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Small Town Taste: A Complete Story! Vintage K D Grace


I can’t count the number of times someone has asked me my opinion on American politics, and while I keep my opinion off my social media pages because they are my business pages, I assure you I did send in my absentee ballot, and that not long after I had watched The Suffragette, feeling once again a sense of awe at the right my sisters before me have fought so hard for all over the world, and still are in some countries. So yes, I voted, and I hope, if you’re an American citizen, you’ll do the same.


That being said, how can any erotica writer miss the opportunity for a story that politicians and their strange bedfellows inspire. Small Town Tastes is a complete story, uncut, vintage K D Grace.








The Keystone town picnic was the perfect chance to shake hands, talk politics, and be seen socializing with the local folks. Hopefully the visit would help Congressman Charles Dodd improve his sagging ratings in the polls. It was all because of the downturn in the economy, Mrs. Dodd kept telling him. Not his fault. But as Harry Truman said, “the buck stops here.”

The congressman considered himself to be in touch with the needs of the common man, and he was at his best when he was chewing the fat with the good ole boys. Nothing made him shine with the media quite like a visit with his grass roots supporters. He was excellent at playing the part of the caring representative, while admiring a farmer’s field of corn or enjoying a local matron’s raspberry preserves at a county fair.

Today, however, it wasn’t cornfields or raspberry preserves that held his interest. Though Keystone’s mayor had introduced him around, eaten fried chicken and potato salad with him, and made sure he chatted with all of Keystone’s movers and shakers, it wasn’t any of the movers and shakers he was interested in either. After all, Keystone was a small town, in which not that much moved or shook.

Today he wasn’t even interested in rubbing shoulders with the common folk. It was the mayor’s daughter, Salina Hayes, who Congressmen Dodd wanted to rub against, and it wasn’t her shoulders he had in mind. He couldn’t believe his cock had been so completely stiffened by an unsophisticated farm girl. A farm girl with the most amazing tits he’d ever seen, he reminded himself.

Salina Hayes sat across the table from him and Mrs. Dodd, leaning forward, her chin resting on her hand, her blue eyes locked on him as though she were taking in his every word, while making sure he got a good view of what was way more than a handful. He hoped his wife wouldn’t notice, but thankfully she seemed more interested in stories of the local women’s quilting circle. The swelling ache in his trousers was exquisite as he watched the gentle rising and falling of ripe young cleavage against the scoop neck of a pale yellow sundress.

She was a second year political science major studying at the State University, the mayor had told him. She had chosen her major because Congressman Dodd was her hero, and she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Right now her hero was having fantasies of her crawling under the table to discretely undo his fly to suck his cock while he listened to the mindless chatter of pork prices and fertilizer shortages. He could imagine shooting his growing wad between her mauve painted lips, while her lovely pink tongue lapped up every drop of his juices. And no one would be the wiser.

As if an answer to prayer, the mayor’s wife invited Mrs. Dodd to go to with her to the community center to view first
hand some of the quilting the local women had been doing. The mayor was busy talking to one of the councilmen, and Congressman Dodd, by the grace of heaven, found himself following Salina Hayes to the punch bowl, watching the way the clingy fabric of the sundress hugged the perfect mounds of her bottom, discretely showcasing, when the breeze blew just right, the outline of her very tiny panties.

“So tell me,” he said moving close to her, “after being away in the big wide world for two years, do you find small town life difficult?”

“I don’t mind. I like small towns,” she replied in a sultry contralto voice with just the tiniest hint of southern drawl. “There’s always something going on if you know where to look for it.”

“And I suppose you would know better than most, being Mayor Hayes’s daughter and all.” He moved closer to her, feeling the warmth radiating from her young body as he took the punch she offered him in a paper cup, his fingers sliding over hers as he did so.

For a second, she looked confused, and he realized she might not appreciate having her parental connections brought up if she were trying to impress an older man, and he was pretty sure she was trying to impress him. Before he could apologize, she offered him an edible smile. “You see that path over there?” She nodded to a grassy trail disappearing into the trees.


“There’s a pond down there, not far. It’s on Daddy’s property, so no one else goes there.” She looked up at him and held his gaze. “The wild life is fantastic.” Her long dark lashes fluttered. “In fact, I was heading over there just now to have a little peek. It’s so quiet and secluded. You never know what you might find there.” She nibbled daintily on her full lower lip, then turned on her sandaled heals and headed down the path, hips swaying invitingly with each step.

