The Affair

The Affair‘Vetting the Affair’

Cheating is allowed IF it’s approved.

Caroline froze, and her back stiffened. Kate hadn’t planned to fondle, but it was hard to do otherwise as the woman’s breathing accelerated until the roundness of her tits rose and fell against Kate’s hand, and her nipples pressed through the dress like large pearls. She made no attempt to push Kate’s hand away. There was a subtle, but very definite shifting of her hips against the stool where she now sat. Kate could fully understand why Alan wanted to fuck her. Right now, she wanted to fuck her too.

‘Katie, honey, I know you want us to wait, but I’m horny now and…’ Alan froze in his tracks at the kitchen door.

Caroline let out a little yelp and tried to push Kate away, but Kate had her trapped between the counter and her body. She continued to wipe at her breasts, pushing one of the straps off her shoulder. ‘Hello, Alan. This is your surprise.’ Her thumb strayed across Caroline’s nipple and the woman whimpered. ‘I thought it was about time the wife met the lover, don’t you agree?’

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