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This Summer’s Sexy, Heart-felt Must-read, Dianna Hardy’s The Spell of Summer

A huge thank you to KD for having me on her blog! It’s always an honour to be here, because I LOVE her Lakeland Heat series, and I know how busy she is 🙂

Read on to find out all about my upcoming release, which can already be pre-ordered.

Dianna Hardy SOS 3

Meredith is leading a straight-laced life in London with her straight-laced fiancé, determined to forget her reckless, wild-child past. They’re about to get married.

Jamie is an old, poetic soul with a broken heart returning home to Cornwall to get his life back in order.

What binds them?

Dianna Hardy SOS coverOne chance meeting thirteen summers ago; one innocent spell spoken after one perfect night…

And now history is unravelling; the past and present, merging…

Words can change everything, but can they change your destiny?

And in the messy world of magic, what part does love play?

It’s summer all over again, but the spell has only just begun.


Defined as Practical Magic meets a Nicholas Sparks novel, written

‘Dianna Hardy-style’ – do not miss this summer’s must-read story!


This is a heartfelt, summer romance, but also a story about letting go, making changes, second chances and acceptance. Since most of my books are racy and erotic urban fantasy romances, I was definitely nervous to delve into the realms of contemporary romantic fiction, not least because in my heart, I wanted to keep my “signature” style of writing: third person point of view, from many different characters, as fast-paced as possible without compromising detail, and, of course, it had to have meaning, humour and sexiness, with characters that are both real and larger-than-life.

Reading over that, it’s no wonder I have a mini-panic attack every time I write a book! That sounds like a lot to fit in, especially into a genre I’ve never written before, but I hope I’ve succeeded – time will tell 🙂

Dianna Hardy SOS 2



The Spell of Summer was originally going to be a more standard romance, telling just the story of the main couple, and I even considered writing it in first person, present tense. In the spirit of brutal honesty, that’s what seems to sell the best – it seems to be what readers want.


I’m glad I didn’t write it that way, although I can only say that now that I’ve finished it! The end product is truly what I wanted, it’s very ‘me’ and I’m over the moon with it.


(insert “tame her” quote image)


I jokingly call myself a “method author”. It seems that every time I write a book, something happens in my life that enables me to get within a character or situation that I need more insight on. The Spell of Summer was no different – god, not at all – and I hope you all enjoy the read. Writing it was certainly an amazing journey.

Dianna Hardy SOS 1



Kobo – http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/the-spell-of-summer

Barnes & Noble (Nook) – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/dianna-hardy

iBooks / iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/spell-summer-once-times-thrice/id881293283?mt=11

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/440225

Amazon US – only available on release day – try this search link

Amazon UK – only available on release day – try this search link



Book Depository – http://www.bookdepository.com/Spell-Summer-Dianna-Hardy/9780957540422

Amazon US – http://www.amazon.com/Spell-Summer-Once-Times-Thrice/dp/0957540426/

Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Spell-Summer-Once-Times-Thrice/dp/0957540426/

Full links can also be found on Dianna’s website: http://www.diannahardy.com/the-spell-of-summer.html

Dianna Hardy SOS cover 2Author Bio:

Dianna Hardy is the international bestselling author of The Witching Pen series, and the Eye Of The Storm series. She writes paranormal / urban fantasy and contemporary fiction that’s twisted in plot, big on the romance, high on the erotic, with a dusting of humour. She currently lives in Surrey (United Kingdom) with her partner and their daughter, where she writes full-time.

Official site: http://www.diannahardy.com


Bridles and vampires? Bondage and discipline? YES YES YES! (@MFRW_ORG #vampires)

Bridling His VampireBridling His Vampire is a short story in the bestselling Highland Vampire series from Ellora’s Cave.

The events in the story took place in 1766, between Desire in Tartan (1759) and Rakes in Tartan (1816). It’s better enjoyed in the context of the series; however, it’s written as a stand-alone.

What’s it about, you ask?

Edgar, Laird MacReiver, has never regretted his decision to wed Isobel, daughter of Clan Kilburn’s laird, until she bites his tongue and drinks his blood. Still, he’s determined to bridle the wild child of the infamous vampire clan by any means necessary, including bondage and discipline.

But are some women impossible to tame?

Bondage and discipline? So it must be sexy, right? SHOW ME.

Okay! Here’s an excerpt!

Edgar’s lips caressed hers and her mind emptied of everything except this new experience. Isobel wanted to remember everything about her first kiss: the strength of his arms, the warmth of his lips followed by the wetness of his tongue as it slid slyly into her mouth.

