shaped base. It looked messy, but I hoped that it was stable and tight enough to excite him.

I stood back to survey the result. It took my breath away.

Sturdy blue cables lashed Krishna’s lean body to his chair. The muscles in his thighs tensed under his neat slacks as he strained against his bonds. His mouth was wadded with shocking purple. Damp jet curls tumbled over his brow, making him look boyish yet somehow dissolute. The naked V of chest exposed by his unbuttoned shirt gleamed with perspiration. Tendrils of black hair curled around the wires compressing his tawny flesh. His nipples poked out between two parallel strands like pink pearls.

The fact that he was mostly dressed, the shelf of technical books in the background, the computer monitor blinking behind his trussed form, only made the picture more lewd. There was only one thing missing.

I knelt between his thighs, spread wide by the cables around his ankles. Forcing myself to move slowly, to build the suspense, I reached for his fly.

He jumped at my first touch. My panties muffled his protest. “Don’t you dare come,” I told him, as I drew the zipper down. “Not until I give you permission.”

His cock sprang up through the gap I made. Behind the gag he whimpered like a beaten dog. Saliva gathered in my mouth. Pussy juice trickled from my cleft.

Patience, Liz. Give him what he needs. Then you can take your pleasure.

Trying to ignore the pulse between my thighs, I rolled back onto my heels and stood upright, then pulled out my cell phone. “Now you’re ready, Krishna. Now that you’re—controlled—I’m going to capture this for posterity.” I pointed the camera lens at his bound form.

He grunted, shaking his head violently, tugging against the cables and the scarves. For a moment I worried that he’d topple the chair.

“Hush! Don’t worry. This will be our little secret—as long as you behave, that is. Don’t you want to see what you look like?”

He calmed. He rested in his bonds, motionless and silent. Only  his eyes spoke.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered, framing his cable-wrapped form on the LCD screen and snapping the shutter. “Beautiful and perverse and unbelievably hot.”

I stuffed the mobile back into my right pocket and pulled a condom from my left. I had waited long enough.

He trembled when I rolled the latex down his length. He moaned into his gag when I straddled his body, knees on the chair seat on either side of his hips, and lowered myself onto his jutting cock. I rocked back and forth, sinking him more deeply into my soaking cunt. I was filled with hot hard flesh—Krishna’s flesh, that I’d craved for so very long. He was mine.

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