To See the New Year Coming

Happy New Year everyone! No navel gazing today. There are always more than plenty of that to go around this time of the year. I saw a meme on Facebook yesterday that said something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve become a better person.’ ‘Nuff said! No lectures, no reflections, no romps down memory lane. This year I’m beginning a new New Years Eve tradition because everyone deserves the gift of bad poetry from their friends. And if it’s bad poetry you want, well I’m your girl. And my wish for you all is that you see the old year out with whatever your version of a good hearty navel gaze may be, and after that’s all sorted,that you see the New Year coming.


Seeing the New Year Coming


You kissed my lips on New Year

Standing by the sink

My hands were wet and soapy,

We’d had a few to drink

We stayed at home this New Year

To give us time to think,

We stayed at home to navel gaze and

indulge in some New Year kink.

You kissed my lips on New Year,

Well that’s where you began

Then you kissed my neck and ears

Made me drop the frying pan

Splashing water on my breasts

and right up on my cheek.

You didn’t really mind that though,

And you gave my nips a tweak.

You pushed and shoved my skirt up high

Until my ass was bare

It didn’t half surprise you

To find no panties there.

To start the New Year right, you said,

A woman should be wet

And one grope reassured you

I was moist as I could get.

Then I reached behind me and

Grabbed you by the schlong

I like to party hard I said,

On New Years, I like it long.

You’d seen to my Christmas stuffing

Then ate me for Boxing Day Lunch

And you had a plan for New Year

One I would like a bunch.

You kissed and stroked and shoved right in

Alde Lang Syne you were humming

Then you took me from behind so I could see

The New Year coming.