Things That Go Hump in the Night

thingsthatgohump300x200Dear Lovelies,

Throughout the month of October I’m inviting you to share your paranormal naughtiness and your thoughts about the total coolness of paranormal erotica and erotic romance on my blog.

Things that Go Hump in the Night is a celebration of all the sexy, scary, furry, fangy, ghosty, witchy fun things we love about paranormal erotica and erotic romance and a celebration of the relaunch of my paranormal erotic Lakeland Witches Trilogy.

Here’s your chance to tell readers why you love paranormal, tell them why you wrote the story you wrote, interview your sexy werewolf or vampire, or succubus, share sweet autumn recipes, tell us about your own ghostly encounters – it’s totally up to you! Get creative and have fun celebrating Things that Go Hump in the Night!  The event will begin on the 1st of October and end on the 31st with the concluding episode of my paranormal erotic Lakeland Witches serial, Demon Interrupted. It will also coincide with my two-week Lakeland Witches blog tour from October 27th to November 7th.


Grand Prize Giveaway:

There will be a super-exciting Grand Prize giveaway, which you’re welcome to contribute to.

If you’d like to take part, in return you will get ONE free entry option on the Rafflecopter that will be added to the bottom of each post throughout the month. To be included in this, please send an email to writermarketingservices at gmail dot com NO LATER than 1st September with the following information:

  • Details of the prize you’d like to add, i.e. an eBook, Gift Card, swag, print book, etc. Bear in mind, the giveaway will be open internationally, so if you want to give physical prizes, you must be willing to ship worldwide
  • The option you’d like to add to the Rafflecopter, i.e. “like” your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, etc. Include the option type and the entire link, for example Follow Me on Twitter:

The giveaway will be open through the first week of November to give people plenty of time to enter (and lots more exposure for you, too!). Once the winner is drawn, you’ll receive an email with the winner’s name and email address. It is then your responsibility to send the prize to the winner in a timely fashion. I will take no responsibility for prizes not sent out.


Dates are limited so sign up now! Go to the SignUp Genius page.


Here’s what I need from you (in a single Word document, please, so it can be copied and pasted directly into my blog. Images should be attachments):

A week before your post goes up, please send:

  1. Blog post
  2. Blurb & excerpt for the paranormal book you’re promoting (any heat level)
  3. Cover image and any other images you want included in your post
  4. Buy links for your book
  5. Your bio
  6. Your social media, blog and website links
  7. If you’d like to run your own giveaway, too, this is fine, but please be aware you will be responsible for administering it, choosing a winner, notifying them and sending out the prize – there won’t be time for me to do any of this

PLEASE NOTE: It’s important to send everything requested above. If you miss something out, then it won’t be included in your post – I won’t have time to go scouting around the web for the information. Please send everything exactly as you’d like to see it on the day.


Here’s where to send your goodies:

Please send to writermarketingservices at gmail dot com AT LEAST seven days before your chosen date – SignUp Genius will automatically send you a reminder email. If your materials aren’t received in time, sorry, but there’s no guarantee they’ll go up. There are 31 posts to schedule after all, and getting your post in on time will guarantee it’ll be up 🙂


What Do I Do Now?

Have you signed up using the SignUp Genius form? If so, then make a note on your calendar to send your goodies to the above email address in plenty of time. If not, go and sign up, quick! Also, it’d be super fantastic if you’d add one of the below buttons to your website somewhere to advertise the event – after all, the more people that stop by, the more promotion for us and our books. Also, please feel free to share this page far and wide and encourage your author buddies to sign up.

Please save your chosen image and upload it to your website, rather than hot-linking it from here. Link the graphic to – thank you!




Join the party and help me celebrate the relaunch of The Lakeland Witches Trilogy and all Things that Go Hump in the Night!


K D Grace xx

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