The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of EroticaCherries in Season

A veg and fruit connoisseur has a real taste for cherries in season and the sexy green grocer who sells them.


I was just going to buy veg, and it would just be me and maybe a few other early risers. No one would notice. No one would care, but right now my nipples are feeling as heavy and as plump as the cherries.

I spit the second pit into the tissue and mumbled something incoherent, and we both laugh nervously. Maybe he’s noticed my nipples, but then that’s assuming he’d care. I mean I’m nobody special, and certainly not at this hour of the morning, unshowered, no make-up, dirt under my nails from my veg patch, my hair tied back in a carless ponytail. But there’s something about eating cherries that’s as close to good sex as you can get. I don’t know why he offers the third cherry. He won me over with the first. But this time, just as I open my mouth for the reward, he pulls back ever so slightly, and I bite into it with my front teeth in a literal explosion of sweet ruby juice that runs down my chin onto my chest and onto the tight swell of my breasts. How the hell could one cherry have so much juice?

I yelp and, Jesus, I sound almost like I’ve just orgasmed. And suddenly there’s cherry on my tits and cherry on his white t-shirt and fuck if his nipples aren’t as hard as mine, tight little points rising in salute as mine return the favor. The sweet tart flavor, the jewel-red splash on white cotton, the 3D definition of the flesh below has me struggling to find my breath.

‘Oh Christ! Oh god! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,’ I hear him say, but words seem to be drown out by the loud clamber of the other senses. His breath is as fast as mine; his face is tinged a lovely shade of pink. I look down to check the damage all embarrassed and flustered and there it is — straining against his light summer trousers like the cucumber I originally came to buy. I’ve made him hard! I’ve actually made him hard. It’s been a long time since I’ve made anyone hard. And my body remembers exactly how to respond. Suddenly I’m wet and tetchy and I feel as ripe and swollen and ready to be eaten as those cherries.

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