His eyes still glued to Salina’s voluptuous butt, he motioned to one of his security men. “Make my excuses, and see that Mrs. Dodd stays occupied with those quilts. I need an hour.”

The security man nodded, and turned back to the picnicking crowd as though he were on a mission. The congressman downed the punch, checked to make sure no one was looking, then headed toward the path with a second body guard a few steps behind him.

It truly wasn’t far to the pond, and Salina was right. It was very secluded. He could see her lying back in the grass, the straps of her sundress pulled down over her shoulders for maximum sun. He felt his cock tighten in his trousers.

“What’s he doing here,” she nodded to the bodyguard as the congressman sat down next to her.

He reached out and twisted a lock of her blond hair around his finger and offered her one of his election winning smiles. “I’m a congressman, Salina. My life’s not my own anymore, you know. But don’t worry about him,” he held her gaze. “He only sees what I want him to see.”

“And what about your wife?” She offered him a little pout.

He traced the strap of the dress along to the scoop neck line, wriggling his finger just beneath the fabric enough to make her catch her breath. “It pains me to say, she sees a little bit more than I want her to, that’s why we have to be discrete.”

He moved in closer to kiss her, but she pulled away, folding her arms under her breasts. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

He cursed to himself. His fucking cock was about to burst through his trousers and this chick was playing coy. But he tried to look guilt stricken. “Of course you’re right. I’m sorry. I just find you so enchanting. You’re all I’ve been able to think about since I first saw you.” He caught his breath. “It’s wrong of me to want you so. And it’s even wore of me to try to act upon my desires, to take advantage of you kindness, your respect. Please, Salina, don’t think badly of me for this one slip up. You’ve got to believe me, this has never happened to me before, and I couldn’t bear it if you thought less of me.” He offered her his best repentant look, and lowered his eyes. “I’ll just go now.”

He started to stand, but she grabbed his hand. “No don’t go, congressman. I couldn’t stand it if you left now. I could never think less of you for wanting me. I’ve admired you for so long, and now that I’ve met you in person, well, I just want to be with you, and I’m so honored that you want to be with me too.”

He curled his finger beneath her chin and lifted her mouth to his, kissing her gently, feeling her tremble at his touch. It was just as he expected, she was still a small town girl, no city veneer on this one, just raw, countrified need. Years from now she’d tell the other farmer’s wives how she had a congressmen wrapped around her little finger. And she would remind them all she didn’t have to be a farmer’s wife. She could have been whoever she wanted. And none of them will believe her, of course.

She pressed herself against him, her awkward kisses becoming more insistent in her obvious efforts to please, a trait he found incredibly arousing. After all, it was that straight off the farm innocence that had stiffened his cock in the first place. He eased her back onto the grass and moved his hand up over her flat belly to rest just beneath her breasts, feeling her gasp and squirm against his touch.

“Have you ever brought other men here?” he asked. He lifted the hand from her belly to stroke her cheek. “It’s alright, no need to be embarrassed. A beautiful young woman like you is way too desirable not to have men sniffing after her all the time.”

She offered him an almost shy smile. “I lost my virginity here when I was seventeen.” She giggled softly, and lay an open hand modestly against her cleavage. “One of Daddy’s farm hands.” Her smile faded. “I wouldn’t want you to think I’m a slut though. At the time I thought I was in love. I was so young then.”

He kissed her again, gently, careful not to give her the chance to pull him close. “Of course you’re not a slut. How could anybody think that of you?” He glanced over at the security guard. Time was wasting, and his balls felt like they were full of molten lead. He sat back on his haunches and sighed. “Salina, dear, I’m a married man and I have a reputation to maintain.”

She raised a hand demurely to her slightly parted lips. “Of course, congressman. I’d never do anything to ruin your reputation.” For a second he though she was going to cry.

“I know you wouldn’t, honey. Still, it’s hard for me. My wife’s not as fond of sex as she used to be when we were first married. And I,” he chuckled softly, “well, I’ve always had a very high sex drive. And what with all the travel and the speeches and the politicking, well a man gets all tense and he just needs some relief now and again.”

“I understand, congressman. What is it you want me to do?”

