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Many thanks to KD for letting me come over to share my latest story news!

GratisIt is with great pleasure- and no little amount of pride- that I can announce the release of a brilliant new anthology of erotica- Gratis: Midwinter Tales.

“Christmas has come early: Nine writers work together to create the must-read Free Holiday release of 2013. Every one of the twelve stories contained within Gratis: Midwinter Tales serves as a satisfying bite out of each author’s repertoire, to tempt and seduce and sweep you off your feet. Our stories comfortably straddle both erotica and romance genres and cover a variety of themes. Some are innocent, others seek to force you to your knees, but all have something in common: they’ll make you feel.

Gratis: Midwinter Tales comprises works by Chloe Thurlow, E.A. Chapterhouse, Elizabeth Woodham, Hedonist Six, Jason Jaxx, Kay Jaybee, KM Dylan, Livilla Sanders and M.J. Carey. We hope you’ll find a new favourite author, or nine, within these pages.”


Snow Falls Softly by Chloe Thurlow, In the Mood by E.A. Chapterhouse, Wicked Games by Elizabeth Woodham, Virgin by Hedonist Six, White (Lights Out) by Jason Jaxx, A Pair Well Met, Blinked, and The New Year Dancers by Kay Jaybee, The Future First Lady of France by KM Dylan, Glove, and A Penheligon Christmas by M.J. Carey.

I was extremely flattered when I was invited to take part in this erotic enterprise- and what company I’m in! Just check out this list of biographies from my fellow authors- and their tasty story blurbs…


chloe bw 2Chloe Thurlow-

Bio- Chloe Thurlow is an insomniac and writes her books in the dead hours of night to the sound of the planes flying low over the Thames into Heathrow. She is the author of five erotic novels and a cult blog at www.chloethurlow.com


Blurb- Snow Falls Softly

It is the night when Jools feels as if she is gripped in the hands of destiny, a night of uncontrollable passion, a love so deep it feels as if her soul is bursting. It begins to snow as Josh takes her in his arms and kisses her eyes, her neck. He draws her top over her head and her breath catches as his long kiss caresses the hollow of her throat. In two days, Josh will marry another woman unless Jools can convince him to stay or the snow that falls and keeps falling prevents him from going.


Livilla Sanders

Bio- I don’t exist. We’ll never meet. I am a figment of my owner’s imagination. She loves cats and chocolate.

Connect with my imagination: http://t.co/eJwd2xXFXb

My erotic stories, ‘The Spanish Artist’ and ‘Cassie’s Call’, are available now, and I’m working on a collection of short stories, ‘Casual Collisions’, due out very soon.


Blurb- Irrecusable

‘Irrecusable’, my contribution to Gratis: Midwinter Tales, is told by Kate Parkinson. She encounters the alluring sexual force that is Séverine Rogers, a star character who features in ‘Cassie’s Call’, and the focus of my forthcoming novel ‘Séverine’. Kate is persuaded to attend a New Year celebration, and is targeted by the charming and charismatic Séverine, who embarks on a captivating seduction abundant with erotic possibilities, exposing a compelling world of secret desire she has only ever dreamed of.


Elizabeth Woodham

Bio and Blurb– I adore writing and work in a number of genres. Writing erotica is stimulating; I like to explore age-gap scenarios and feature older man, younger woman relationships in ‘It’s a Sin’ and ‘Eleanor’. ‘Wicked Games’, my contribution to Gratis: Midwinter Tales, is driven by a desire to share a little of Matthew Fletcher’s back story. Told from more than one point of view, my aim is to take you deep inside his character. We first meet Matthew in ‘Eleanor’, a novella, where he introduces Eleanor Grant to control, dominance, bindings, and wild sex, in an escalation of wicked games. Matthew and Eleanor’s story continues in ‘Falconworth’, an erotic tale set in a medieval manor, sprinkled with a dusting of history and mystery, due for release in 2014.



M J Carey-


In a moment of calm, away from the hustle of the day before Christmas Eve, a woman lays a tribute to her dead lover in the cemetery. Her memories are bitter-sweet, his hold upon her still as strong as ever. She knows she needs to finish mourning and find her way back to life. A young man watches her as she reflects upon the past. She sees him.


