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Change your calendar… it’s SNARKTEMBER !!


August is over and SNARKTEMBER is upon us! Celebrate the fun… the quirky… and sometimes even the smexy… days of SNARKTEMBER! There’s a day to celebrate everything, and I’m gonna be there with bells on celebrating Blasphemy Day on September 30th. Don’t miss the fun, the swag, and the snark! 

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Be sure to visit SNARKY MOM READS each day of Snarktember to learn about the daily celebration, featuring guest posts from awesome authors! Each author will offer a giveaway and there will also be a HUGE giveaway with the grand prize of a Kindle, sponsored by amazing authors, publishers and bloggers – so don’t forget to enter the SNARKTEMBER Giveaway!

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Snarky Mom Reads:  http://www.snarkymomreads.com

SMR Snarktember Giveaway page:  http://www.snarkymomreads.com/?page_id=6789



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