His flavor was distinctive, a spice like nothing she’d tasted before, a toothsome relish composed of spring water, mint and honey. The scent of the forest mingled with his aroma, a fragrance that melded good male sweat with an underlying freshness that reminded her of the summer sun glittering on the sea.

His hand trailed down her back to curve over her bottom. He squeezed, and the tingling heat of passion spread from his broad warm palm to encompass all of her. A purr rose in her throat. She slid her arms beneath his and held onto his shoulders from behind.

She pulled him in tight, wanting nothing but this kiss to go on and on forever. Life had become so simple. Their mouths touching, their hands exploring, their bodies pressed against each other were everything. Nothing else mattered.

She sucked on his tongue but still wanted more. She nipped and then, tasting a new flavor, licked the tip. Was it his blood? She didnae care. He was delicious.

She sucked harder. Yes, that was his blood seeping over her tongue from the tiny bite, and it was intoxicating… He was intoxicating. He groaned and his grip tightened. She became aware that his muscular body had hardened against hers.

That she’d taken his blood had stirred him. A bolt of pure lust snapped through her. He was aroused by her need and that, in turn, inflamed her. His maleness thrust blindly, seeking her warmth and heat. She pressed herself against him not only with desire but also with a sense of wonderment. She had not known how good he’d feel pressed against her.

His hands shifted, roamed, explored… He took her wrists and drew them down to the small of her back.

He pulled away but she couldn’t reach for him to bring him back. He gripped her shoulders and looked into her eyes with a peculiar intensity. His blond hair swung loose, and she realized what he’d done.

He’d bound her hands behind her back with his leather hair tie.

“What…why did ye do that?” She tried to tug her wrists apart, but he’d tethered them firmly.

“To stop you from running away from me.” His panting breaths stilled, became controlled. He was always so controlled. She hated that.

He wanted to control her, and she hated that even more. “I don’t run from ye. I’m not a’feared of ye!”

“Isobel, you’ve been running from me for five years.” He began to unbutton her blouse.

“What are ye doin? Me da will kill ye!”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” He slipped a hand into her blouse. Her corset pressed her tightly, supporting her breasts, and he pushed his fingers down into the valley between the mounds. Withdrawing his hand, he released one, cupping it, flicking the nipple, watching it tighten.

He’d never touched her breast before. No man had. It felt good, but it was wrong. She raised a knee and tried to jam it into his cods. He twisted, and she struck air instead. Off balance, she teetered.


Want to know what happens next? Buy the short story here:



Suz deMelloAbout the author:
Best-selling, award-winning author Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written seventeen romance novels in several subgenres, including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing. A freelance editor, she’s worked for Total-E-Bound, Liquid Silver Books and Ai Press, where she is currently Managing Editor. She also takes private clients.

Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and hit several bestseller lists.

A former trial attorney, her passion is world travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.

–Find her books at http://www.suzdemello.com

–For editing services, email her at suzswift@yahoo.com

–Befriend her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sueswift, and visit her group page at  https://www.facebook.com/redhotauthorscafe

–She tweets her reading picks @ReadThis4fun and @Suzdemello

–Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/suzdemello/

–Goodreads: http://bit.ly/SuzATGoodreads

–Her current blog is http://www.fearlessfastpacedfiction.com


The Executive Decision Trilogy on Tour!

AED new coverBeginning tomorrow, May 26th, I’m celebrating my romantic erotic Executive Decisions Trilogy with a two-week blog tour and a giveaway of two signed print copies of the first novel in the trilogy, An Executive Decision.  I’m very excited about this huge event – never done a two-week tour before. I’ve packed up my blogging bags, got my passport all ready, and I’ll be off first thing tomorrow, for two fun-filled weeks with some fabulous blogs all over the world, talking about the fabulous Northwest of the US where the Executive Decision Trilogy is set, interviewing characters, talking inspiration, and giving insights into the evolution of the trilogy and the fun I had on the journey to its completion. I hope you’ll follow the tour, enjoy the sizzling excerpts and have a good time. Join us at these fantastic sites on these dates and help us celebrate The Executive Decision Trilogy

IC new coverFollow the Executive Decision Blog Tour:

