Erotica, AND a Launch and Reading at Sh! Great Start to the Weekend!

The 'kitchen' is behind the door next to the closet.

I’m writing this blog from our tiny closet of a hotel room, which is posing as an apartment, and since I’m planning to keep you all abreast of the fabulous fun in London Erotica this weekend, the best way I could think of is photo updates. Easy for me and hopefully fun for you.  Upon my arrival in London, I dropped of my bag at our palatial apartment/hotel room, and I know how much we all like to take a peek at where everyone is staying, so here’s the grand tour…. …That’s about it.

Erotica in the Afternoon

After I familiarized myself with my digs it was off to Erotica and to the Xcite Stand, where the books were leaping off the shelf, and I had

Hazel Cushion and Peter Newsom, the Super Woman and Wonder Man of the Xcite team

my trusty signing pens handy, along with my camera. Met some fabulous new folks and some old friends as well.

The Pets and me
Even thought Santa(Known to some as Peter Birch, and other pseudonyms) knows I'm a naughty girl, he still read me a story.
The Xcite team The two Peters on the outside, the indominable Hazel and Matt the Techno Wizard. All smiling as the books keep on selling!











Sh! In the Evening

After signing and Santa and fun at Erotica with the Xcite folks, I hopped the District Line at Rush Hour and made my way across to Sh! in Hoxton for the fantastic Victoria Blisse launch Of her book, Tempting Rendezvous, along with Lucy Felthouse reading titillating smut from the ever-growing Felthouse collection.

Lucy Felthouse reading about a hot mermaid

Lucy Felthouse, Seducing the Myth:

The path forked, the left turning being the one which would lead me down by the water. I took it. The closer I drew to the mere, the more another part of me wished I wasn’t alone. The quiet was uncanny, as was the absence of any wildlife. You’d normally expect to find midges, dragonflies, and the birds that ate them around most bodies of water. There was nothing, which was strange enough. Stranger still was that despite its exposed location and the slight breeze in the air, the pool’s surface remained undisturbed. I wish I could have said the same for my state of mind.

Victoria Blisse reading from steamy Rendezvous


Victoria Blisse, Tempting Rendevous:

“So Lucy’s with your mum, huh?” He asks.

“Yeah, she is. She’s staying overnight and will be home tomorrow.”

“I bet you miss her.”

“Yes and no,” I reply as I slip my arm into the crook of his as his hand is buried deep in his pocket. I shiver as I think about our bodies joining and get a very vivid flash of our naked bodies thrusting against each other, our lips locked, our arms entangled. I shake my head and continue, “I miss her but it is nice to have some time to myself for a change you know?”

“Well, I can leave if you like,” He huffs with fake affront and I slap his arm playfully.

“Oh, hush, you know what I mean. It will be good to be by myself with you. That’s not very good English is it?”

“No but then I ain’t one to pick up on grammar and such. I get picked up on my Americanisms so often, I give others a break.”

“You can’t help that you speak funny,” I reply with a twinkle in my eye, “they all do over there.”

“Y’all speak a completely different language to me that’s for sure,” he chuckles, the rumble running through his body and into mine, making me vibrate pleasurably.

I love walking like this, so close to him. I love the way he rubs against me, the way I can feel his body heat. I love the feel of his arm as I grasp it and again I think of grasping hold of Joe and bracing myself as he plunges inside me with that throbbing cock.

Damn, I’m horny, so fucking horny I want to just push him up against the door and fuck him here on my doorstep.





The fabulous Sh! Muses! We love you, Ladiez!

Sh! is becoming a mecca of erotic literary readings and happenings in London. I asked Sh! manager, Renee Denyer how did this come about, and how does sh think the readings, as well as the lovely selection of erotic books Sh! has available benefits Sh! customers and benefits healthy sexuality in general.

Renee: Well, we like to think we have the finest selection of erotica for women in the whole of UK; and bearing in mind that the UK also has some of the finest authors of erotica, it’s easy to see how it all came about. It started with Rachel Kramer Bussel, the US Doyenne of Hot Erotica. She stopped by our Hoxton shop one rainy afternoon about 3 years ago, and asked if she could do a reading next time she was in London. Being a huge fan of hers, I said *yes*! Then I just had to look into how an erotic book reading happens, as I had never been to one… *blush*. It took off from there, and we now host regular readings and erotica book launches, and our customers love it. They get to meet the authors, have their books signed, and hear the stories read out in the authors own voice, which is damn hot! It’s very empowering, I think; it allows women to feel that it’s ok to have fantasies, and to enjoy them.
The lovely Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse with their fabulous books!
It was fun at Sh!, as always, and at the end of the night, after dinner with the Blisses, and Lucy and Ian, it was back to the palatial apartments for a good rest before we all descent on Erotica for Saturday’s readings, panel and my Xcite’s launch for Pets.
More as it happens today, and throughout the weekend.  And I’ll add more links when I’m not rushing out the door.


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    1. As a matter a fact, there was a stall where I could have gotten you two very easily. I was brazen enough to even feel up the bloke who was wearing them;)

  1. Peter Birch as Santa – that is PRICELESS!

    Love it, K D, thanks so much for the photo-journal.

    1. Offering my support was definitely NOT a hardship, Victoria! I had a fabulous time! Thank YOU!

  2. Lovely to meet you K D and best of luck with The Pet Shop it was such a fun read, and excellent to hear you reading it also.. Already looking forward to your next launch 🙂

    1. And you, kind sir! It was a pleasure to put a name with a face at last, and I look forward to seeing you at the next launch!

    1. Thanks Lucy,

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