He kissed her forehead and pulled away. “I want you to let me watch.”

She sat up with a start. “Excuse me?”

He motioned to the guard. “I want you to let me watch while you do it with Jensen here.”

“But I thought. I thought…” For a second he was sure she would to be angry, then she looked a little frightened, as her eyes shifted to the body guard standing like a statue. The congressman could see the wheels turning. Nothing exciting ever happened in this girl’s little town, and this just might be the highlight of her bucolic life. Besides, most women, and more than a few men found Jensen quite attractive.

He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and brought it to rest just before it reached the soft triangle of her panties. “Please. It would mean so much to me. I do want you, so badly. He laid her small, well manicured hand against the raging bulge in his trousers, and she gasped. “I haven’t had sex in awhile now, what with Mrs. Dodd not interested. I’m desperate for some relief. Before I met you, I thought I’d just go back to the hotel room, have a shower, and… well, take care of it, the way we men have to do sometimes. God knows that’s what I should do. I am a faithful man, Salina. And if you’re uncomfortable with this,” his hand stroked the back of hers where it lay against his erection, “I’ll understand if you go back to the party. I’ll just stay here a couple more minutes and take care of it.” He sighed. “Then I’ll be fit for company again.”

Her hand, against which he desperately wanted to thrust, moved carefully along the length of his cock. “Oh congressman, a man like you shouldn’t have to…” She blushed hard even at the thought. “Of course I’ll help you.”kissing-lips

“You’re an angel, Salina.” He gave her thigh a stroke very close to her panties.

She squirmed against his hand and offered him a warm smile. “Anything for you, congressman.”

Dodd had picked Jensen specifically because his body shape was so similar to his own, and because he was willing. The body guard shed his jacket and tie and sat down in the grass on the other side of Salina, who forced a shy smile.

“She has lovely breasts, don’t you think, Jensen?”

“Lovely, sir.”

He could see that the mayor’s daughter was trembling a little bit. He suspected it was as much with anticipation as fear. “Fondle them for me, Jensen. Caress them. Let me see how they yield to your touch.”

In response, the girl straightened her shoulders until her full young breasts were practically in the body guard’s large
hands. And when he cupped them, bringing skilled thumbs to circle her nipples, her eyelids fluttered and she whimpered softly.

“How do they feel?”

“Wonderful, sir, they feel wonderful. Firm and heavy, and such large nipples for such a young woman.”

The press of Salina’s burgeoning nipples against Jensen’s thumbs made the congressman’s cock surge in his trousers. It was uncomfortable, just exactly the way he needed it to be. “And she’s not wearing a bra,” he grunted.

“No sir. No bra. Surprised her father would let her meet a congressman with no bra on.”

“It’s a sundress,” she protested. “It’s not supposed to have a bra under it.”

“But you wanted the congressman to admire your tits, didn’t you,” the guard asked.

“And I certainly have done just that,” Congressman Dodd said, shifting to make his engorging cock rub against the seam of his trousers. “Unbutton her dress for me, Jensen, and let’s get a good look at what I’ve been fantasizing about all afternoon.”

He watched holding his breath as Jensen eased the buttons open slowly, one by one until her fullness was near to bursting from the front of the dress. With a grunt of satisfaction, Jensen eased the straps off her shoulders, then lifted her breasts free from the soft clingy fabric.

“Sundress or not,” the congressman said, “breasts that gorgeous should never be restrained by a bra. Play with them, Jensen, caress them, suckle them, the way I would if I wasn’t a faithful husband.”

The girl quivered and moaned holding Jensen’s head to her tits as though she were nursing him. “My breasts are so sensitive,” she gasped, arching against the guard’s insinuating tongue.

“I like a woman with sensitive breasts,” the congressmen said, stroking his cock through his trousers. “How about you, Jensen? Does a woman with sensitive breasts make your cock stiff?”

“Yes sir, very stiff indeed.”

“Good, good. Salina, you must be anxious to see what those lovelies of yours are doing to that man’s penis, aren’t you? I’m sure he’d like you to undo his fly and free the beast. That’s a girl, that’s a girl. Careful now, Jensen’s got a big one there.”

As he watched the girl fumble awkwardly with the front of Jensen’s trousers, he undid his own fly and let out an involuntary groan as he lifted his aching cock from his briefs. God, his balls felt near to bursting, but this was too good to rush through. He wanted to make it last.

