Nick Chase Assumes the Position

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Nick Chase Assumes the Position

It’s taken a bit of doing, but I’ve finally gotten Nick Chase, the sexy limo-driver, from Fulfilling the Contract, to agree to let my lovely readers sit in on one of our little psych-sessions. We writers are all practicing psychologists when it comes to our characters. When they need someone to talk to, we hang our counselling shingle and pick up pen and notebook while they stretch out on the couch and unburden themselves.

Nick Chase arrives in his usual black jeans and a black cotton shirt. It’s his uniform when he’s driving, and it SO works for me. He helps himself to a cup of coffee then plops down on the couch with a nearly painful sigh. I watch nervously, sure he’s going to end up with it splashed all over his nice package. But the man is nothing if not coordinated.

Nick: (Glances around the room nervously at all of my readers.) I suppose I should get used to people watching me doing … private things. Shit! (Sets the cup down on the coffee table and rubs his hands against the tops of his thighs) I think I must be out of my mind. I mean sure, I had sex with Tanya Povic, and okay I did get her fired from Mount Vegas. But how the hell was I supposed to know? And then I stupidly agree to finish out her contract so she can get her bonus! Fuck, KD! What the hell was I thinking?

KD: Why do you think you agreed, Nick? Clearly Tanya was already getting plenty of sex and already breaking the rules before you came along.

Nick: You’re gonna think I’m crazy. (Laughs nervously) But then you probably already think that or I wouldn’t be here, would I? (Shifts on the couch and runs fingers through bronze hair, which does nothing to rid him of that fresh out of bed look. I do a little shifting of my own.) At first I felt guilty, you know. For getting her fired. I mean she lost a huge bonus she’d had earmarked for her mother’s surgery, but damn, when I found out what they do at Mount Vegas, what that crazy Elsa Crane expected me to do, well I ran. I just ran. I mean wouldn’t you?

KD: But you came back.

Nick: Oh it’s not like I’m a hero or anything. You know why I came back? You know why I agreed to … to work for Elsa, to let people watch me having sex? (He shoves up from the sofa and begins to pace in front of the window. We’re in the Elara today in one of the junior suites. He turns his back and stares out at the mountains that hem Vegas in the desert) It’s Elsa Crane. Fuck! I can’t believe I’m admitting this. The woman makes me furious. But the first time I saw her, it was in a suite at the Cosmopolitan, she was dressed like Tarzan’s Jane, all leopard print loin cloth and halter top. And her hair, God all that thick dark hair! It looked like she’d been … I mean it was a hotel room and she was sitting on the bed. She just looked so wild. It was clear right then she was the boss, ordering everyone around, taking control, not in a bad way, in a competent way. And there were all of these monitors and computers and scopes. That’s when I found out what they did at Mount Vegas and …

KD: And?

Nick: (He plops back down on the sofa takes a gulp of coffee and burns his tongue. When his eyes stop watering, he catches his breath and continues.) Well I couldn’t stop thinking about Elsa Crane. I mean the woman was practically laughing at me, wasn’t she? And then when I came back, when I decided to try and talk to her, well, I caught her in one of those fantasy acts Mount Vegas provides for its clients. They stage things for voyeurs, you know. They get paid a lot of money for it too. Anyway Elsa was all tied up and Pike – he’s her second in command – he was spanking her and making her do things, really filthy things and …

KD: And it aroused you?

Nick: (offers a gorgeous blush, then grabs the throw pillow from the sofa and shoves it strategically onto his lap) I didn’t want it to. Really I didn’t. And I didn’t intend to agree to Elsa’s terms, to fulfil Tanya’s contract, but Elsa Crane … well the woman doesn’t take no for an answer. The woman’s crazy. Have you had her on your couch, KD? Because, really she needs it worse than I do.

KD: We’re talking about you, Nick, not Elsa.

Nick: Thing is; (He’s avoiding my gaze now, looking down at his hands on top of the pillow) I’m not doing this for Tanya, even though she’s the one I wronged. I’m doing this for Elsa Crane. (He shrugs and glances up at me) She doesn’t think I can pull off working for Mount Vegas, doing what they do, until Tanya’s contract is up. I know she doesn’t. I can see it in her eyes. I’m not even sure I can. The crazy thing is; I don’t care about the clients who’ll be paying to watch me. I don’t care about Tanya’s bonus. What I care about is getting Elsa off while she watches me. And I know she’ll be watching, monitoring. You know, making sure the fantasy goes according to plan.

Actually, (There’s that blush again) I get off on the thought of her watching me, and ever since I met her, (He clears his throat several times, like something’s stuck in it. And when he speaks again it’s barely loud enough for me to hear) well I’m always horny. I’m always having to … take care of business. I can’t get her off my mind. The thought of her watching me while I do the nasty, the thought of her being turned on by what I do, well … that gets me there. (He shifts beneath the pillow and glances at the door.) I really need to go. I uh… I’ve got a pick-up over at the Tropicana and then I’m meeting Elsa for an orientation session. Christ, KD, I really hope I can pull this off.

KD: I hope you can too, Nick.

Nick: (He finishes his coffee in a single go, tosses the pillow aside and tugs at his shirt) Wish me luck.

(I give him the thumbs up as he stands to go. Then, I know it’s unprofessional, but I watch his very fine backside move in those sexy black jeans as he heads for the door. You all are watching too, aren’t you? Don’t lie, I’m the shrink and I’ll know if you do.)

See more of Nick Chase in book two of The Mount series – Fulfilling the Contract.

Excerpts from Nick’s interview first appeared on Gale Stanley’s blog 20 February 2014.

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