Happy 4th Birthday, Holly!

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-birthday-background-party-streamers-confe-colorful-balloons-design-childrens-design-kids-image35629278My oh my! Where has the time gone? Was it really four years ago today that The Initiation of Ms Holly strutted its way into the world? On the one hand it seems like only yesterday. On the other, ten novels, written under two different pseudonyms, four novellas, and multiple short stories later, it seems like a lifetime ago.

At the moment, The Initiation of Ms Holly is getting the best birthday present a novel could ask for, and that’s great sales! Holly has been at the top of the Amazon UK BDSM Erotica chart, hanging it at position number one or number two for almost a month. Go Holly! There seems to be something about the story, with its inspiration coming from the experience my husband and I had being stranded in a train for four and a half hours in the tunnel under the English Chanel in the Eurostar, and its roots based in a modern retelling of the mythical tale of Psyche and Eros that keeps drawing people back.

The thing is, Holly almost didn’t make it to publication. Remember back in the day when Black Lace closed its doors? Yup! Holly was there just waiting for the editor to say yea or ne. After that huge disappointment, she was turned down by another publisher before she found a happy home at Xcite Books, who have kept me busily writing totally fun and filthy stories ever since The Initiation of Ms Holly has been through three printings, and the US version was even bought from Xcite by Source Books, which means Holly has also been through three covers – all of them gorgeous, and I doubt if there is a scene in any of my books that gets more comments and more demands for readings than the filthy bike-tastic Harley scene.

Holly cover FINAL9781907761270_FCAs I watch my first born do me proud again and again, I am very pleased to say that her sequel, Fulfilling the Contract, with its splashy theme of Vegas voyeurism, is also making me proud, and I’m chuffed to bits to say that pre-orders for the third book in The Mount Series, To Rome with Lust have already popped the book into the charts. Excited much? What started with Rita and Edward, then progressed to Elsa and Nick, and back to the original Mount in Rome for book three with Liza and Paulo. Will there be more Mount novels to come? We’ll see, but I must say I found New York very inspiring, and I’m sure there is a raunchy tale about the New York Mount just waiting to be told.

Yup! My little girl is now all grown up and a world traveler. I couldn’t be prouder. I don’t mind saying I was terrified on that launch day four years ago. Me! A published novelist! Scared for my baby, scared for me, wondering if I could write another one, wondering if everyone else would love Holly as much as I did. Those were nail-biting days as well as happy, proud, exciting days, with a fantastic launch at Sh! Women’s Emporium filled with some of my favourite writers and lots of truly amazing people to help me celebrate; with a signing at Erotica, with readings in multiple venues, including the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, and with good sales, as Xcite gave me the go-ahead to write my second novel, The Pet Shop.

Ten novels in four years. I’ve had little time for much else, but wow! Has it been fun! Holly was the exciting beginning of a dream come true – me being a real novelist with books to write and stories to tell that people would buy and read and share with their friends. I love it as much now as I did then. Even though there have been hard times and challenges a long the way, the joy of watching the story in my head unfold on the written page never diminishes. Holly has been and still continues to be the book that keeps on keeping on. She’s filthy, she’s sassy, she’s romantic, she’s a modern-day myth that sizzles, and she still is and always will be my first born.

Happy Birthday Holly! You make me proud!

Holly walks across England with Raymond and me
Holly walks across England with Raymond and me

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The Initiation of Ms Holly Blurb:

Book One in The Mount trilogy (Click here for: Book Two | Book Three)

Journalist, Rita Holly, never dreamed sex with the mysterious Edward in the dark of a malfunctioning train would lead to a blindfolded, champagne-drenched tango, a spanking by a butch waitress, and an offer of initiation into the exclusive mysteries of The Mount. Desperate to save her threatened job, she agrees, scheming secretly to write an inside exposé on the club that will make her career. But as she delves deeper into the intrigue of The Mount and the lives of its members, she soon discovers that her heart may have other plans.