The SubClub Books Mon May 26th

Illustrious Illusions Tue May 27th

Slippers and Stilettos Charlotte Howard Wed May 28th

Romance lives forever Thur May 29th

ARE Café
 Fri May 30

Books and Banter  Mon June 2nd

TE new coverDestiny Blaine  Tue June 3rd

Lisabet Sarai  Wed June 4th

Snarky Mom Reads  Thur June 5th

Blood Lust and Erotica  Fri June 6th




SBTS for AED Trilogy



Guest Blog by Constance Munday, Author of The Ties That Bind

WMS_blogtourSpring is well and truly in the air and it always starts a whirl of writing and new projects. Perhaps it’s something to do with watching everything growing. Anyway here I am with another guest post and really enjoying the tour. At the moment I am deep in editorial on another book, but it’s always nice to take a break to talk to everyone and I’m getting used to it now, although I still think I am a bit of a blog novice and wonder if I’ll ever put out something half as witty and polished as my fellow writers. I am so envious of every one who is good at this, I think it takes a certain natural talent to make a good blogger.

I very often get asked about the latest book I am reading. I am a voracious reader but it is a sad fact that writing so much, means I read a little bit less than I used to. I still try to get through a book a week if I can though, and I still read anything interesting that comes my way. To me there is no good or bad book because you learn something new from each one and it’s always an interesting exercise to explore the ideas, study style and maybe learn a gem of wisdom.

I am delighted that ‘The Ties that Bind’ is proving such a favourite with all of you out there. Maybe it is because I enjoyed writing it and I am a firm believer that if you enjoy what you do it shines through in some way. From feedback, folk are telling me they like the characters Penny and Nicholas, which is great. I wanted Penny to be that likeable heroine we could all identify with. Giving her doubts and flaws made her approachable. Nicholas the male lead, is a bit more complex. In the beginning he is not meant to be that pleasant since he doesn’t give enough away for you to be able to read him very well. But I think as you get to know him and see how his mysterious side hides one or two surprises you will like him immensely, or you will by the very end. Penny and Nicholas go through quiet a few dramas in order to be together, with Penny unveiling some hidden secrets about herself in the process. A word of warning, Nicholas is a sexy guy and I adore him, but he is not your archetypal young stud. We don’t always meet those in real life do we? Anyway, here is a little taster for you to enjoy. Thanks so much for reading my blog today and I hope you’ll now begin to follow my news on the Constance Munday wordpress blog. Details below.


The Ties That BindExcerpt

Nicholas slipped the masque over my eyes and I quivered at the feel of his hand on my arm. I hadn’t realised how much I liked being blindfolded. It made me wake up to sensations I’d never had. I turned my face up, inviting a kiss and got one. One of Nicholas’s specials. He was such a great kisser, I wondered how he’d got so good. He feathered my lips gently, teasing them with his tongue. Then he dived in aggressively, pushing my head back and plundering me, his tongue roaming over my mouth before capturing my own and sucking on it. I was surprised how quickly I’d taken to this tongue jousting, as I gave as good as I got; tasting his lips, wanting more. I could kiss Nicholas forever.

   I lay on the back car seat in a fever of anticipation. By the time we stopped, I could hardly stand up I was shaking so much. Nicholas had to help me inside and up the stairs. He sat me on the bed as pulses of deliciousness raced through me.


   ‘Yes, Nicholas.’

   I’m going to leave the masque off when we play today.’

   ‘Why.’ This was the third occasion we’d used it and I rather liked the mask. It gave me another identity and carte blanche to misbehave.

   ‘Because, you’re beginning to hide behind it, Penny. It’s all very well playing from time to time. But to advance properly, to be seduced properly, I think you ought to see what’s going on. It’s a turn on seeing someone’s expressions and reactions.’

   ‘The masters’ I’ve read about wouldn’t take off a masque this early, it spoils the suspense.’ I didn’t want to look too eager, but the truth of the matter was I didn’t actually mind about the masque because I wanted to see him. What I’d felt blindfolded, had been great and terrifically exciting, but to appreciate the subtle nuances of emotion on his face, wow!

   He was sitting close, so close, I could feel his warm breath on my cheek.

   ‘I didn’t say I was a bondage expert did I, this is not simply about fun and restraint, it’s about us and our emotions. I certainly don’t spend my nights down fetish clubs if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just a regular guy. Anyway what’s this Penny? Do you have a more salacious appetite than I do? Do you just want kink and not the whole seduction package?’