Once the girl had freed Jensen’s cock, she gave a little gasp of surprise. “It’s so huge. I’ve never seen one so big. She touched it almost as though she were afraid it would bite her, and Jensen moaned softly at her touch. So very naïve, Dodd thought.

“Don’t you worry about his cock just yet, Salina. Let him pleasure you. That’s what I would do if I were free.” Then he spoke to the body guard. “Take off her panties, Jensen. I’m sure you want to see her pussy. I know I do.”

“Please don’t,” the girl trembled, screwed up her face in distress and pushed Jensen’s hands away. “I don’t know if I can go through with this. Besides, Daddy’ll kill me if he finds out.” She was quite a little cock tease, Dodd thought. But Jensen knew exactly how to handle a cock tease, and that made his balls even tighter.

Jensen eased her back onto the grass, soothing her protests. “Don’t worry, sugar, we’ll make sure your daddy doesn’t find out, besides, you really want to please the congressmen don’t you? Come on, now. Relax, and let me help you out of those panties. I promise I’ll take good care of you. I’ll make your little cunny feel so good.”

“I do. I do want to please the congressman,” she whimpered, “but I’m so nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“It’s alright honey, nothing to be nervous about. It’s the most natural thing in the world. I promise I’ll help you and guide you, just like the congressman would. And I guarantee you’ll like what I’m going to do to you, what he would do to you if he could. You’ll make the congressman feel so good, and, well that’s serving your country, isn’t it, dear?”

God, Jensen was good. Dodd couldn’t count the number of times he’d watch Jensen fuck his women for him, and he loved the way the man talked to them, the way he always knew just what to say.

The girl leaned back on her elbows, watching as Jensen reached up under her skirt. She whimpered again softly and shuddered when he pulled her panties down over her hips and gave them a toss to the congressman, who caught them in mid air and began to rub them against his heavy balls as he stroked himself.

“Come on, Salina, dear,” the congressman coaxed. “Open your legs for me so I can see how beautiful you are down there and how much I would love to put my penis down there inside you if only I could.”

She offered him a quivering smile, gathered her skirt in her lap and spread her legs until he could see the pouting swollen folds of her cunny beneath her smoothly shaved mound, shining and moist in the glow of summer heat.

“Oh you are lovely, my dear,” the congressman groaned. “Such an exquisite pussy, all bare and smooth for me to see.

“She looks nice and slippery, Jensen, but she doesn’t look ready to accommodate your big cock yet.”

“Don’t worry, sir, she soon will be,” came the response, and the guard eased his middle finger up into the girl’s pout, positioning his hand so he could stroke her clit with his thumb. She gasped and ground her bare ass into the grass. “Oh god, oh god,” she moaned. She tried to watch what he was doing with his fingers, but in the end she fell back on the lawn writhing and groaning at his touch.

“You like that, don’t you, Salina?” Dodd asked. “You like having a man play with your pussy.”

She nodded and whimpered, spreading her legs still further.

“Is she tight?” the congressman asked.

“Tight and slick, and she smells hot. Can you smell her, congressman?”

“I want to taste her,” Dodd said. He scooted closer to the writhing girl and Jensen pulled back his finger, holding her lips open. “Oh that’s a nice cunny, nice and sopping,” the congressman crooned. “Give me a taste, Salina. Dip you fingers in that lovely pussy of yours and let me taste”

The girl reached between her legs and slid two fingers into her swollen twat and the congressman nearly exploded at the sight of her cunt gripping her fingers so hungrily. He fought back the urge to shoot his load on the grass right then, but he knew the best was yet to come. He pulled the girl’s fingers free and licked the delicious taste of young pussy. “Mmmm, I do love southern food.” He groaned. “You better have some, Jensen. She’s too tasty to waste.”

Jensen didn’t argue. He buried his face in Salina’s cunt and began licking her from anus to distended clit, careful as always, to make sure Dodd got a good view of what he was doing. Meanwhile the girl bucked and moaned beneath him and Jensen’s cock looked like it was stretched to the breaking point. There was no denying. It was time.

“I think she’s ready,” the congressmen said.

“I’m ready. Please, I’m ready,” the girl begged.