Birthday Excerpt From The Initiation of Ms Holly (The naughty Harley excerpt. Yup, that’s the one!

Holly Final Cover ImageIn the privacy of her lounge, she opened the box to discover a black leather cat-suit heavily weighted with zippers, snaps, chains and other pieces of metal which made Rita shiver to even contemplate. She was pretty sure the suit weighed as much as she did. The costume was complete with thigh high boots, a bomber jacket, and a hand-written note that read:

Don’t touch, don’t fondle, and don’t experiment. Just put on the suit and nothing else, then wait for me.

Visions of the high councilman with the leopard tattoo flashed through her head – and her cunt.

Morgan needn’t have worried that she would experiment or play with the suit, and certainly not that she might put something on under it. There was barely room for skin under it. With the efforts of a contortionist and a fair amount of cursing out loud, she finally got it up over her hips and shoulders, but thoughts of zipping it above her navel made her break out in a cold sweat.

She didn’t have to wait long before there was a soft knock on the door. A glance through the peep hole assured her that it was Morgan. The intriguing tattoo was completely covered in black leather, all topped off with a heavy bomber jacket. She opened the door just enough to let him in.

Immediately his brown sugar gaze took in the unzipped front of the suit and the way her arms were folded protectively over her breasts.

She blushed hard. ‘I’m sorry, but I’m –’

‘Claustrophobic. Yes I know, kitten.’ She noticed the tiniest bit of Western twang. ‘Edward threatened me about it ad nauseam downstairs just now. That’s what took me so long.’

Her heart suddenly leaped into her throat. ‘Edward’s downstairs?’

‘Well, he was. I sent him home. I’m here now, luv, and I promised I’d take good care of you.’

She tried to sound matter-of-fact. ‘How long had he been down there?’

‘Ever since he got your text about someone spying on you.’

‘Why didn’t he come up?’

Holly launch with Kay Jaybee and Lucy Felthouse celebrating at Sh!
Holly launch with Kay Jaybee and Lucy Felthouse celebrating at Sh!

He held her gaze. ‘Sweet cheeks, you know why he didn’t come up.’ He changed the subject. ‘Now about this lovely suit. Just let me help you with it, and you’ll see why it’s so perfect for someone who suffers from your affliction.’

She struggled to drag her thoughts back from Edward as Morgan coaxed her arms away from her chest and released a long sigh at the sight of her breasts barely covered by the unzipped front of the cat suit. ‘Oh we’re gonna have so much fun.’ He covered her lips in an open mouth kiss that tasted of caramel and coffee. His tongue flicked across her hard palate and wrestled lightly with hers. He slipped his right hand inside the cat suit to cup her breast and raked a thumb over her heavy nipple. Then he rolled it against his index finger until the pinch of it was so close to pain that she held her breath waiting for it. Or was it pleasure she waited for?

newkdbutton-mounttrilogyMorgan’s chuckle was hot against her mouth. ‘You’re so full of anticipation, kitten, so full of needs you don’t even know about yet. I smell it on you, all of it and more.’ He lowered his mouth to her nape and bit. And she definitely felt pain, but her pussy felt something a whole lot nicer.

Then as though he were about his everyday business, he began to fiddle with the chains on the front of the suit. She could see little of what he was doing, but she could hear a snap here and a chink there and occasionally feel the cool metal against her sternum. At last he pulled away and inspected his work.

Where the zipper would have confined her tits into a breathless hug, there was a loose lacing of chain linked and criss-crossed bustier-fashion revealing the mounds of her breasts while concealing nipple and areola. ‘There,’ he breathed. ‘That’s better, isn’t it?’

He walked around behind her to take in the over-all effect. ‘Ever ridden a Harley?’

‘Motorcycle? No.’

‘Don’t look so frightened, sweetness. I’ve been riding since I was a pup.’ His lips curled into an edible smile. ‘I promise I’ll make it good for you.’

