The joy of e-text

However, the rise in the popularity of e-books combined with the power of social networking and the possibility that in a recession, cheap, escapist books hold even more appeal, appears to have created a perfect storm of sales.

“I remember going into book stores wanting something a little racy but not being brave enough to buy what was on the shelf because the covers were so hideous,” says KD Grace, the author of The Initiation Of Ms Holly, which re-entered Amazon’s romantic fiction charts following the popularity of the 50 Shades series.

“I thought, ‘What are people going to think if they see me reading this?’ ” she adds. “So to be able to read anything you want at any time is just phenomenal. I also think more and more men are reading erotic fiction now, because a man’s just not going to want to carry around a book with a bodice ripper cover. For the first time people are able to read whatever they want.”

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