“You heard her. Now fuck her hard for me, Jensen. I need to come real bad.”

Jensen pulled away from the girl’s pussy, his face glistening with her slickness. Then he positioned his swollen cock over her pout and with one hard pushed shoved home. The girl cried out, then wrapped her legs around him and began to press up against his body as he thrust into her.

Dodd could smell the grass and the hot scent of pussy and whatever perfume it was the girl was wearing. He could hear the slapping of Jensen’s full heavy balls against the girl’s ass and his own heavy breathing as he jerked his cock, still holding the lacy pink panties against his bulging balls. God he loved small town picnics. The food was always good and the dessert was even better.

He could feel the weight building at the back of his balls, and as Salina cried out that she was coming, Jensen’s heavy grunt told a similar story. But even in his discomfort, the congressmen held out, moving himself into position as Jensen pulled free, his chest still heaving, his cock still dripping cum. He positioned himself to the side of the girl, holding her skirt up away from her clean shaven pussy with one hand, while the other held her engorged lips wide apart.

Then the congressman was ready. He knelt on the grass between her spread legs and gave one last hard tug and a grunt as he spurted viscous splashes of semen onto Salina Hayes’s smooth pink mound and over her dilated pout. Squirt after arching squirt of cum erupted from his balls and up through his aching cock. And with each grunt of release, he bent closer to the girl until he was practically on top of her, his face nearly touching her heaving breasts, his cock only a hair’s breadth from her swollen cunt.

Finally when he could breathe again, he pulled away and wiped his cock on her lace panties. It had been as close as he could get to coming inside her cunt while riding her hard. Sex by proxy was not the ideal, but it wasn’t so bad either. And he was, after all, a faithful family man.

As he zipped himself back into his trousers and tucked his shirt, he watched while Jensen wiped the girl’s cunt on a neatly folded white handkerchief before he helped her to her feet, her face glowing , her smile ecstatic, as she turned to the congressmen.

“Salina, my dear, you’ve been such a great help to me, and to my campaign by making my life a little easier. You’re such a patriotic young woman. People like you are the future of this great country. I have no doubt that if you keep up your studies, someday you may be taking over my job.” He kissed her affectionately on the cheek, giving her lovely tits a quick parting caress as he did so. Then he turned to his aid. “Come on, Jensen, Mrs. Dodd will be looking for me, no doubt.”

Back at the picnic, dessert and coffee were being served up, which was good because after he came, the congressman was always ravenous. He found himself in the dessert line behind the mayor.

“Sorry to have to leave you to your own devices like that, Congressman Dodd,” the mayor said, taking a big slab of devils food cake onto his already full plate, “But you know how it is when you serve the people.”

“No need to apologize at all, Mayor Hayes. I completely understand.”

The two picked up Styrofoam cups of coffee and headed back to the table.

After they’d both had a minute to sample their respective caches of dessert, the mayor spoke around a mouthful of cake. “You seemed well occupied with that young reporter. I wasn’t too worried about leaving you with her. Knowing how you are with the press, I figured you could handle her.”

The cake stuck at the back of the congressman’s throat and he gulped coffee nearly scalding his tongue. “Reporter?”

“Salina Hayes. Surely she told you. Works with some lefty magazine. Don’t think much of her politics, but she seemed nice enough, polite. Good looking woman.”

“You mean she’s not your daughter?”

The mayor laughed. “Oh heavens no. The last name’s just a coincidence.”

“But you said she was studying political science at the university.”

“That’s right. Our daughter, Lisa. She’s taking summer courses though and won’t be home until next month. Powerfully disappointed she didn’t get to meet you though. You’re her hero, you know?”

Trying not to panic, Dodd looked around for some sign of Salina Hayes, but she was nowhere to be found. His appetite was suddenly gone, and he was about to excuse himself for a frantic look around when Jensen approached.

“Sir, this is for you.” He handed the congressman a neatly folded note ripped from a spiral notebook, the kind Dodd could imagine a reporter using. His stomach turned to ice. Was this it then? Was she writing him a note telling him to kiss his career good-bye? Feeling suddenly sick, he took the note, holding his breath as he opened it slowly. It read:


Thanks for the use of your body guard. He was very helpful. A woman just needs some relief now and again. Thought I was going to have to go back to the hotel, have a shower and just take care of it, the way we women often must.

