Fifty Shades of Grey effect boosts award-winning Welsh publisher

Xcite has now signed a three-book contract with erotic and romantic novelist Grace Marshall – better known to some as KD Grace, whose erotic novel The Initiation of Ms Holly has been reprinted for a second time following increased demand in the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Hazel says as well as sex, people still deep down want a love story at the heart of the fiction.

And she says that given a little encouragement, there is an erotic novelist in all of us.

“What we have realised is a lot of people, although they want it sexy, they also want a love story, and want the relationship element,” she said.

Read the entire article at Wales Online.

2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey effect boosts award-winning Welsh publisher

  1. You know, this blog/site is like my happy place. Happy authors, good writing, uplifting news… this made my morning! Go you, and go Hazel, and go love stories and a boom in fiction!

    1. Thanks Shar! You SO made my day! That’s exactly how I want this site to be, and it delights me to know you find it that way! Go all of us!!!


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