Meg Phillip Dishes Up the Nasty on Monique’s Tumescent Tantrums

Meg Philipproduct_thumbnail.phpWell hello everybody,

Before I begin, I’d like to express my sincerest thanks to the gorgeous KD for inviting me to appear on her blog.  Mwah darling xx

Now where do I start… Ok so here goes.

Whilst travelling on the underground, I had a “Eureka” moment and the idea for this short stories collection was born.  It took around 4 or 5 months to write and then what felt like an eternity to edit and perfect.

Monique’s Tumescent Tantrums is a collection of erotica diarising the adventures of the title’s character.  She is a quiet and unassuming professional that takes each day as it comes. A school teacher by day and a temptress by night; Monique has a lust for life and sex, and has no problems combining the two.  In this collection, she gives insight to the extra-curricular activities that keep her occupied in between her day job!

Here is an excerpt from one of her many adventures…

Just One of Those Days!

 It was one of those days where I severely lacked discipline.  The in tray was steadily piling up and deadlines were fast approaching but I had other things on my mind.  I didn’t want to cost my client’s new event, I didn’t want to read through my other client’s contract; I didn’t want to do any work at all, it was just one of those days.
I needed stimulating, needed some motivation; the kind of stimulating motivation I was unlikely to find staring at my computer screen, or could I?

I logged into my profile on and smiled at the 20+ people wanting to be my ‘friend.’  I should have realised that using my succulent chocolate nipple for my profile picture would increase traffic!  Temporarily ignoring those ‘friend’ requests, I scanned my messages and found the one I was looking for, well it was more like ten to be honest.

I opened the first and it read:

“I want to undress you and tease your nipples with my tongue.”

The 2nd read:

“Your huge chocolate nipples are a meal of their own; I can’t wait to feast on them.”

And the 3rd:

“I want you on your back so I can lick my way up the inside of your thighs.”

Can you see where I’m going with this?

His last message simply said:

“I’m suddenly at a loose end and can meet anywhere within a 5 mile radius of Wembley whenever you want; just let me know.”

Mmm now there was an offer I should refuse but didn’t want to.

He called himself Choc Dick and we had been talking for a couple of months now; we met up for the first time about three weeks ago, by chance at an exhibition I coordinated for one of my clients.  I say by chance, but during one of our many conversations Choc Dick happened to mention he was attending that same event; what a coincidence!  Anyway we hit it off and agreed to meet up again soon; its funny how soon doesn’t really have a time limit.  Three weeks later though and here he is at a sudden loose end and well, I’m thinking… should I?  Should I really meet up with Choc Dick?  Mmm… Fuck it; Carpe Diem right?  Perhaps I might even get to see that chocolate dick of his!

From here, Monique goes on to describe what happens when she meets up with this hot individual!

Monique’s Tumescent Tantrums will be launched at the award winning Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Hoxton on Friday 7th February 2014.  But if you can’t make it, it is available in paperback from or from my website an e-version will be available shortly.

I’m a self-published author of three books namely Erotic Encounters, Love By Text and Just Being Friendly.  I began writing from a daydream during a week long intense training event but instead of taking copious notes, I penned the outline of my first novel Love By Text.  I say outline but really, I wrote the ending.

Love By Text tells the story of Stella and Ollie who meet by chance when he misdials his then girlfriend’s number and gets Stella instead, who gives him a real hard time about it.  They eventually meet up and that’s when the sparks really fly!

Just Being Friendly was inspired by a colleague, unknowingly to them.  It tells the story of four very close friends and the antics they get up to over a period of time.

Erotic Encounter was my very first attempt at writing erotica.  This short story via e-book is told from a male perspective and is about two people that meet on a long haul flight and decide to join the mile high club in a bid to “pass” some time.

In addition to my novels, short story and short stories collection, I have a collection of Teasers posted on my website.  Teasers are also short stories that I randomly write as and when inspiration strikes.  Speaking of inspiration, I draw mine from the slightest thing.  For example, I was advising somebody on a particular bus route and got the idea for ‘Drive Me Crazy’; I was on a night out with my girlies and got the idea for ‘At The Club’ both of which can be read via my website although you do need to register first.

I have a full time day job and as a result my writing takes second, third or sometimes tenth place.  But put a pen and a notepad in my hand, well more like the memo in my blackberry and I can write for days on end; more so when inspiration strikes or my motivation is above a certain level.  I can sometimes lack discipline as a writer but I guess that is an advantage of being self-published and, my trusted muse always does their utmost to keep me on track.

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Happy Reading and thanks again to the gorgeously sexy KD for inviting me over.