I’m Taking Over at The SubClubbers FaceBook Page!

SubClub FB pate takeover imageI’m very excited to have been asked by Nina and the fabulous folks over at The SubClub to do a takeover of their yummy FaceBook page this Tuesday, 18th March. If you’re in the US, I’ll be taking the reins at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.  That means for my UK friends, slumber party time! I’ll be settling in with choccie a glass of wine and my warm jammies … er, I mean my corset and satin robe (Oh stop laughing already!)

I hope you’ll join me and all the lovelies at SubClub and ask me questions and tell me naughty things, because I’ll be doing the same to you.

You can find me here all ready to chat At 7:00 Eastern Time. https://www.facebook.com/subclubbers I’ll be ready to talk writing, reading, and sexy stuff, and I hope you will too! See you at the SubClub!