My Post-ETO Self-Indulgence

1013521_612085342134839_1505935476_nAfter my amazing evening at the ETO Awards in Birmingham, which followed fast on the wild time at Smut by the Sea, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a winner. Though some chick named E.L. James nabbed the Best Erotic Author award at the ceremony, and that right after we had just finished our very phallic, very creamy dessert, Kay Jaybee and I have talked a lot since about how we felt like, ultimately, we came away the winners. First of all it was totally amazing just being nominated for such an award. For a writer to know that her craft is appreciated is a very big deal. And certainly just experiencing the excitement of ETO itself, and dressing up in our party frocks with our blokes on our arms and drinking fizz and feasting with the big names in the erotic industry was a recipe for a great time.

Plus it was wonderful to see so many of the people we admire and care about taking away those shiny trophies and bottles of champagne. These lovely winners were people who have supported us and encouraged us and helped us get where we both are as writers. Plus they were all people who promote the celebration of sex and erotica as a celebration of life itself. Okay, K D, now you’re just sounding soppy! IMG_1058But really, it’s true. It was great to see people who had done so much getting much-deserved recognition for work well-done. In all honesty, there were several categories in which we didn’t know who to cheer for because everyone on the list deserved to win in our eyes. In fact they were all already winners, regardless of who took the trophy home.

Congratulations to Xcite Press for winning Best Erotic Books Brand. Really, that felt almost like winning in itself, since they do such a fab job with our books.

Congratulations to Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium for winning Most innovative Retailer. I’m sure I don’t have to say how much we love the Sh! Ladiez and all that they do. On a list of my heroes, they are pretty damn close to the top.

Congratulations to Lovehoney, who took away the award for Best Online Retailer. No one has done more to promote my novels then Lovehoney, and they are on my love-you-forever list big-time.

Congratulations to Cara Sutra who won Best Erotic Journalist. I love her dearly for her promotion of my work and her encouragement. Plus her blog is fab.

And congratulations to Ms James for changing the playing field for all of us in exciting and interesting ways. We all owe her big-time for that, I figure. So hats off and salute.

And now, with that all in mind, I got to thinking what my award list would look like if I were ETO and I got to vote all the votes and choose all the winners –preferably while enjoying one of those yummy bottles of bubbly, of course. So with that in mind, I’m being a bit silly and self-indulgent and making my own list of winners It’s list that’s much closer to my heart, and it’s only a partial list. If I put all the amazing folks I’ve had the pleasure of associating with because of erotica this post would be endless. But here it is, the First Annual-ish KDO Awards!

IMG-20130623-00010And the winners of the KDO Awards are:Vic and KevSharing-the-Love

*Winners of the Sharing the Love Award are Victoria Blisse & Kevin Mitnik Bliss for their tireless efforts to promote and celebrate erotica and to help other writers do the same. You two are amazing!

Sh! most courageous

*Winners of the Most Courageous and All-Around Lovely People I know Award are, without a doubt, the Sh! Ladiez! I’m in awe at all you do and how you do it in such a sexy, compassionate, fabulous way. Massive hugs to all of you! You are my heroes!


*Winners of the Good Golly, Ms Holly’s-in-the-Daily-Mail Award are LoveHoney. I didn’t see that one coming, and my heart still races when I think about it. Thanks for all you fabulous promotion of my work, much of which I don’t even know about as the results come rolling in. You’re the best!

Xcite books you're my pub and your cool

* Winners of the You’re My Publisher and I think You’re Totally Cool Award are Xcite Books for obvious reasons. What a wild and wonderful ride it’s been. Thanks for sharing it with me!


*Winner of the Loveliest Smile Award has to be Tabitha Rayne. I can’t look at your smile and not feel better, Tabitha. Thanks!

Brit Babesgroup-most-honoured

IMG_1051*Winner of the Group-I’m-Most-Honoured-to-be-Apart-of Award are the Brit Babes. Your support and camaraderie are invaluable to me. Thanks so much for all you do!

Bowness familybest-pet-namers

*Winners of the Best Pet Namers Ever Award without a doubt goes to the fabulous Bowness family. Hope Stella and Tino are staying out of trouble!

remittance girlfrom-both-sides

*Winner of the I’ve Looked at Erotica from Both Sides Now Award is the brilliant and naughty Remittance Girl. Thanks for helping me look at erotica and romance from some seriously new and thought-provoking angles. You’re amazing!


*Winner of the Best Ode to an Inflatable Doll Award is Ashley Lister. I’m still moved to tears (of laughter) when I think about you delicious tribute to Betty.


*Winner of the Best at Taking Good Care of this Writer Award could be none other than my lovely husband, Raymond Dickey. Volim te mnogo, Slatki!


*Winner of the Sexiest Reading Voice I’ve Ever Heard Award goes to the delicious Rose Caraway for her sultry reading of my short story, Pharomones. Your podcasts are totally amazing! YOU are totally amazing, Rose!


*Winner of the Best Evil Publicist and PR Person Award could be none other than Lucy Felthouse. EP, what would I ever do without you?


*Winner of Best Partner in Crime and Terrible Twin Award is, of course, Kay Jaybee. The writing journey wouldn’t be nearly so much fun without you, Hon.

Sorry, but as much as I’d like to oblige, you lot don’t get a shiny trophy or a bottle of champagne. You don’t even get a cheap can of beer. But what you do get, and already have, is my respect, love and undying gratitude for being endlessly amazing and totally fabulous.

Muah! Muah! Muah! from my virtual podium on my virtual stage as the Self-indulgents — the troupe of virtual dancing girls I’ve hired for the grand finale, twirl their nipple tassels and kick up their heels to bring this years KDO Awards to a thrilling close.  I can hardly wait for next year!

A special thanks to the very fabulous Kevin Mitnik Blisse for creating the gorgeous KDO Awards badges! You’re the best, Kev!

10 thoughts on “My Post-ETO Self-Indulgence

    1. My pleasure, Cara! It was such a pleasure to see you and Ellie at ETO, and congrats on your win! So well deserved! Glad you liked the post! xx

  1. Oh gosh – thank you KD!! I’m loving these awards and the reason for your choosing of the winners – the Girlz will be *delighted* when I tell them!

    Congratulations to all!!


    1. Truer words were never spoken about the courageous, amazing Sh! Girlz, Renee! You are all most DEFinitely my heroes! xx

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so excited – my award has pride of place on my blog! Thank you for giving me so much to smile about KD ;)! And congratulations to all the other winners x x x

    1. Thank you for using that smile so often and so encouragingly, Tabatha! You’re amazing!

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