He knelt and helped her into the boots, lingering to suckle her toes and kiss her insteps before guiding her feet into the soft insides then slowly zipping them up and up and up. At last he stood and held the bomber jacket for her. ‘Our steed awaits.’

Outside a few neighbourhood teenagers had gathered around to admire the biggest, sleekest vintage Hog Rita had ever seen, complete with silver wings painted stylistically across the petrol tank along with the words, Pegasus III. It took her a few seconds to realise that the boys’ attention had shifted away from the Harley. ‘Could we please go,’ she whispered, feeling like she did in her dreams when she found herself suddenly naked at the office or in the queue at Sainsbury’s.

theinitiationsofmsholly_front_jpegBut Morgan took his time buckling her into the helmet, making sure it wasn’t too tight, making certain she wasn’t claustrophobic. When she started to get on behind him, he shook his head, scooted back slightly and patted the leather seat in front of him.

She balked. ‘Isn’t that illegal?’

‘Not if we don’t get caught.’ He patted the spot in front of him again and chuckled. ‘Trust me. It’s the best seat in the house.’

Trying to ignore the mutterings and the stares of the teenagers, she climbed on the Harley in front of him, a little less gracefully than she had planned. Fortunately the resulting blush was contained within the helmet.

Morgan knew only one speed and that was suicidal. The g-force of acceleration strong-armed her back against his chest with a yelp that was fortunately drowned by the roar of the Hog. It seemed to her that Morgan was taking the fastest way out of town, weaving in and out of traffic with such terrifying manoeuvres that she feared heart failure was imminent. They had only gone a few blocks when she gave up shouting at him to stop. He either couldn’t hear, or was ignoring her.

As the traffic lessened, and he headed out on the A3, she realised he was controlling the Hog with one hand. The other arm was wrapped low around her waist. There was an electronic crackle next to her ear, and his voice filled the inside of her helmet. They had contact. ‘Just relax, sweetness. This is gonna be so good.’

His hand slid lower on her belly until it rested against her pubic bone where it began to fumble until she felt a tug and a zip, and suddenly cool air bathed a horizontal swath of flesh exposed to the night. ‘I love zippers. Don’t you?’ His voice was like a kiss against her earlobe.

There was more tugging and zipping until she felt the pressure of the cat suit lessen against her crotch, as though she had just split her trousers. She caught her breath.

Reading at the EAA conference in the Erotic Museum in Las Vegas
Reading at the EAA conference in the Erotic Museum in Las Vegas

‘Mmm, there. Oh that’s nice.’ His voice was inside her helmet again just before his fingers slid down between her folds and pressed up into her in such a way that the vibration of the big bike beneath them seemed amplified as though it were a giant vibrator. She was suddenly in danger of forgetting that she was in danger of losing life and limb. My God, the bloke’s fingers were expressive as he slipped the middle one deep into her cunt while his thumb raked her pebble-hard clit.

He swerved to pass a lorry. ‘We’re gonna die!’ she yelped inside her helmet. Then she bore down against his hand and the vibration of the Hog, hoping he could keep from crashing until after she came.

She didn’t know if he had heard her yelp, but she wondered if he’d heard her thoughts. ‘Lift your bottom,’ his velvety voice filled her helmet again.

Visiting the Dudley Libraries with Kay Jaybee
Visiting the Dudley Libraries with Kay Jaybee

‘Are you crazy?’ She gasped.

‘Trust me. Lift your bottom. Don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe. I promised Edward, didn’t I?’

She held her breath, cursing between her teeth, and struggled to do as he said. She grabbed on to the petrol tank until she was sure her fingernails would dig holes in the paint. Then she squealed as another zipping loosened the hug of the cat suit even further until she was certain the whole crotch of the garment had been zipped away. As if to confirm her suspicions, Morgan’s large hand now stroked her from behind, spreading her lips.