   Silently I grappled with this conundrum as my mind began to wander. I wonder what you do on the evenings when you’re not with me, Nicholas Frisk? I speculated. Unfairly I was having the boyfriend, girlfriend feelings I knew I didn’t have a right to, as I began to wonder if there was another Penny, or maybe a Jayne or Mary hidden away in a suburban house somewhere waiting for Nicholas to get home. There might even be – God forbid – a clutch of golden-haired baby Nicholas’s tumbling at his feet. I knew if I asked him he’d only niftily dodge the bullet like he usually did. What did he tell the secret woman? “Babes,” this as he ran his hands through his hair and kissed her like he did me. “I’m so sorry they’re heaping work on me at the office.”

   ‘You have that lost a pound and found a penny look again.’ He gently pinched my cheek. ‘Come along Penny. Time is short.’

   ‘Go on then.’ I said bravely.

   Nicholas removed the masque and I saw he was smiling at me tenderly. ‘Good girl.’ He kissed me.


Blurb for ‘The Ties That Bind.’

Can a chance encounter untie the secret desires locked within?

Penny’s your average voluptuous girl next door. Still a virgin, she’s settled for dull accountant Laurence. However, Penny is about to have her Shades of Grey moment. Saved from an accident by enigmatic stranger Nicholas, she yields to temptation and agrees to his daring proposal. Can Nicholas prove to her in the space of the few short weeks before her wedding, that she’s made a mistake?

Penny’s preconceived notions of sex are challenged, as she now submits to desire and unwittingly falls truly in love with a man who loves her purely for herself.

But is it too late? Can she sever the ties that bind her to Laurence and is she strong enough to become bound by ties a million times more intriguing? In essence, is Penny brave enough to be the woman she knows she is inside as a game of hearts becomes self-fulfilment on a scale she never imagined possible?


Buy ‘The Ties that Bind on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Xcitebooks.com and all good platforms in both Kindle, epub and paperback.

Amazon UK | Amazon US | Xcite Books


Constance MundayConstance Munday Biography

Constance is nearly always to be found with a pencil in her hand making notes for a new story. She has led a varied life and done many jobs from cup washer, lecturer to new age healer but has always written since she was a child. A major health scare recently though, made her see life differently, and after years as a part-time writer, she turned full-time, because as she says – life is too short not to do what you love. She has literally climbed a mountain and made many sacrifices to pen her novels and now builds on a fund of wonderful encounters with intriguing people, plus her imagination, to write stories with strong characters and determined and adventurous women.

Constance loves listening to snatched conversations, which often give her a seed to start a story; taking walks, revelling in the mysteries of life and baking and dancing, when she isn’t tapping away at her latest novel, of course.

She loves her fans and their comments, so invites you to please drop a line and if you have a second, pen a review.

Email: Constance at Constancemundayromance@yahoo.co.uk

Follow the blog at Constancemundayromance on WordPress



Guest Blogger: Jean Hart Stewart, Author of Fearless Pursuit

WMS_blogtourThis is a great blog, and one I thoroughly enjoy. Trouble is, while I write erotica it’s on the sensual level, not the let’s have the bare facts on the first page type. Not that my heroes and heroines don’t get bare, they just don’t do it quite so quickly and maybe not even as often in my books as in some of the truly erotic ones. There’s lots of plot and lots of emotion, though.  I guess you’d call me hot but not sizzling.

But I love the hot, hot ones too. Anne Rice and Sabrina York are two of my favorites. There are others of course, but if you like exotic erotica try one of their books.

Here’s a bit of history about the notorious Nell Gwyn, the mistress of King Charles II. Although she was but one of many of his mistresses, she’s the one that’s come down in history. She also was the only one loved by his people. One day her carriage was attacked by an angry mob who thought it contained Charles’ Catholic mistress, Louise de Kerouaille. Nell leaned out the window, smiled, and said, “Good people, you are mistaken. I am the Protestant whore.”  The crowd cheered and let her through.

One of Charles’ long term mistresses was Moll Davis, a greedy, unpopular actress. Nell found out Moll was to go to the king that night, and invited her to tea. Unfortunately the cake Moll ate was laced with laxative. Moll couldn’t go to the king, but Nell did and became his new favorite. In fact, Moll was dismissed soon after.  Nell seems to have truly loved the king and encouraged him  to enact some good laws for his people. The book I used for these facts, by David Haviland, has an interesting paragraph tracing Princess Diana’s lineage back to Charles’ illegitimate sons. So if Prince William becomes King he will be the first monarch descended from Charles II.


He pressed his stiff rod against her as she wiggled her hips against him as she sighed with pleasure.

“You’re really back. Somehow I think you’ve got something delicious in mind.”

He grinned. “I do. And I intend to explore my thoughts in the best possible way.”

He shifted her so his stone-hard cock was nudging her cunt as he lifted one hand to her pouting nipples.

