Happy Solstice!


Last Friday I wrote a post about celebrating the darkness. I explained that the main reason I love the darkness is because it’s the absolute best showcase for the light. You can’t see light without darkness. Today we celebrate the return of the light. That’s it! The long darkness that has been urging us to wait for it … wait for it … wait for it, is now reached it’s fullness. Today at long last it gives way to the light!


There’s a reason why this time of year is universally celebrated – Saturnalia, Solstice, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza. Oh yes! Those of us who are religious can’t help but celebrate our beliefs fulfilled in the returning of the light. Those of us who celebrate the science of it can’t help but be in awe of axial tilt and the seasonal progressions of our planet that have gone on long before we humans walked the earth.


The Dark Show is winding down. The Light Show is about to begin, and we anticipate it with trees and tinsel and firelight and pressies and dancing and singing and celebrating with our friends. We’ve known that from the dawn of time. To me that’s what makes this season so special, so set apart from any other time of the year. It’s dark. It’s dark in the morning. It’s dark in the late afternoon. It feels like it’s been dark for-friggen-EVER! The days are short. And then it’s night and night and night …. Here in the UK, even when it’s day, it’s gloomy. But we know, we just KNOW like it’s some instinct inside us, that the light is coming back. My dear friends, it’s as dark as it’s gonna get. And now … And now … here comes the sun. And all those plans we made in the dark dreamtime, we now anticipate bringing to fruition in the light.


We may not see it yet. For a few weeks we may not even notice it, but the days are getting longer. Those long summer days are now officially on their way again. And we anticipate them even though we can’t yet see the difference, we feel that shift deep in our bones. We feel it without being to explain why we do. And golly boy howdy, do we celebrate!


As much as I love the darkness, I’m SO ready for the return of the light. I plan to celebrate heartily and I hope you do to.


Happy Solstice, my Lovelies, merry axial tilt, and joyful new beginnings. May your best schemes and plans from the dark days be brought to brilliant fruition.