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There’s a lot going on at Grace Manor right now, and I decided what with all the giveaways, freebies, new releases, coming stories, and adventures, it might be time to give you a brief update. I’ve already given you details on the upcoming release of Blindsided and Buried Pleasures, but there’s a whole lot more, so hold on to your hats.


I’m In Cosmo!

Well at least my story will be. I’m very excited to announce that Cosmopolitan Mag will be publishing my short story, In Pursuit of Mr. Sands.


For those of you who are regular readers, you may recall that Mr. Sands is a favorite of mine for little short freebies I’ve done on this blog. In fact the title is the same as the one I used on A Hopeful Romantic for my last Mr. Sands story. The Cosmo story is different. While the Cosmo story is less about the paranormal elements and more about the experience of a PI stalking a very sexy man, I view it as a sketch from my artist’s pad. Mr. Sands will have his own novel, or rather he’ll be sharing it with PI, Elise North, in the Medusa’s Consortium Series.


Mr. Sands will be in the online version of the magazine. It’ll be live Tuesday the 22nd of August at 1pm. GMT. You’ll be able to find it under the LOVE section on the Cosmopolitan UK site:http://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/love-sex/ Don’t worry, I’ll be crowing about it plenty of times between now and the 22nd.


Super Summer Reads Giveaway at Book Hub


You don’t want to miss out. Hurry and enter for a chance to win the giveaway and don’t miss the chance to partake of the freebies as well. Super Summer Reads Giveaway is going on right now at Book Hub until the 15th of August.


Three lucky winners will walk away with a HUGE bundle of books. This is a multi-genre giveaway with chances to win other fab reads as well as the chance at the book bundle. I’m very proud to announce that my novel, In The Flesh, the first book in the Medusa’s Consortium Series, is included in that massive bundle.



If you love to read — and you wouldn’t be visiting my blog if you didn’t — then here’s your chance at a treasure trove of great reads from all genres. To enter just follow the above link. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the other fab freebies as well. Happy reading everyone!


Last chance to download British Bad Boys Boxed Set


If you’ve not downloaded your copy of the British Bad Boy Boxed Set, do so without further delay, or read it on Kindle Unlimited. This fab boxed set, which contains my novella, In Training, will disappear from bookshelves forever on August 11th. Download and it’s yours to enjoy again and again. Read on Kindle Unlimited and enjoy the fantastic advantage of an online free library. Either way you won’t want to miss the opportunity.



Landscapes FREE!

Since I’m especially excited about the upcoming launch of Blindsided, it gives me great pleasure to extend the FREE download of my exciting M/M novella, Landscapes. Landscapes is the very first of the Medusa’s Consortium stories. When I wrote it, I had no idea what a major role Alonso Darlington and Reese Chambers would play in Magda Gardener’s world, but I promise you’ll love these two great blokes, and you’ll get to know why they play a major role in Medusa’s Consortium as the series progresses. A fast paced, sizzling, chilling erotic read, Landscapes will definitely whet your appetite for more. All you have to do is click the hyperlink for your free download. Download yours and share the news with your friends so they can download theirs too. I want to spread the fun.


If you haven’t yet read In The Flesh, Book one of the Medusa’s Consortium Series, be sure to so you’ll be ready for Blindsided and Buried Pleasures, because I promise the roller coaster ride will be worth it. Remember, it’s in the book bundle for the Super Summer Reads Giveaway .


Mr. Grace and I are off for our annual trip to the Big Apple on the 3rd. He’ll be training martial arts and I’ll be researching the next Medusa novel. Expect lots of touristy piccies and maybe some that aren’t so touristy. I promise I’ll keep you updated with all our fun and adventures. Raymond’s sister and our lovely 12-year-old niece will be joining us for the first five days of our stay, so I’m expecting exciting times and the usual fun and hi jinx.

When I get home, I’ll have my head down on the rewrite of Piloting Fury. I can hardly wait. In the meantime, happy reading, and happy summer.