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Kay Jaybee Gives Us a Sexy Peek into The Circus

My guest today is the BDSM Queen herself, Kay Jaybee, here to talk to us about her nasty story, ‘The Circus,’ from Sweetmeats Press’s yummy anthology, Immoral Views. Welcome Kay. Tell us more!

For as long as I can remember, I have always hated the circus. To me there is something terribly unnerving about it. All those false smiles and fake tans. From childhood, I recall the air within the Big Top arena as stifled and tense- as if one was always waiting for something bad to happen as you sat on little fold down wooden seats, the putrid smell of stale popcorn and candy floss hanging in the air.

For me, I guess the word ‘sinister’ sums things up when it comes to the circus- especially the clowns (I still have nightmares about clowns, and as yet cannot bring myself to write about them- maybe one day).

Given this dislike, it might surprise you that I have written a story called The Circus- until you realise that this is a tale about power and control. About the enjoyment of watching how power can be used, abused, and ultimately enjoyed, by those with particular voyeuristic, restraint, and punishment fantasies…

I mentioned how much I dislike clowns- yet they are not the ones who should be most feared within the circus environment- that role belongs to the Ringmaster. I have always thought there was mileage in a story about a Ringmaster. After all he (or she) is the ultimate power within the Big Top. What the Ringmaster dictates is the law- and must be obeyed.

So what would happen, I began to muse (after Kojo Black of Sweetmeats Press first asked me to write him a hard hitting voyeurism story for his latest anthology, Immoral Views), if there was a very special type of circus. A circus where those with sufficient funds could pay to enjoy their BDSM peccadilloes- where most of the audience could get their voyeuristic kicks- and a few could experience the touch of the Ringmasters whip, and the acrobatics of his assistants for real…

The line is blurred between spectator and performer in a theatre of pleasure and pain. Can Carrie survive the trails that await her on the circus’s stage at the hands of the Ringmaster and his two acrobatic assistants? Either way it is going to the road to erotic success is going to smart a bit…

Carrie really hasn’t had time to think about where she is, or why she has allowed herself to attend the derelict theatre where the Circus is held, before the action begins.  As she sits nervously in the audience, she has only just got her mind around the fact that her boyfriend, Scott, not only knows about The Circus, but has sent her there alone; when the Ringmaster declares that her ticket number has been pulled from the lottery which decides who will be the subject of the evenings show…

Cracking his whip against the end of the bed, the Ringmaster bought the room to order.

“Everyone in this room knows the type of punishing entertainment we issue here.  Everyone is here by choice.  There is, however, a safety word.  If our guests utter the word ‘Circus’, they will be removed from the room with no questions asked.  Otherwise, those chosen to take part in tonight’s performance are here to be used for our enjoyment, and maybe, if they’re lucky, their own.

“Before the show can truly begin however, we need to find our prime players.  One man and one woman will be selected from amongst you, using the numbers on your ticket stubs.”

A mass of shuffling hands retrieved tickets from pockets and cleavages, as every member of the audience reread the numbers they had memorised anyway.

“First we will allocate the female guest star.  Ladies, brace yourselves….”

The compère paused, adopting the annoying style of a television quiz show host about to announce the winner of some second rate talent show.

“Number 23!”

Echoes of relief and disappointed ricocheted around the room, but no one moved.  No one approached the stage.

“Come on, don’t be shy.”

Still no one moved, and Carrie shifted uncomfortably in her seat, wishing that whoever had been picked would hurry up.  She knew it wasn’t her.  She was safe with her number 24 ticket tucked in the top of her right boot.  With a sense of relief she relaxed her shoulder muscles a little.

A hasty consultation began between the Ringmaster and his assistants, who nodded their agreement to whatever he was suggesting.

“It seems that the holder of ticket 23 has failed to show up this evening.  Therefore I will ask the next consecutive ticket holder to join me on the stage.  Number 24, please step this way!”

Carrie thought she was going to be sick.  Her stomach felt like a tumble dryer on full spin.  She hadn’t escaped.  She was going to be on the stage.  She was the subject of the evening. 

“Number 24, don’t be coy, up you come!”  The Ringmaster was stepping towards her, reaching out his long slim arm to hoist Carrie up onto the stage.

Before she could consider how he knew she was number 24, Carrie found herself levered up via the backside, arms, and palms of her neighbours until she was standing next to the Ringmaster.

“A beautiful specimen, I’m sure you’ll agree, Ladies and Gentlemen…” the compère went on, shouting above the approving comments of the crowd, “…in a truly gorgeous outfit.”

The very end of his whip began to trail across the top of Carrie’s breasts, making her shiver further.

“However, I think a change of attire would make things even more interesting..


 Anyone familiar with my work will know that I enjoy writing S&M stories with plenty of ouch and sting, along with doses of tenderness and soft kisses- but tenderness at The Circus has to be earned!

Why not have a read of The Circus to find out if Carrie can please the seated voyeurs enough to win the right to her own satisfaction, as well as that of the male volunteer who has been chosen to appear alongside her on stage…Enjoy! xx


Kay Jaybee is the author of the erotic e-novella Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Driver (OC Press, 2011) The Perfect Submissive (Xcite 2011), and the e-anthologies Yes Ma’am (Xcite, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). She also wrote the sexy anthology The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2008), which features the adventures of a writer, forever in the pursuit of tales of sexual adventure.

As well as being a regular contributor to www.OystersandChocolate.com , Kay has a number of stories published by Cleis Press (Best of the Best Women’s Erotica 2; Lips Like Sugar; Lust; Best Women’s Erotica 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012; Best Bondage Erotica 2012, Best Lesbian Romance, 2009, Sweet Love, Smooth, Gotta Have It, Sweet Confessions), Black Lace (Sex and Music, Sexy Little Numbers), Xcite Books (Ultimate Sin, Seriously Sexy Stocking Filler, Boy Fun, Sex at Work, Threesomes. Best of Both, Power Play), Xcite e-books (Cocktales: All Night Long, Kingmaker, Three For All, Flogging the Scarlet), Mammoth Books (The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica), Penguin (Oysters and Chocolate; Erotic Stories of Every Flavor), Seal (Oysters and Chocolate; Nice Girls; Naughty Sex) Sweetmeats Press (Immoral Views) and Forum and Foreplay Magazines.