Women in Lust

Women in Lust‘Strapped’

Kitty only wants to see how the other half lives – the male half, that is, but how far is she willing to go to find out?


I sit on a chair near the projector happy to play voyeur. I watch Alex’s eyelids flutter and I see the way he shifts his hips forward, one hand pushing the waist band of his chinos away. He flinches and bites his lip. Ben’s a little rough on the extrication, but Alex doesn’t seem to mind rough. And when the unveiling is complete, there’s a collective gasp as Ben and I see my friend’s large heavy cock for the first time, and I’m seriously considering taking the dildo out of my strap-on and using it on myself.

“There,” Alex breathes, guiding Ben’s hand along his shaft. “You like that don’t you? It feels like you, only different.” He leans in and kisses Ben and nips his bottom lip with just the flick of his tongue, and I flood my panties as I shift against the chair.

But Ben’s not settling for a nip. He wants the whole enchilada with all the trimmings. Still stroking and caressing Alex’s cock, he pulls him close and eats at his mouth like he’s starving. Alex manages to get his hand down the front of Ben’s jeans and both men are thrusting against each other and I’m thrusting against myself, holding my breath, not even blinking, because I’ve never seen anything like this.

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