S. H.


In case you’re wondering, I minored in theatre in college.



Congressman Dodd nearly fainted with relief. He folded the note carefully and slipped it into his pocket. “Thanks Jensen. You’ve been a real help.”

Mrs. Dodd returned from the community center with two new quilts she’d bought. Christmas gifts, she said. The congressman enjoyed the rest of his cake and cheerfully joined the mayor and his neighbors in a rousing discussion on the falling prices of soy beans.

Vintage Grace: Wet Dreams Part 2 FREE STORY

dark moon image_xl_6338206WARNING:  ADULTS CONTENT!

Well, here we are well into September, and we’re already feeling the cool damp breezes here in South England. BUT I like to keep that summer sizzle going as long as possible, so as I promises, some really filthy vintage K D Grace.For your reading pleasure, as promised, here is Part 2 of Wet Dreams, which is one of the first stories I had published and, like a lot of my early stories, WET DREAMS is very filthy and not for the faint of heart. It is erotica … XXX all the way.  As some of you are aware of my attitude about condoms in erotica, especially when it’s very strictly fantasy, be warned, even without a condom, this story is safe sex because IT IS FICTION! Please enjoy it for what it is. 

If you’ve not read Part 1, find it here

Wet Dreams: Part 2

When the subjects arrived in the evening, he usually left the preparations to his graduate assistants. He felt the less he actually associated with the subjects the more objective he would be, but this evening, he made sure that it was he who prepped Three.

When he came to her, she was already curled up on her bed in the same nightie she had worn the night before. It was soft blue silk, buttoned just high enough to contain her breasts and just far enough down to hide her panties. His penis stirred at the way the silk lay against her hips and slid off one shoulder revealing the deep shadows of her collarbones. Her eyes were closed beneath a heavy fringe of dark lashes that matched her mussed, tomboyish hair. And her soft pubic curls, which he had only seen in a dream, he quickly reminded himself. She moaned softly and yawned, already approaching the gateway of vulnerable, innocent sleep.

He cleared his throat awkwardly, and her eyes fluttered open. “Doctor Nevins?” Her voice was warm and drowsy.

“In the flesh. Here to hook you up for dream time.” He felt stupid the minute he’d said it. What would she think? She knew no one read her dream journal but him. What an idiot!

A soft blush crawled up her cheeks. As sorry as he was that he’d made her uncomfortable, he was not sorry to see how the color glowed against the perfect arches of her cheekbones.

“I’m ready.” She offered him a shy smile. As she sat up, he caught a glimpse of her nipples pressed against the nightie. The memory of her tweaking them to erection as she fondled herself in his dream nearly took his breath away and made him very glad for the extra length of the lab coat covering the bulge growing in his trousers.

She sat very still as he fumbled with the electrodes. He was painfully aware of the touch of her hair against his hand, of the awkward brush of his arm against her breast as he checked the mobile monitor. He felt as though he would hyperventilate being this close to her, knowing what he knew. Worse yet, he feared he’d come in his pants right there in front of her, the pressure building in his balls felt so relentless.

This was insane. He didn’t even know this woman, this woman who had trusted him into her most intimate space, a space he couldn’t help feeling he had somehow violated. He reminded himself, as he had his subjects so many times, he wasn’t responsible for what he dreamed. As she thanked him and lie down, she lifted her legs into bed just so he got the tiniest glimpse of pink panties caressing the curve of her bottom and the pouting folds of her vulva. “Pleasant dreams,” he blurted. Then he fled back to the protection of the control room.

The night crawled by. Joe could hardly take his eyes off of Three, who was almost immediately in REM sleep. His own lack of sleep was taking its toll. His head ached, and coffee seemed to be of little help as the night wore on and he struggled to stay awake.

It was nearing two in the morning when Three began to thrash about, which usually didn’t happen in REM sleep. In REM sleep, the body had a safety mechanism that simulated paralysis to keep the dreamer from harming herself, and yet, impossibly, the EEG showed Three in REM sleep. She shoved back the blanket, pulled her pillow from under her head and thrust it between her legs.

