Genderf*cking a Classic: Setting Traditional Sexuality on its Ear, and Loving It by Lula Lisbon

WMS_blogtourHow can one ever retell such a well-known classic as Cinderella without repeating what’s been said a thousand times before? Sure, helpless damsels and larger-than-life alpha males have their place, judging from perennial sales figures, but as a self-described queer woman, I am pretty tired of it. Before I came out, I had two long-term boyfriends and a love of romance novels — but eventually I felt as if I were chafing against the norms, knowing somehow that there was something else in life, a perpetual hunger and longing for something to which I could barely put words.

I don’t mean to crassly distill the coming-out process like this, but simply to shed some light on the evolution of my own mind as well as the thought processes which led to Cinderella: A BDSM Retelling’s conception. How much hotter, I thought, would it be for Cinderella and her prince both to explore and break through notions of traditional gender roles as well as gender itself?

As humans, we are complex creatures: we can be both male and female, submissive and dominant, shy and bold, without necessarily being pigeonholed or burdened by these concepts. We don’t have to pick one and stick with it, despite what society says. It’s okay to explore, to try different ideas on for size; wearing them every day, keeping them in storage for use as needed, or discarding those old rags entirely — and it’s okay for all these things to change as you grow into, fluctuate within, and learn about your own sexuality.

I think it’s probably a common fantasy to think about being a gender not the one you were assigned at birth; despite my misgivings about Freud, I think penis (and vagina!) envy merits discussion, if in a more sexually open-minded way. And I don’t think that such fantasies necessitate perversity or unhappiness, or even homosexuality. What I do think is that it’s okay to be curious, that it’s natural to explore and fantasize, and that it’s sad that so many people need permission to do so.

Cinderella as a character is sexually fluid; I’d describe her as heteroflexible. She has sex with women and men, but her main fantasies involve men — specifically, dominating them and forcing them to serve her with body, mind, and soul. Kink-Bottom Prince, a well-known submissive, is quite straight – despite enjoying anal and receiving forced feminization from his Mistress. Sexually underrepresented in society, sure, but deviant? I beg to differ. I think that this sort of free exploration is exactly the sort of fresh challenge that will blow tired tropes and outdated roles out of the water.

Could the concept of genderf*ckery indicate the beginning of a fresh Wave of Feminism? Embracing gender or the lack thereof, embracing roles or the lack thereof… it could level the sexual playing field in an entirely new way. I find the idea thoroughly refreshing.



With the raucous noise of the Ravyns’ party in the main hall echoing up the stairs, Cinderella nibbled on a bit of stale bread and butter. She had taken it from the kitchen while the chef had had his back turned, but she didn’t possess much of an appetite for food that night. In her dimly-lit attic room, she undressed slowly in front of her cracked and age-spotted looking glass. Taking her time to caress each part of herself, looking deeply into her own eyes in the mirror — dilated wide and black with desire, the emerald irises nearly as dark in the dim room — she longed for a perfect slave of her very own. Little miss Candi had been amusing, but he was not her ideal.

Her perfect submissive would be the one to unlace her corset, to undo her garters and slip off her shoes. He would take her toes in his mouth, one by one, swirling a hot tongue around each in turn as he looked up at her shyly through the veil of his eyelashes. He would pull off her gloves with his teeth, and give each finger the same treatment. He would worship every bit of her body, thinking only of serving her and bringing her pleasure however he might. His own pleasure would always be a distant second to hers.

Her perfect slave would be on his knees, begging with his eyes for her to strap on and fuck him senseless with her thickest cock. He would put the harness on her, and she would choose the cock — smirking at the wide-eyed look of alarm when he saw it, and she knew he was wondering how he’d take such a big shaft. His fear was a spur, and it would be a delicious struggle to keep herself in check. He would still be on his knees, and she’d slip two fingers into his mouth, forcing it open to accept her cock. His eyes would slit half-closed in pleasure, head bobbing, and with every stroke he’d take it that much deeper into his hungry throat. She loved that it was his job to service her: to service her cunt, service her cock, even service her ass if she so chose. Pleasing her would be first in his duties, always; and if he did so sufficiently, perhaps he’d be rewarded with permission to cum.

Cinderella laid down on her hard, lumpy bed, hands skimming sweetly over her nude curves. Her skin was prickled with gooseflesh, partly from the chill air of the sparse room and partly from her fantasy. Her breath was coming quick and shallow, and she couldn’t help but moan a little with each exhalation. Her left hand kneaded her breasts, pulling on the nipples, pinching them, while her right middle finger danced lightly over her hot, smooth slit. Teasing herself, she circled her clit a few times before dipping lower, feeling the soft crinkled flesh of the edges of her labia contrasting with the pure slick heat between them.

Her slave would be forced to swallow his own cum, of course — nothing else would do. He would probably hate it at first, but that would, in fact, give her no end of sadistic delight. And as he grew accustomed to it, he’d begin to associate the taste of his own passion with what she did to him, with what she meant to him, until he craved the taste of his own cum as much as he craved her body, her cunt, and her cock. She would get him to the point where the thrusting of her cock deep in his ass, combined with the taste of his own cum, would make him climax, truly climax — full-body ecstasy just as women experience it, shuddering with it for minutes on end. His eyes would roll up into the back of his head, gasping and uttering feminine, high-pitched moans. He would be her little sissy girl, coming for her just like the sweet slut he was.



Dominas Arabelle and Druscilla Ravyn’s talented apprentice, Cinderella, wants to become a Mistress, but the cruel stepsisters thwart her at every turn. When famous rock star Kink-Bottom Prince is seeking a new Mistress from all those in the City, poor Cinderella doesn’t think she stands a chance. But a kind Fairy Kink Mother magically appears to help Cinderella win her Prince’s collar — and heart.

This 21,000+ word erotic novella contains menage, femdom, a submissive rock star getting fucked in front of his fans, spanking, whipping, magical strap-ons that come to life, pegging, face-sitting, forced feminization and sissification, a self-satisfied Fairy Kink Mother, squirting, fisting, exhibitionism, comedy relief, and much more!



A femme queer-identified woman residing in Philadelphia, Lula Lisbon enjoys penning LGBT erotica and romance. Lula’s interests include historical fashions, dark music, and craft beers. She loves to bicycle as much as possible, and stays tight and toned with a grueling regime of pole dance fitness classes.

Lula’s femdom story “Icing on the Cake” is her first to be included in a print anthology — editor Rachel Kramer Bussel’s The Big Book of Orgasms. It will be released by Cleis Press in October 2013.

Lula loves to hear from her fans, and they can find her on Twitter: @LulaLisbon; on Facebook:; on her website:; or they can email her directly at

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