A Penheligon Christmas.

Set on Christmas day 1998, a few years before the events in the novel: House of Penheligon: Danielle’s rules, this short story tells the origin of Lizzie, maidservant to the House. Alicia Penheligon has returned from London and is keen to play Santa Claus to her sister Danielle, her cousin Imogene and the rest of the household.


Hedonist Six-


Hedonist (or simply “H.”) is an author of Erotica / Erotic Romance based in rainy England. Addicted to caffeine, chocolate and impure thoughts, she likes to write short stories and serial novels dealing with those aspects of the human condition that we all think about, yet dare not discuss openly. No-one is perfect, neither are her characters, which makes them all the more relatable and well-liked by her fans.



After nearly four years with Jeff, everything fell apart. I found myself single, scared, but somehow liberated as well. Rather than stumble into another ill advised relationship, my best friend Sally helped me find focus. I would spend the next few months “finding myself” sexually. That’s how The Rebound List was born.
And -this- is how my journey begins: with a virgin. Number one on my naughty bucket list…
What (or whom) would you do to celebrate your freedom after your first serious relationship breaks down?


E.A. Chapterhouse

Bio- A geologist, archaeologist, explorer, mountaineer and writer, I travel a lot and am usually found on a plane, it seems, more than on the ground, where, ideally I want to be. My archaeology and exploration is a fortunate consequence of my work as a geologist. I write for my job, while writing erotica is my hobby.

My erotic stories are dedicated to the muse; she who inspires me and without whom, these stories would not exist.



Blurb: In the mood: A moment in time, as if unfolding a calendar to find a secret day within, EAC and the Muse go to a celebration for a legend of the big band era. Their shared moment is captured by memories, sounds, colours and an intruding photographer.


Katie mask picKM Dylan

Bio- K M Dylan is a former model turned author. She is half French, half American and lives in NYC. Ms. Dylan’s career in fashion and her sexual adventures have provided the inspirational material for her erotic novels.  For more information about K M Dylan and her books, visit her Facebook author page at www.facebook.com/KMDylan or her blog kmdylan.tumblr.com where she posts NSFW thoughts and pictures that inspire her erotica (for adults only).


Synopsis for The Future First Lady of France

Fashion supermodel Katie Wolfer’s scandalous journey of sexual awakening takes a sharp turn as her charismatic fiancé, Victor de Goncourt, begins campaigning to be elected the president of France. His baleful grandmother, the Duchess, demands that Katie clean up her act, and Katie wonders, does she have what it takes to be the first lady of France?

This story picks up where the first two volumes of Katie’s fictionalized erotic memoirs (the Cult of Beauty series) leave off, but it stands on its own.

Jason Jaxx

Bio- Jason Jaxx is a self-published erotica author. Due to a stressful job that offers little creative outlet, he views writing as a welcome release and challenges himself to explore different themes and styles.  http://wordsfromthewhiteroom.wordpress.com


KJBBlurb- White (Lights Out) A late night walk through the snow finds Jack alone with thoughts of love, lust, pain and possibility.


And- then there’s me of course- I have three stories within Gratis

How long would you wait in the cold on New Year’s Eve in the hope of getting a glimpse of an erotic ceremony that might not even happen? In The New Year Dancers a new sexual acolyte is adopted in the mists of a midnight forest. An arranged marriage takes an unexpected twist in A Pair Well Met, a force fantasy retelling of A Taming of the Shrew, and something not entirely human is in control in Blinked…but what is it…


Why not treat yourself to this incredible erotic compendium of skilfully constructed smut…the e-book won’t cost you a penny, and the paperback is so beautiful, it is worth every cent…

Amazon UK | Amazon US


Thanks again KD!!

Happy reading and a Very Happy Christmas

Kay xx


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  1. Thanks ever so much hun xx

  2. Thanks KD for inviting us. I must say I would love to see you bringing your great style and panache to a new Gratis anthology. I have a feeling that Hedonist Six’s creation is going to have a long life and will be a showcase for stunning new erotica.

    • Thanks Chloe! What a fabulous antho, and I think you’re totally right about Hedonist Six. And I would consider it an honour to be asked.

      • K D Grace
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