Carefully Joe turned on the microphone to hear soft moans coming from three’s bed as her hips ground against the pillow. He felt his cock tighten as he watched, and he carefully released it into his hand. Her moans became kitten-like whimpers until at last, she sat up and tossed the pillow on the floor with such force that Joe was certain she was awake. The EEG read otherwise. She sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed looking around the darkened room. Joe held his breath as she lifted her bottom and slipped out of her panties. Then she opened her legs. One hand worked frantically between her pussy lips while the other cupped her breasts through the nightie. Clearly frustrated, she fumbled through the few items on the nightstand, and for a second he thought she would wake Four, who was now snoring softly.

Finally she found what she was looking for, a hairbrush with a round wooden handle shaped almost like…

“Jesus,” Joe whispered, as she stuck the end of the hairbrush into her mouth and began to lick it and suck it as though it were a Popsicle … as though it were a cock. Through the microphone he could hear the wet sounds of her saliva, now dripping from her chin as she pulled the end of the brush from her lips. He knew what was would happen next, and it took all of his self control to keep from shooting his wad at the very thought.

He fumbled with the zoom, watching, holding his breath, as Three opened her engorged cunt with wet fingers and shifted her hips until the angle was just right. Then, with a catch of her breath that let him know just how good it felt, she eased the smooth wooden end of the brush, dripping with her saliva, between her pussy lips, which opened, yielded grudgingly and swallowed the handle to the hilt.

He pressed his thumb hard against the underside of the head of his cock and breathed deeply. Not yet! He couldn’t come just yet. He had to make it last.

She was now leaning back on the bed, her buttocks lifted completely off the mattress, supported by her heals as she thrust onto the handle with all her strength.

Joe held his breath, terrified she would wake the other sleepers. He should stop her. He didn’t want her to be caught in a humiliating situation. He should tuck his cock away and do something.

Three collapsed on her side with a moan that sounded more like frustration than satisfaction. Then she pulled the brush handle from her pussy, sat up and threw it as hard as she could across the room.

“Shit!” This time Joe cursed out loud. Fortunately the control room was sound proof. Amazingly, the sharp thwack of Sleeping woman reading181340322466666994_IswNAb85_bthe brush against the wall woke no one. He heaved a sigh, but then caught his breath again. Was Three watching him? That was impossible. There were no windows in the control room, and yet, her gaze seemed locked on him. He glanced at the EEG. She was still in REM sleep. How could this be? Suddenly she sprang to her feet and ran out of the camera’s view. Frantically he tried to follow her across the bank of monitors, but she disappeared from sight. He was still squinting at the screens when the door to the control room burst open.

He made a futile attempt to shove his penis back into his trousers, but in the end could do no more than pull his lab coat across his lap. Before he could even turn in his chair, he could see three’s reflection in the monitors as she launched herself at him.

She grabbed the chair and turned him to face her with surprising strength, placing a hand on each arm so he was trapped. “Dr Nevins. Wake up,” She gasped. “You’re dreaming.”

He woke with a start to find Three shaking him. She growled her frustration and yanked the Portable EEG over her head, electrodes and all, slamming the whole apparatus down on the counter next to the monitors.

“Your dreams, I’m dreaming your dreams. Sexy dreams.” she gasped. “It’s always you watching in my dreams. And now I’m in yours. Please wake up. You’re frightening me.”

“Dear God, I was dreaming?” He tried to push her away, but he was at a distinct disadvantage in the chair with a debilitating hard-on and a scantily clad woman practically on top of him.

She nodded.

“And you?”

“I was dreaming too. I had a hairbrush and you were watching.”

He struggled to breath. “How can that be?”

“I don’t know.” she clawed at his lab coat until he could hold it no longer, and his erection was there for them both to see. “But we’re driving each other crazy. I need to come, and it’s clear you need to come too. That’s obvious in my dreams and yours too.” She bent and kissed him hard. “We can help each other.”

“I can’t.” He tried to push her away. “Don’t you understand? I can’t. I’m ethically bound to — ”

“Fuck your ethics. We’re not dreaming now. We’re wide awake.” Her voice was breathless as her hand strayed to his cock. “And we need each other.”

“Oh God,” he groaned, arching back in the chair. He felt her nails tear at his hands as he made one more weak attempt to push her away, which ended abruptly as she dropped onto her knees and took his cock into her mouth like she had done the brush handle. All the way to the hilt. All the way to his balls!

“Please. Fuck me,” she gasped as she pulled away.

