More Roman Heat!

It’s nearly party time for To Rome with Lust, the latest novel in The Mount Series! Preorders have been fantastic, and I’m elated to see so many people as anxious to read Rome as I am to launch it into the world! As always, my readers are the best!!! Though the official release date is 4th December, There’s all kinds of fun and excitement beforehand. I love planning a good party, don’t you? SO Here are the details of how you can get an early taste of Rome and help launch my latest into the world.




That’s right, To Rome with Lust will be causing a storm on launch day, and I’m hoping all of you lovely readers will help make it a mega-storm. I’ve launched a Thunderclap campaign for To Rome with Lust. I would love it very much if you would support my campaign, by following the link and clicking the prompts for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or all three. All this means is a wee message promoting Rome will appear on your social media page of choice on the 4th of December, launch day. And I will prostrate myself before the Goddess of all Naughtiness in supplication for much sexy, filthy frolic and fun in you lives, as well as lots of good reads. Follow the link and kindle the storm!

If you want to know more about Thunderclap, check out What is a Thunderclap by Lucy Felthouse for more detail.


Advance Reader Review Copies of To Rome with Lust!

If you don’t want to wait until the 4th of December to read To Rome with Lust, I have ten ARC downloads of Rome available in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, Good Reads and wherever else you’d like to review it. If you’re interested in an early frolic with Liza and Paulo at the Mount in Rome, then contact me through the contact form on my website with your request and an email address you’d like me to use to send out your copy. Remember, there are a limited number of copies.


To Tease and Titillate

Aaaand! Just to keep you salivating and fanning yourselves, here is a very hot excerpt from To Rome with Lust. Enjoy! xxx


To Rome with Lust Blurb:

Book three of The Mount trilogy (Click here for Book One | Book Two)

The adventure that Rita Holly began in The Mount in London and Nick Chase took up in Vegas continues when a sizzling encounter on a flight to Rome has journalist, Liza Calendar, and perfumer, Paulo ‘The Nose’ Delacour, in sexy olfactory heaven. The heir apparent of Martelli Fragrance, Paulo wants Liza’s magnificently sensitive nose to help develop Martelli’s controversial new line. Paulo has a secret weapon; Martelli Fragrance is the front for the original Mount, an ancient sex cult of which he is a part, and Paulo plans to use the scent of sex to enhance Martelli’s Innuendo line. As Liza and Paulo sniff out the scent of seduction, they become their own best lab rats. But when someone steals the perfume formulas and lays the blame at Liza’s feet, she and Paulo must sniff out the culprit and prove Liza’s innocence before more is exposed than just secret formulas.


Excerpt To Rome with Lust:

It was only when Liza found the strength to get to her feet and tiptoe into the room that she got the whole picture. The flint and steal male heat, the driving force of the olfactory story unfolding before her nose was not the man kneeling between the woman’s legs, but another man, a man sitting in a ladder back chair, turned front to back so that his long jean-clad legs were splayed on either side. His feet were bare and he was naked from the waist up. His face was silhouetted and lost in shadow. His tattooed muscular arms were draped over the back of the chair as he surveyed the couple on the bed. ‘Hold your wad, Vittorio,’ he called out. ‘You’ll come when I say you can come, when I say Chiara can come. Maybe I’ll let her come and make you hold it. I wonder just how full your sac will get, just how hard your cock will get if I make you watch me fuck her. Hmmm?’

Crack! The end of the bullwhip that Liza hadn’t noticed in the man’s hand snapped out so quickly and so perfectly controlled across Vittorio’s bare arse that Liza didn’t have time to force back her cry.

‘Stop!’ The man said as she turned to run. And in spite of the hair raising along the back of her bare neck, in spite of the fear tightening her belly in a cold metal clench, she obeyed.

‘Ask Vittorio how the whip across his bare arse feels before you consider running.’ He said all of that without looking at her, but Vittorio’s eyes and the wide mascara-darkened eyes of Chiara were on her.

She stood unmoving. It was not the scent of fear rising from her pores that made her knees weak. It was the forest fire inferno of lust rolling off the man in the chair in waves that were nearly physical.

‘Come here,’ he said, still not looking at her.

Did lust always overcome fear? She didn’t know, but it certainly seemed to be doing just that for her as she moved in steps she was hardly aware of toward the man with the whip, sniffing as she went.

‘In this dungeon, I’m the audience, woman. I don’t need any help with that task.’ He still hadn’t looked at her. His grip on the handle of the whip tightened, but the cinnamon scent of his curiosity curled itself around the inferno of lust, and she knew he wouldn’t hit her, at least not just yet.

‘Liza Calendar, I presume.’ He said, still toying with the handle of the bullwhip.

‘Yes.’ Her voice came out rough and throaty as though she had forgotten how to use it.

He threw back his head and laughed, having no trouble finding the resonant fullness of his own voice. In the flickering light of the wall sconces his hair looked like burnt copper, curled around his ears and low on his neck in the dampness of his own dark wood-scented perspiration. ‘At last I meet the one everyone is speaking of in hushed tones, the Nose.’ Before she could respond, his arm darted out and snaked around her, pulling her down on his knee into the heat of his body. ‘So tell me, Nose, what do you smell?’ Before she could say anything, his hand fisted in her hair, and he pulled her to his mouth, nipping at her lips until they opened, until his tongue could battle its way in and steal her breath. When he pulled away, breathing hard enough for both of them, he said again. ‘What do you smell?’

‘I smell burnt sugar and the spark just before a flame, and smoke on dark wood. I smell dry summer earth and cloves and sunbaked grass. I smell –’

He kissed her again, and lifted her in one arm while he shifted the chair around with the other, making a loud scrape of wooden legs against stone before he shoved up her skirt and settled her a straddle the heavy press of his hard-on through his jeans. ‘My nose may not be as sophisticated as
yours, but I smell your pussy,’ he said, rocking and raking himself up against the crotch of panties she knew were wet. He dropped his face into her cleavage and bit. ‘And I smell your lust.’ Then as if she weighed nothing he shifted her around so that she still sat on his lap but she could see the
couple on the bed in front of them.

‘Chiara, Vittorio, this is Liza Calendar, Martelli Fragrance’s new nose, and I think it would be really welcoming of us if we let her smell you two Rome_teaserfucking, don’t you?’

They both nodded wide-eyed.

As the two began to fuck, the man beneath Liza shifted and rocked against the damp crotch of her panties until she could feel the shape of his hard-on rubbing a wet trough between her labia. She had hardly been aware of her own shifting and rocking until his heavy hand moved up under her the slit of her gown and began stroke and tweak her clit.

‘Don’t. Please don’t,’ she whispered. ‘I’m here with someone.’