“Oh lord of all the elves. You are so damn irresistible.”

She smiled and tweaked the hairs on his chest.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue urging her lips apart until she opened them and he plunged in. She hesitated for an instant and then let her tongue mingle with his. Rurik tasted her and almost lost his control. Just in time he remembered this must be new to her. He’d never doubted she was a virgin, in spite of that ass Bartolini’s insinuations.  Purity shown from her eyes, especially when she was singing and every clear note revealed her essential self.

He held her closely with one hand around her shoulder, letting his other roam, caressing each breast and kissing his way to her nipples. Sucking each in turn brought little puffs of delight and he moved his fingers down to her delectable ass. Pressing her hips hard against his raging cock, he somehow kept from plunging into her like a maniac.  Reaching down, he felt between her legs and found her as wet as he desired. He easily found her clit and nudged her hips apart with his knee.

He’d never felt such overwhelming desire. Not that he’d been promiscuous but women seemed to find him attractive and he let himself be caught now and then. He’d never had a long-lasting affair. Knowing his time with Reina would be forever changed everything. He needed this to be as good for her as it was for him.

Even through the haze of passion he realized her body had stiffened.  Lifting his head, he looked into huge, frightened eyes.

Still she smiled at time, trying to mask her near-terror.

“Don’t stop, Rurik. I’ll get used to all this.”

Nothing could have halted him as quickly as this brave declaration.

He withdrew his cock, willing it to subside so it wasn’t so painful, and rolled on his back beside her, one hand on her hip.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and he sighed and tucked her close to him with one arm. He didn’t think he’d ever had such a hard time trying to sound normal.

“Tell me, love, what you saw just now. I love you and always will but I want you to want me in just the same way.  Was it a remembrance of Bartolini trying to rape you?”

She shook her head. “No, it was the times I screamed and pushed him away and he’d call his wife into the room and use her unmercifully. She’d scream and he’d slap her, fling her on the floor and walk out. She’d lie there crying and I knew she’d taken my place in his obscene desires.  I knew he’d soon do the same thing to me.  I know it won’t be like that with you. I’ll be glad to do what you want.”

Rurik sat on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands.  He’d rushed her. He’d let his passion rule him and he needed to give her more time. Pray all the elves he could overcome this new barrier with the woman he loved.

Her body was twitching and she didn’t even know what was wrong. He wanted her willing to accept his body. More than willing, he wanted her eager. Perhaps he could show her some pleasure and build on that.

Fearless PursuitBlurb:

His pointed ears betray his elfin heritage, bur Rurik is content to ignore it. But when he meets the beautiful singer, Reina his world turns upside down. To claim her he must leave his beloved scholarly research and learn to use his elfin powers,  Becoming a helpful elf in his father’s clinic is not at all the way he’d planned his life, but Reina is worth the upheaval. He learns to cherish two darling children who need his special powers. He finds he will do anything to secure Reina, but even that might not be enough. He must fight to secure the safety of  Reina and both children, no matter the heartbreak involved.

Jake, the younger brother is equally sexy and even more reluctant to acknowledge he’s and elf. But Rurik needs help against the sadistic villain after both Reina and the children, and Jake cannot refuse. He then leaves, rejecting his powers and his destiny.

Let these handsome elves warm your passions and your heart.


Available from:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
All Romance eBooks
Ellora’s Cave


Love living in California, even though I’m a transplant. Love writing and all it entails, crazy characters demanding to be let loose on the page, long hours of research, every bit of it. I raised two children and spent about twenty years in real estate before I summoned the courage to quit and do what I always wanted to do, WRITE! While he was alive my husband was my first-stop editor and biggest fan. Now that my children are accustomed to my writing sexy novels they’re equally supportive.

I’m currently writing my 34th book, tentatively named Defiant Pursuit. I’ve done historicals, a series of romances with Druids, another with Mages, and am well into this new series where the hero has Elfin blood. He’s fun, as well as tall, lithe and gifted. And did I say sexy? My elves are my first venture into writing erotica, and it’s harder than you think as well as fun. The last book in the series, Defiant Pursuit, will feature an elf as the heroine. I’m blessed as well as lucky. Do write me with any questions to jswriter@earthlink.net. I love to hear from readers!

I love to hear from my readers, so hope you’ll comment and let me know your thoughts. One comment today, and every day on my blog tour, will receive a free e-copy of Fearless.  Love to make new friends and give gifts….

© 2017 K D Grace
The Romance Reviews

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