He yielded, no longer able to deny what they both needed so desperately.

He never would have expected what she did next. Holding his gaze, she stood up, opened her pussy lips with one hand, then turned around and sat down on his lap. It was that simple. He found himself buried up to his balls in her tight, warm cunt, which grabbed his penis each time she shifted her hips, exactly like her mouth had done only seconds before.

“Jesus,” he gasped, struggling hard not to come just from the feel of her exquisite grip. “Ah, God. You’re sure we’re awake?”

She ground her ass hard against him. “Better than a dream, isn’t it?” She guided his hand over her soft pubic curls until his fingers came to rest against her pearl hard clit. “Touch me there.” She gave a whimper of pleasure. “That’s so good. Just like that. Don’t stop.”

He could smell the strong tidal scent of her arousal, and as he leaned forward to kiss her back, he caught the scent of sleep — warm, sweaty sleep, against her skin. The hand that wasn’t enthralled with her straining clitoris cupped and stroked the firm mounds of her breasts and thumb her distended nipples. He tried to tell himself he should stop. She was his subject, not his lover. But it didn’t matter, not as long as her cunt gripped his cock like a glove. In the bank of monitors, he watched his reflection fucking her, watched his fingers curling into her cunt.

“You’ve invaded my dreams, you’re always watching, always making me want you. And now you’re pulling me into your dreams. I don’t care, but don’t make me suffer.”

“I’m not doing it on purpose. I can’t help it,” he gasped, feeling her areola rise against his thumb.

“You can help it. Give me what I need. Do it now.” Then suddenly every muscle in her body tensed. Her pussy gripped his cock like a fist. He shoved his way out of the chair, still pounding into her, pushing her against the edge of the desk, kneading her bottom with each thrust as she strained back with all her strength, rocking her hips in a maddening rhythm. Each time she pushed back, his heavy balls felt like they would burst. How could he stand any more without completely exploding?

Suddenly she was growling like a wildcat, growling until surely her throat was raw, grunting and shoving until it was all he could do to hold onto her. Then she cried out, the tight clench of her orgasm sending him over the edge too, until he emptied his balls into her convulsing pussy for what seemed like half the night.

When he was finished coming, she reached into the pocket of his lab coat and pulled out his handkerchief. He watched in fascination as she wiped his cock, then cleaned the folds of her pussy, while he admired the swollen deep well of her. At last she straightened her nightie and sat quietly while he reattached the electrodes and slipped the monitor back around her neck. Then she kissed him and returned to her bed. Within minutes she was fast asleep.


The next morning, the other subjects had gone by the time Three finished her journal. As she handed it to him, she spoke without preamble. “How is it possible for two people to share dreams, Doctor?”

He took the notebook. “I don’t know. In all my research on REM sleep, nothing like this has ever happened before. But what bothers me more than the dream sharing is what we did when we woke up.”

She blinked. “You didn’t want to fuck me?”

“Of course I did.” He spoke between barely parted lips. “But it’s one thing to dream about something. It’s another to act on it.”

The beautiful blush crawled up her cheeks.

“It’s unethical and unprofessional, what I did.”

She nodded. “It means I can’t continue on as a test subject. For that I’m sorry. But I’m not sorry that we had sex, and I don’t want you to be either. It was good.”

He looked down at his hands clasped over the journal and felt himself blush.

She took a step closer and touched his wrist. “I like you. I’m intrigued by the way you live in other people’s dreams, by the way you visited mine. Perhaps you’ve discovered something else that needs to be researched. Perhaps I’d be the perfect subject for such a study.” She brushed a warm lingering kiss across his lips. “Sex in the waking world beats the hell out of anything REM sleep can offer. Put that in your notes, Doctor.” She fled, leaving him holding the journal.

Writing pen and birds 1_xl_20156020            For a long moment he stood looking down at the only thing he had left of Three. Then slowly, he opened it to the cover page and caught his breath.

Yesterday in had contained only the words, Subject # 3. But today, beneath the number was the name, Nina Emerson, along with her phone number.

His heart skipped a beat as he remembered the feel of being inside her. He closed the journal and returned to his desk. Nina was right. They had discovered something that needed to be researched, something more intriguing than any study of the dream world. He would call her, invite her for a drink. That was a start. They could do the research together. For the first time in ages, he felt fully awake.