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Lexie Bay Shares the Story Behind Inside Looking Out

It’s my pleasure to welcome a quietly rising star in the world of erotica, the fabulous and sexy, Lexie Bay. I have the pleasure of being in between the covers of Sweetmeats Press’s hot voyeuristic anthology, Immoral Views with Lexie, and she’s agreed to stop by and tell us the story behind her sizzling story, Inside Looking Out. Welcome, Lexie!

When Kojo asked me to write a story with a voyeuristic theme I already had a short story that I’d been thinking about expanding on and that’s how Inside Looking Out was born. I love the thought that a chance encounter, a bizarre set of circumstances could somehow colour all of your future sexual experiences.

My main character Izzy catches her sister’s boyfriend in a compromising position and the experience never leaves her. She finds herself chasing the buzz that she felt watching him through all of her sexual encounters and this meant I could put her into all kinds of voyeuristic situations and explore how each one pushed her closer to finding out what she really wanted.

For a long time I’ve been fascinated by the concept of organised sex parties and orgies so I based the main part of the story inside one. Izzy arrives there hoping to find some answers and to push her boundaries even further and the story keeps coming back to her experience there.

I based my characters on people I either know or knew previously. The character of Liam is an amalgamation of people that I used to know. The kind of guys who are obsessed with their car and their sports clothes; with who has the noisiest exhaust or the biggest wheels. Liam is mainly interested in having a cute girl on his arm and getting a lot of sex and he’s happy to do whatever Izzy wants to keep her interested. The place that he takes her was a place that everyone talked about when we were younger. There were always cars parked there late at night and we were fascinated by it.

Chris and Dan are based on a couple of guys I know who are mates. I thought it would be hot to make them mates with benefits so I popped them into a threesome with Izzy and had a lot of fun with them! I know that one of them has read the story and he didn’t seem too upset so I guess it must have worked OK.

I wanted to take Izzy on a journey of discovery and give her the happy ending she deserved but she has a lot of fun along the way before she realises what she was looking for!


“Come Isabella”, he smiled, “I have some people I know you will love to meet.” She followed him over to where there were several booths centred around large circular beds. On each bed couples and groups were playing while others watched. There was champagne on ice and her host handed her a chilled flute. She sipped it gratefully, letting the ice cold liquid slip down her throat, feeling the bubbles on her tongue as she looked around the room. Her hand flew to her heart as she thought she saw Caleb watching her from the corner of the bar. Izzy looked again, unable to breathe. Was it him? It couldn’t be but he was so similar it made her shiver. She sighed. Even the thought of him still had the power to make her feel like her insides had melted. He had coloured every sexual experience she’d had from that first time she’d watched him. It had become a pattern between them that year. Every party she hid in her car and every party he came to her. He was always with a different girl but it ended the same way. A glance, a wink and he was gone.

It hadn’t ended until Katy had caught him red handed at her birthday party. It had been a terrible row and Caleb had never returned to the house. Shortly after that Izzy had left for England, her father proudly sending her off to Oxford University to study English, his dreams of his daughter becoming a successful journalist still intact.

As Victor introduced her to the people at the table Izzy let her thoughts drift to the first boyfriend she’d had in England, the delectably and filthy Liam. Her sexy “bit of rough” as the Brits would say. All she’d cared about was that he reminded her of Caleb.

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About Lexie Bay

Lexie started writing to immerse herself in a fantasy world where women are adored and men fall at their feet.  Then she realised that sometimes men do that so you can stomp all over them in your sexy stiletto boots and since then she’s been creating stories that stay true to her original romantic dream while exploring the erotic, the kinky and the downright filthy.  She finally found the courage to unleash them onto the world and now writes about anything that emerges from the murky depths of her imagination, whenever she gets the opportunity.

Lexie lives with her husband and two daughters in a house by the sea on the south coast of England, and spends her days working as an accounts manager.  She loves chocolate, theme parks, BBQs on the beach and cosy winter Sundays and her dream is to write full time.

You can find her stories in Uniform Behaviour and Seducing The Myth edited by Lucy Felthouse as well as in Immoral Views published by Kojo Black at Sweetmeats Press

Find Lexie at: