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The Sensual Art of Mayo

It’s my pleasure to welcome Kay Jaybee back today to talk about a fabulous artist, Mayo, whose amazing work I was fortunate enough to see displayed at Sh! Hoxton last year. Mayo is an artist, not a writer, so Kay has agreed to do this blog post for her with some images of her fabulous art. A true feast for the eyes.


A huge thank you to KD Grace for inviting me along today, to give you a tempting taster of the works of MayoArt.

The world of erotica has many components, whether it is the written word, photographs, music, film, or beyond. One of the most fundamental forms for the sensual imagination to wrap itself around, or take shape beneath, is the wide umbrella that is art.

From the earliest cave sculptures, such as the renowned Venus of Willendorf (to date, the earliest discovered complete sculpture of a woman from the Paleolithic period), to the curvaceous works of Ruben, and the thousands of paintings and sculptures in between and since, art continues to bring nudity, sexuality, and eroticism to life.

As with erotic stories, different elements and styles appeal to different people. For myself, I prefer my erotic art to be suggestive and sensual. It is therefore with great pride that I have a page devoted to the figure drawings and paintings of Dutch artist Mayo, on my otherwise writing based web site.

Mayo has been creating her works of art -in oils, pastels, pencil and charcoal- for some years. It was her seascapes and portraits that fist caught my attention, and once I’d seen them, I knew I had to try and persuade her to do some artwork for me.

It was after a conversation with Mayo about my books over a few glasses of vino, that she became inspired to try her hand at some sensual illustrations. I think you will agree that they are stunning.


Since Mayo started to glean ideas from my work, she has had 3 exhibitions, and her success is growing all the time. If you’d like to see more of her art, why not pop by my website gallery and have a look at a few more pieces?

Which are my favourite of her erotic pictures I hear you ask? Well, it will be no surprise to anyone who has read any of my books, that I just love this pair of bottoms, entitled Ready (male) …And willing (Female).

They look good here- but in real life- WOW-yummy!!

If you’re interested in purchasing or commissioning work from Mayo, then please just leave a comment below or visit my web site where details of sizes, frame designs, and prices can be found.

If Mayo can make me look this good, what could she do for you!

Huge thanks to KD for letting me share this amazing art work with you today. Xx


Find Mayo’s work here: