Yolanda Shoshana Talks about the Use of Scent in Erotica

I’m very excited to welcome Yolanda Shoshana to A Hopeful Romantic. Those of us with sensitive noses, who find scent a major part of our lives will especially appreciate Yolanda’s work. And what would erotica be without the use of that fabulously sexy sense of smell?

Yolanda Shoshona 2unnamedThanks so much for having me as a guest KD! Now let’s get down to the sexy stuff…

There is something that is exciting about the smell of sex in the air. I’m not talking about the funky smell of ass and feet but magickal smells of passion mixed with notes like musk, vanilla, chocolate or rosewood.

When scent-inspired words like musk or sandalwood are added as description during a scene it gives the reader a sensual experience that is unique to them. Everyone has a relationship with smell, which is why using smell in erotica can be a surefire turn on. Scent conjures up memories and emotions as well as thoughts. Even when a scent is simply mentioned, it starts to get people’s senses involved. Using the power of smell in erotica is also perfect when it comes to setting the tone. If the sex scenes are light and playful, the scents in the scene might be a powdery musk with touches of sweet smells. Whereas, S&M, kink, and darker sex scenes might suggest more earthy smells like ouds, opium, and patchouli.

For my magickal novelette series, The Courtesan Chronicles, I created a line of aphrodisiac perfumes based on the central characters in the book. All of the scents have deep notes known for their arousal factors. The book follows a coven of witches in New York City who bring back the art and magick of the courtesans so it was important for them all to have scents that scream triple X sexy but have elegance. For example, one of the witches in my novelette is named Bast, after the Egyptian goddess of the cats and keeper of the sacred courtesans. One of the notes in the perfume, Courtesan Bast, is jasmine which Cleopatra (the inventor of seduction) used as a scent to seduce her lovers. In my second book for the series, Magickal  Desires (due out in December 2013), besides perfume potions and magickal aromatherapy,  I am using aphrodisiac notes in the smell of food, especially chocolate. If you start to notice gourmand scents are becoming extremely popular due to the connection of food, smells, and sex. What smells turn you on?
Yolanda Shoshona imageunnamedExcept from Magickal Desires, book 2 of The Courtesan Chronicles

As Lola sauntered to the kitchen Kinky followed her, no way was that cat going to miss out on witches performing kitchen magick session. A few meows here and there got her the best snacks.
Opening up the steel refrigerator, Lola pulled out the grocery bags with excitement. The smell of cilantro immediately filled the air once it was released from the refrigerator. Her Latin roots gave her a love for the magickal attributes of cilantro which included love, health and healing. Lola loved to cook especially for the sake of conjuring more love in her life, in her mind she was like the main character, in the book, Like Water For Chocolate, but far less tragic.

Today she was going to whip up her famous magickal mole sauce. The ingredients in the sauce were filled with herbs and spices perfect for kitchen magick including cinnamon sticks, cumin, and Mexican chocolate. It was a recipe that had been handed down from her great grandmother who swore that the mole sauce was the way that she won her great grandfather’s heart. However,  Lola thought that the Santeria love spell said over the mole sauce was what really left her grandfather spellbound.

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Yolanda Shoshana is a Minister of Magick, Courtesan Curator, Clairvoyant, Witch, and Seduction Alchemist that helps women have amazing love, toe curling sex, and release their magick. For more about her work and magkical aromatherapy: http: www.yolandshsohana.com. Check out her new magickal novelette series, Coven of the Courtesan which is Charmed meets Sex and the City.