Spring Heat Wave at Sh! Hoxton May 6th

Everyone is talking about the hot spring we’re having here in the UK,  and I’m happy to announce that it’s about to get a whole lot hotter. Friday night, 6th May Sh! Women’s Store Hoxton will be the hottest place in town.

 After a fabulous debut at Sh! Portobello, the sexy art of Mayo will now be on display at the Hoxton Sh! Store, and the artist herself will be joining the fun to tell us all about her steamy creations.

 The very delicious Kay Jaybee will be reading from her sizzling new novel, The Perfect Submissive, and I hear there may also be more fab BDSM excerpts from her hot collection, Yes Ma’am,

 And yours truly will be giving a sneak-preview from my new novel, The Pet Shop. Even as I write this, I’m giving the proofs one final read-through before Xcite Books gets Pets ready for the big debut. Oh yes, I’m excited!

 If you’re on this side of the pond, come join us for pink fizz, cupcakes, fabulously sexy art and steamy reading that will leave you needing a fan, or some serious personal air conditioning – or more fizz:)

 RSVP at Sh! Hoxton. And gents, be sure to have an escort of the female persuasion.


The Initiation of Ms Holly just had another five-star review from Miz Love Loves Books. It came at a time when I was feeling a little under the weather, and was just the pick-me-up I needed. 

“A thoroughly enjoyable erotic read which ticks all the boxes and leaves the reader feeling satisfied with their choice of fiction… I can’t wait to see what this talented author comes up with next.” Miz Love Love Books

The Hopeful Romantic Site is opening up to guest bloggers very soon. Keep watching for more information on new and exciting guests and topics that will always be sizzling whether the summer is or not.

 Since it’s the time of year to get out and enjoy the bluebells and walk in the lovely British countryside, I shared my experience of walking the story with the amazing Rebecca J Clark over at her fabulous Once Written Twice Shy site, along with some great photos of walking the beginning of The Initiation of Ms Holly. Thanks, Rebecca, I had a blast!

 Most of you know, I now have the final proofs back from The Pet Shop for one last look-see before I give custody over completely to Xcite. It’s lovely to have a little more time with Tino and all his rough and tumble friends.

 And, the nest never stays empty for long. Lakeland Heat Wave is well under way and promising to be challenging is more ways that I could have anticipated. The fun is just beginning. I’ll be off to the Lakes as of May 8th  for some heavy-duty fell walking. I’m looking forward to soaking up more ambiance and finding out a bit more about Mountain Rescue and raising sheep. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! One of my characters is a farmer. :^)


3 thoughts on “Spring Heat Wave at Sh! Hoxton May 6th

  1. Hi KD!

    Love your blog! I also love that by the click of a button, I can hop across the pond and visit you! *laughing* This is too fun. The opening day of the Sh site sounds wonderful and wish I could actually visit in person! Have fun for us; we expect a full accounting of the days events.
    I look forward to being a guest on your blog and chatting with you visitors! *waving to all KD’s readers* Life can be so exciting but sometimes it’s up to US to make our own excitement – never underestimate your own power, ladies!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Tonya!

      Looking forward to having you guest on my blog! And will definitely give you a rousing account of the fun at Sh! the 6th. Wish you could join us.

      K Dx

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