Cocktales – Volume 1

cocktalesone‘Accidental Hitchhiker’

Roadside Rescue turns into a roadside romp.

She jumped as he opened his door, stripping off the poncho and giving it a shake before he crawled into the cab.

What had been hidden beneath the poncho was not the stereotypical American trucker she had expected. He ran a hand through damp auburn hair in need of a cut. It hung in unruly curls around the soft stubble on his face. There was no beer belly, no good-ole-boy tattoos, no missing teeth. He wore a faded T-shirt stretched over his chest. His eyes seemed black in the dim light. His lips were full and sensuous, incongruous with the thin pale scar running low along his right jawbone, making him look a bit dangerous. The overall effect made her pulse race, and the feeling low in her belly was like the deep vibration of the lorry motor, only inside her.