‘Sweet Jesus, you’re slippery, kitten. I believe you really like riding a Hog.’ Then she felt him inch forward on the seat.

He wouldn’t … Surely he couldn’t … ‘Oh my God,’ she gasped. What was crowding against her bottom and nestling up to her pout was too thick and too stiff to be his finger.

‘That’s my girl,’ came the voice in her helmet. ‘Lift your bottom for me. Just a tiny bit more now. Almost there. I’ve got you. I won’t let you fall.’ He tightened his arm around her and manoeuvred his hips. ‘That’s it, oh yes that’s the place I want to be. Jesus, Rita Holly, that’s some hot pussy you got there.’ Then all she could hear was accelerated breathing followed by a hard thrust that nearly sent her over the handle bars but for the strong arm wrapped around her. And he was in. Her pussy felt like it would split in two from the sudden, unexpected fullness.

‘That’s my girl. Now lean forward. All the way forward and let the Hog do the work. She felt him change down, and the beast rumbled beneath them. With the substantial length of him so far up inside her, she felt physically compelled to lean forward over the petrol tank until she could feel the cool chains of the cat suit pressing into her bare flesh, until her erect nipples felt like they’d drill clear through the tank.

Then with a hard thrust, Morgan scooted forward again, and she heard him sigh. After that the thrusting and manoeuvring became much more
subtle, using the power of the Harley roaring beneath them as the driving force. He had positioned himself perfectly so that each undulation of his hips drove her distended clit against the vibrating leather of the seat. My God, she thought, it was a brilliant way to die.

ETO Awards with Brit Babes, Tabitha Rayne, Lexie Bay, Kay Jaybee & Victoria Blisse
ETO Awards with Brit Babes, Tabitha Rayne, Lexie Bay, Kay Jaybee & Victoria Blisse

His breath was soft little grunts inside her helmet coming faster and faster until she thought he must have stopped breathing altogether. The

movement of his groin against her became less and less, all the while building in intensity until each minuscule shifting penetrated up her spine clear into the crown of her head, until she was certain the imminent orgasm would surely explode her brain.

When his ejaculation erupted inside her, she felt as though his cock had suddenly expanded to fill the entire space within her pelvic girdle, and her own orgasm tightened and gripped on him until he cried out.

She would have surely catapulted off the Hog with the double explosion in her pussy had Morgan not held her tightly with his free arm, as they sped down the A3 toward the Guildford exit.


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  1. Congratulations!!! Miss Holly a s modern erotic classic!!! My fav of all your books- and that is saying something, because they are all excellent.!! Seems so long since that book launch!! xxx

    1. Thanks, Kay! It means a great deal to me that you like Holly. And it means even more to me that you’ve shared so much of the journey of the past four years with me. Thanks so much!

      KD x

    1. Thanks SO much, Lily! I thank you and Holly thanks you. Yes time really does fly, and what fun it’s been!

    1. Thank you, Isabelle! It does very much feel like a huge party, doesn’t it? Looking back through all the pictures of Holly’s adventures was great fun for me too! The hard part was choosing only a few! Thanks for helping me and Holly celebrate! xx

  2. Woohoo chuffed to bits now, I never realised there were two more books that followed on from the tales of Molly…. next stop amazon

    Thank you for all your brilliant stories, cant wait for the next book to come out

    Best wishes for the future
    Yvonne 🙂

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! Yes, Holly has quite a family now! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series to date as much! Happy reading!

    1. Holly thanks you, Toni, and she’s pretty happy with her birthday prezzies — a box of expensive chocolates, a bottle of champagne and … Edward 😉

  3. Happy Book Birthday! I have not read this story yet, but that really hot excerpt has made me add it to my wishlist…that’s one hot story!

    1. Thank you, Eva! Very glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and I hope you enjoy the novel too. Thanks for helping Holly celebrate.

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