Productivity is Now Available

If you’re looking for a quickie to start February off hot, Xcite Books has just released the short anthology, Productivity, now available on eBook. I’m busting my buttons proud that my steamy story, ‘Productivity,’ is the title story, in which an unorthodox management consultant teaches her client, a stressed company CEO a hands-on technique guaranteed to up his productivity.



Included in this hot read

Productivity                                                           K D Grace

Angeline’s Atelier                                                 Izzy French

Buzz Cut                                                                    Rachel Kramer Bussel

The Gothic Supplement                                     Emma Lydia Bates

Dr Perrone and the Spank Master                  J J Monroe


Here’s a yummy teaser from ‘Productivity’

‘You want me to do what?’ Alan’s voice cracked in a sudden bout of nerves that would have been completely unacceptable at the negotiating table.

‘You heard me.’ Victoria spoke like she had just asked him to hand her the stapler. ‘I’d give you a little privacy and let you do it in the loo, but you’d tell me you’d done it when you actually hadn’t, and then you’d go into this meeting with the muscles in your shoulders still like rocks and the acid in your stomach still on the rise.’ She walked to the door like she owned the place and locked it. ‘It’s my job to prevent that, so come on,’ she nodded to the fly of his trousers. ‘Trust me, you’ll feel so much better afterward, and you’ll be amazed at how much better the meeting will go.’

He folded his hands protectively in his lap. ‘I can’t just yank one off right here in front of you.’

‘Course you can. I’ve got a copy of Hustler in my briefcase if that’ll help.’