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(Sex) Toys R Us – Well At Least Sexy Novels

 Never underestimate the playful nature of a human being, no matter what age. My ever vigilant husband has just discovered The Initiation of Ms Holly selling in a most unusual place. It’s not surprising to find Holly in train stations, airports, bookstores, even sex shops, but Toys R Us? That’s right, The Initiation of Ms Holly is now selling at Toys R Us in the UK!

 I’m always happy to find my work selling in places I didn’t expect, but I find the idea of Holly amidst the Space Hoppers and Barbie dolls and remote control race cars the coolest thing ever! Little Susie and Tommy get their toys, and mummy and daddy get theirs too. Everybody goes home happy.

 I’ve never liked the idea that once we reach a certain age, we aren’t supposed to play with toys any longer, and that Holly is in a toy store seems a vindication of my battle cry of ‘toys for all ages.’ Frankly the thought of reading The Initiation of Ms Holly on a Space Hopper is the stuff that fantasies are made of.